The city of Cartagena in Murcia offers a great service of psychological attention , with highly trained professionals experienced in treating all kinds of different problems.

In the specific treatment of depression we also find excellent professionals who will meet the needs of anyone who requires this type of therapy. In order to provide the most relevant information, below we present the 10 best expert psychologists in depression in Cartagena, highlighting the type of therapy they offer and their location.

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The 10 most highly rated psychologists on depression in Cartagena

All those residents of the city of Cartagena who need professional and specialized treatment for depression will find in the selection below everything they need to know to choose the professional that best suits them.

1. Esperanza Merlos Fernández

The psychologist Esperanza Merlos Fernández has a degree from the University of Granada, a Master’s degree in Clinical Cognitive-Behavioral Practice and another in Contextual and Third Generation Therapies. As co-founder of the Emae Clinic in Cartagena, she is an expert in providing therapy for depressive disorders in adult patients and also in the couple’s setting.

Although its treatment is based on an integrative approach, in which the application of different psychological techniques intervenes, the therapy is developed mainly on the basis of the Cognitive-Behavioral Technique, since it is the one that presents the greatest scientific evidence and best therapeutic results.

  • Esperanza Merlos’ office can be found at Calle Miguel de Unamuno, number 1.

2. MarĂ­a Teresa Aguirre Bonnet

MarĂ­a Teresa Aguirre Bonnet has a degree in Psychology from the University of Murcia and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology. She is a specialist in the treatment of depressive disorders in patients of all ages.

For more than 15 years, this professional has been running her own psychological practice in Cartagena and dealing with all kinds of depressive disorders, among which chronic depression, postpartum depression and hallucinatory depression stand out.

  • The office of this professional is located in Plaza San AgustĂ­n, number 11.

3. Isabel Celdrán

The psychologist Isabel Celdrán is a graduate of the University of Murcia, a specialist in Clinical and Health Psychology, an Integrative Clinical Psychotherapist and an expert in various therapy techniques, with which she tackles anxiety disorder, among other problems.

In his practice he offers treatment for adults and adolescents from 15 years of age, and his therapeutic orientation is Cognitive-Behavioral, Gestalt and Psychodynamic, among others.

  • His office is located at Calle La Paz, number 1.

4. Raquel MartĂ­nez GarcĂ­a

The psychologist Raquel MartĂ­nez GarcĂ­a is a graduate of the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid, has a long history of professional treatment, and in her practice she can receive anyone who needs quality psychological therapy for patients of all ages.

Based on a cognitive-behavioral treatment, and others like Coaching, this professional is specialized in treating depressive disorders, panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • You’ll find his office in Calle Pintor Balaca, number 4.

5. Javier Aparicio Mercader

The psychologist Javier Aparicio Mercader also offers therapeutic treatment specialized in depressive disorders. His academic training includes a Master’s degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology, a postgraduate degree in Sexology and Couple’s Therapy and he is also an expert in Emotional Psychotherapy and a judicial expert in school bullying.

His practice is indicated for patients of any age, and the main theoretical orientations he applies are Strategic Brief Therapy, in addition to clinical hypnosis and coaching.

  • Your office can be found at 13 Tirso de Molina Street.

6. Laura Armero

The psychologist Laura Armero is a graduate in Psychology from the University of Murcia, has a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice, another in Neuropsychology, and masters different psychological techniques to obtain the best results with the patient.

His specialties are acceptance and commitment therapy, the Cognitive-Behavioral Technique and also the Mindfulness technique, with which he addresses depressive disorders and any other problem that the patient may present.

  • You’ll find it at 21 Juan Fernandez Street.

7. Trinidad Fresno Jimenez

The psychologist Trinidad Fresno Jiménez is a graduate of the University of Murcia, has a long career in which she has been combining therapy in different centers and is also an expert in the treatment of depression, which currently offers a consultation oriented to adult patients.

Its treatment is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and is characterized by establishing a relationship of trust and security with the patient, where their internal qualities are enhanced.

  • His office is located at Calle Carlos III, number 61.

8. Raquel Cánovas

The psychologist Raquel Cánovas has a professional career of more than 15 years, in which she has acquired sufficient knowledge and experience to treat all types of disorders in adult, adolescent and child patients.

In your private practice we will find a professional, individualized and quality treatment, specialized mainly in depression, anxiety and relationship problems that may exist in the couple.

  • His office is located in Plaza San Francisco, number 7.

9. RocĂ­o Blanco

With a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology, psychologist RocĂ­o Blanco is an expert in offering professional treatment for depressive disorders in patients of any age.

In your consultation we will find a treatment based on different psychological techniques with which the professional obtains the best therapeutic results in the patient.

  • RocĂ­o Blanco’s psychological center is located at 13 Tirso de Molina Street.

10. Mercedes Bernal Sánchez

Mercedes Bernal Sánchez has a degree in psychology, a postgraduate degree in neuropsychology, a master’s degree in adolescence and another in positive psychology. She currently practices psychological therapy in Cartagena.

His treatment specialties are depression, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.

  • Your office is located at 10, Main Street.