Being one of the main Andalusian cities, Cordoba has an interesting offer in terms of specialized psychotherapeutic intervention services.

In the case of a disorder as common as depression, it also offers the possibility of finding professional help for patients with this mood disorder. Now… how do you choose?

If you are looking for the best expert psychologists in the treatment of depression in Córdoba , read on, as here you will find a selection of recommendations.

The best expert psychologists in the treatment of depression in Córdoba

If you live in Cordoba and you are interested in the treatment of depression, in the following selection you will find the necessary information to choose the best psychotherapy professional to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

1. Juan Ramón Carmona López

Juan Ramón Carmona López is a General Health Psychologist with more than 14 years of professional experience in the treatment of depression in children, adolescents and adults, and offers therapy in sessions for individual patients and also for couples and families.

His work is based on the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as on those of Strategic Brief Therapy.

Some of the treatment specialties of this professional beyond depression and mood disorders are learning difficulties, treatment of drug dependencies and cognitive disorders of all kinds.

  • The office of this professional is located at Avenida Rep√ļblica Argentina, number 2.

2. María Luisa Vallejo Torres

Among the best expert psychologists on depression in Córdoba we can highlight the psychologist María Luisa Vallejo Torres , who offers quality psychological care through a close and professional treatment, oriented to patients of all ages.

Some of their treatment specialties are, in addition to depression, addictions, anxiety disorders and behavioral problems in children and adolescents, among others.

  • You can find this professional in Cruz Conde Street, number 9.

3. Luis Alonso Echag√ľe

Luis Alonso Echag√ľe is the director of the centre “Psic√≥logos C√≥rdoba”, in which he offers psychological treatment in the child and youth field and through a great variety of psychological therapies with different characteristics.

Some of the psychological techniques that this professional masters when treating problems such as depression, anxiety or behavioral disorders are EMDR therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, among others.

  • You can find his office at Calle Escritora √Āngela L√≥pez de Ayala, number 7.

4. Amparo Moreno Fern√°ndez

Amparo Moreno Fern√°ndez is a General Health Psychologist and Director of the GET centre for psychology, where she offers psychological care to adults, couples, children and adolescents.

The psychological tools that this professional masters and applies in her therapy are mainly cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the ones with more scientific evidence, and also third generation therapies. In this way she can treat depression by helping patients to become active again.

In addition to being an expert in intervening in people with emotional problems, some of her specialties are anxiety disorders, sexual dysfunctions and various couple problems.

  • The psychological consultation of this professional is located in Calle Historiador Manuel Salcines, number 4.

5. Francisco M Arenas Rodríguez

Francisco M Arenas Rodríguez is a General Health Psychologist, a Forensic Psychologist and a Judicial Expert, as well as having an extensive background and training that he has acquired over a career of almost 30 years in the practice of psychology.

Among his specialties we can highlight the psychological assistance to people with depression, eating disorders and also sexual disorders, attending in his office to adults, couples and children from 6 years old.

  • The center of Francisco M Arenas Rodr√≠guez Avenida de las Oller√≠as, number 23.

6. Fabiola Alcal√° Medina

The psychologist Fabiola Alcal√° Medina has a degree in Psychology from the University of Granada and a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, as well as having undergone many training programmes in different fields of psychological action.

With a career of 10 years in which she has combined therapy in the private and public sectors, this professional has acquired the necessary experience to treat, in addition to depression, all types of emotional disorders such as dysthymia or depression.

  • His office is located at 9 Morer√≠a Street.

7. Mercedes Naranjo Acosta

The psychologist Mercedes Naranjo is the founder of her own therapeutic practice. She works as an educational psychologist in the city of Córdoba, specializing in children and youth, an area in which she is able to treat all kinds of disorders.

With a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice Psychology, and another two in Child and Adolescent Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, this professional bases her treatment on contextual therapies, although she is also an expert in cognitive-behavioral therapy.

  • His office can be found at 27 Guerrita Avenue.

8. Rocío Barrientos

Throughout her career, Rocío Barrientos has combined teaching and training in different psychological fields with the practice of clinical psychotherapy.

In her day-to-day work, this psychologist addresses depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, the need for social skills training and sexual disorders.

  • You can find this professional’s workplace at Camino de los Sastres, number 18.

9. Pepi Tienda Serrano

The psychologist Pepi Tienda Serrano is an expert in Clinical Neuropsychology and Gerontology. Her work in applied psychology is aimed at patients of all ages, especially in the area of children and young people.

The main disorders addressed by Pepi Tienda are major depression, developmental delays, personality disorders and cognitive disorders.

  • Pepi Tienda Serrano’s office is located in Ronda Tejares, number 19.

10. Sandra Carrasco Nogueras

The General Health Psychologist Sandra Carrasco Nogueras masters a variety of psychological techniques, both recent and classic, for the treatment of depression in patients of all ages.

Some of these forms of intervention in patients are EMDR therapy, Neurofeedback, psychoeducation and Mindfulness.

  • You can find his office at Calle Dolores Ib√°rruri, number 3.