We often forget the importance of psychological therapy for children and focus only on adults. In a critical phase such as childhood, psychological treatment is essential for the correct development of the child and the future person.

That is why, in the article of today we will see which are the 10 best child psychologists in Alcorcón , highlighting from each the type of therapy they offer, their specializations and the location of each center.

Top 10 child psychologists recommended in Alcorcón

If you live in the city of Alcorcón or its surroundings, this list of best psychotherapists may interest you . It is always a good idea to contact the professional beforehand to get to know their work methodology, price of the sessions and other details of interest.

1. Zaloa Gómez Torres

Zaloa Gómez Torres is one of the best options. A graduate of the Complutense University of Madrid, this clinical psychologist has extensive experience in caring for children and adolescents, whatever the reason for her consultation. Currently, she combines university teaching with private practice at the ZO&DO personal growth centre, where she practices therapy professionally as a member of the psychological team.

Through the enhancement of emotional intelligence, this professional treats all types of disorders, the most common being stress, depression, grief, phylo-parental relationship problems, panic disorder with agoraphobia, phobias, low self-esteem, low tolerance to frustration, jealousy, fears and social skills deficits.

  • Zaloa Gómez’s psychological consultation is located at Calle Oscar Arias, number 2.

2. Timanfaya Hernández

The psychologist Timanfaya Hernández is the founder and coordinator of the Globaltya Psicólogos center in Alcorcón where she offers professional psychological treatment. In addition to being a licensed general health psychologist and expert in child psychology, she is also trained in psychological assessment.

His treatment specialties include: serious mental illness, child abuse, personality disorders, bullying, depression, anxiety and adaptive disorders.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Princesa Doña Sofía, number 5.

3. Mª Carmen Pérez Sánchez

The clinical psychologist Mª Carmen Pérez Sánchez has a diploma in special education and has specialised in individual psychotherapy for children and adolescents for 23 years, during which time she has acquired a great deal of experience in treating all types of disorders and problems in the patient.

The main disorders addressed in this professional’s psychological consultation are: anxiety disorders, conduct disorders, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, eating disorders, depression, personality disorders, bullying and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • You can find this professional’s office in Parque Bujaruelo, number 33.

4. Rosa María Pardueles Grim

The child psychologist Rosa María Pardueles Grim graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and has a career of more than 25 years treating any type of disorder, both behavioral and emotional and cognitive.

Personality disorders, hypochondria, anxiety, trauma, bullying, psychological abuse, are some of the specialties in the treatment of this psychotherapist.

  • The psychological office of this therapist is located at Avenida de la Constitución, number 52, in Móstoles.

5. Santiago Estrada Regueiro

The child psychologist Santiago Estrada Regueiro is an expert in neuropsychology and also in the detection and treatment of a good number of disorders in the child population, among which we highlight: conduct disorders, adaptation difficulties, dependence on new technologies, neurodevelopmental disorders and lack of social skills.

  • His office is located at Avenida de Lisboa, number 6.

6. Montse Martín López

The clinical psychologist Montse Martín López has more than 20 years’ experience in psychological treatment aimed at children and adolescents. Her therapy is complete and takes into account all aspects of the child’s life, both in his or her social and family environment.

The main disorders he addresses in his workplace include: behavioural problems, phobias, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities and sleep disorders.

  • You’ll find his office in Parque Bujaruelo, number 35.

7. Pilar Gil Díaz

Pilar Gil Díaz can also help us. A graduate of the Autonomous University of Madrid, this clinical psychologist bases her therapy on the cognitive-behavioral approach to treating children and adolescents of all ages, whatever the reason for her consultation.

Among the disorders addressed by Pilar Gil Díaz, we can highlight: anxiety disorders, video game addictions, phobias, Asperger’s disorder, personality disorders and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

  • Pilar Gil Díaz’s office is located in Calle Lirios con Calle Gardenias.

8. Susana Burgos Mercado

Susana Burgos Mercado is also a great child psychologist with a practice in Alcorcón. This psychologist is a specialist in child and youth therapy and is trained in a large number of therapies and psychotherapeutic approaches, among which we highlight: cognitive-behavioral therapy, brief couple therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and EMDR therapy. Its therapy is developed in an integral way with the objective of obtaining the best therapeutic results.

  • Susana Burgos Mercado’s office is located in Calle príncipe Don Juan Carlos, number 1.

9. Almudena Lebreno

The psychologist Almudena Lebreno specializes in treating all types of disorders through sandbox or sandplay therapy, based on providing the child with a distraction to play during the therapeutic process with the psychologist.

Throughout his career he has acquired experience and professionalism in the treatment of children and also in other areas.

  • Almudena Lebreno’s office is located in Calle Princesa Doña Sofía, number 5.

10. Anne I. Casas Dorado

Anne I. Casas Dorado is another great option to assist therapy for children and adolescents.

This general health psychologist has 25 years of experience in psychological practice and bases her therapy on treating a wide variety of disorders in a professional and holistic manner.

  • You can find his office at Calle Porto Cristo, number 1.