Without a doubt, one of the classic disorders in psychology is depression, a serious health problem that affects more and more people.

In the city of Gijón we will find several professionals experienced in the treatment of this disorder . Next, we will review them, highlighting from each of them the type of therapy they offer and their location.

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The 10 best expert psychologists in treating depression in Gijón

Don’t hesitate to consult our selection of the best professional experts in depression located in Gijón.

1. Icíar Álvarez Uría

The clinical psychologist Icíar Álvarez Uría has a degree in psychology from the UNED, a Master’s degree in Behaviour Therapy and a specialisation in clinical reports and expert reports. Her treatment is based on a global approach to the patient’s reality and a bio-psycho-social perspective, through which she is able to address all types of disorders that the patient may present, especially depression and other disorders in patients of all ages.

In addition to classic adult depression, this professional also specializes in treating chronic depression, postpartum depression, and depression in the elderly. Some other disorders she specializes in are anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, and emotional dependence.

  • We can find this psychotherapist’s office at 40 Covadonga Street.

2. Juan Manuel Rodríguez Jiménez

The General Health Psychologist Juan Manuel Rodríguez Jiménez has a degree in Psychology from the University of Oviedo and has extensive experience in the treatment of depression in patients of all ages and through a wide variety of professional techniques. In addition, he currently combines his private psychological practice with university teaching

The main techniques in which this professional is expert are, firstly, the cognitive-behavioral technique, based on modifying unadaptive behaviors, thoughts and emotions that the patient may present. In addition, other techniques applied in his practice are biofeedback and also virtual reality techniques applied to therapy.

  • You’ll find his office at 60 Marques de San Esteban Street.

3. María Natividad García Álvarez

The psychologist María Natividad García Álvarez is a specialist in clinical psychology and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical-Behavioral Psychology and several training courses for the treatment of different psychological disorders.

Among the therapies addressed by this professional we can highlight EMDR therapy, cognitive-behavioral technique and mindfulness therapy with which she addresses disorders such as depression, psychosomatic disorders and personality disorders.

  • If you are interested, you can find his office at Calle San Bernardo, number 66.

4. Sara Lorenzo

The clinical psychologist Sara Lorenzo is a graduate of the University of Oviedo and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and Health. She also has extensive experience in the practice of psychology in different private centres and currently offers therapy in her own practice, where she treats a wide variety of different disorders.

His practice is geared towards patients of any age, and some of the disorders he treats professionally are depression, anxiety, addictions and relationship problems in couples.

  • It can be found at Calle Fuente del Real, number 5.

5. Laura San Juan

With more than 20 years of experience, psychologist Laura San Juan is an expert in the treatment through cognitive-behavioral therapy in adults, adolescents and children. Her treatment also aims at establishing an optimal climate for therapy based on the patient’s trust and well-being.

Its main treatment specialities are depressive disorders, disorders in the child and youth field and, in general, any type of problem or disorder that the patient may present.

  • Your query can be found at Calle Compositor Facundo de la Viña, number 25.

6. Paula Ortiz

With more than 10 years of experience behind her, psychotherapist Paula Ortiz is an expert in the treatment of depression through cognitive-behavioral therapy and also other therapies that she integrates into her treatment, such as acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness and contextual therapies in general.

Thus, its ultimate goal is to equip the person with useful techniques and tools to cope with the vicissitudes that may happen to them and to address each problem with the therapy that best suits the situation.

  • This professional’s consultation can be found at

7. Mariana Menéndez

The General Health Psychologist Mariana Menéndez has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in the clinical branch and a Master’s degree in Clinical Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology.

This professional is a specialist in the treatment of depression in patients of all ages, as well as personality disorders, psychological trauma and relationship problems in couples.

  • His office can be found at 22 Institute Street.

8. Natalia Arbesú

Natalia Arbesú is a graduate of the UNED and has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, as well as several training courses in different areas.

In her practice, this professional generally applies cognitive-behavioral therapy and also systemic couple therapy and psychodynamics to resolve all types of disorders and provide the patient with tools to change all those aspects that are not going well in his life.

  • His office is located in Plaza de Nicanor Piñole, number 3.

9. Alba Calleja

General Health Psychologist Alba Calleja is a graduate of the University of Oviedo, has an Official Master’s Degree in Psychopathology and Health and has extensive experience in the treatment of all types of psychological disorders, especially depressive disorders in adults, adolescents and children.

  • You can find your consultation in the Plaza del Nicanor Piñole, number 3.

10. Arcadio Rio

The psychologist Arcadio Rio has 16 years of experience in professional therapy oriented to patients of all ages and is an expert in family therapy and mediation in family conflicts.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Celestino Junquera, number 2.