Psychology has experienced a great growth in the last two decades , and although there are still people who associate the figure of the psychologist with the clinical and psychopathological field, the truth is that, nowadays, psychology is present in many other fields of application: education, sport, forensics…

A wide range of postgraduate training in Psychology

The world is changing at a dizzying rate, and so has the employment context. As a consequence , many institutions are offering postgraduate programs that help psychology professionals to better integrate into the new work environment.

These programs cover the theoretical and practical aspects needed by both recent graduates and professionals with extensive experience, and provide the opportunity to acquire the skills required for more efficient professional performance. In this article, you will find a list of the best graduate programs in psychology that will help you become a better psychologist and specialize in a particular field of this discipline with the maximum guarantees.

Difference between master’s and postgraduate courses

Postgraduate studies, also called postgraduate studies, are the higher level studies that can only be accessed by having a degree . They include official master’s degree studies (also called master’s degrees), doctorates and all those in-house degrees offered by different educational institutions, such as in-house master’s degrees, expert diplomas and specialization courses within an academic field.

However, we also speak of master’s degrees when their teaching load has at least 60 ECTS credits, and we usually call those postgraduate training actions that have fewer ECTS credits than the previous ones, usually 30.

Best Masters in Psychology

Below we have elaborated a list of the best Masters in the field of Psychology. These postgraduate studies usually have a greater extension and teaching load.

1. Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology (University of Barcelona)

  • Faculty or school: University of Barcelona
  • Field: Health psychology
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: 3.780 ?

One of the big problems that graduates in Psychology find is that they are not prepared for professional practice, because when they are in front of a patient to perform therapy, they do not know what to do or how to do it.

The current training model is eminently theoretical, which means that many recent graduates feel a huge void in terms of therapeutic practice and do not have the necessary confidence to do their work with guarantees. Aware of this reality, at the UB developed a theoretical-practical training program designed for those who wish to acquire the necessary functional skills to be able to carry out their professional work as psychotherapists.

This Master’s Degree is ideal for students to improve their practical skills and self-confidence, which helps them to develop and perfect their own psychotherapeutic style.

This training is a university degree consisting of 90 credits and is accredited.

2. Master’s Degree in Psychosocial Intervention in Crisis Situations, Emergencies and Disasters (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

  • Faculty or school: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Field: Psychosocial Intervention
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 3,420 euros

Stress management during natural disasters is certainly an interesting topic that many psychologists would like to delve into. This postgraduate training, with a degree Master’s degree in Psychosocial Intervention in Crisis Situations, Emergencies and Catastrophes from the Autonomous University of Madrid , is unique in the whole of Spain, and allows the acquisition of the necessary skills to carry out good professional work in this field, where the figure of the psychologist is essential.

The role of the psychology professional fits within a multidisciplinary team formed by other professionals, and their presence is of vital importance in critical events such as disasters, warlike conflicts, accidents, catastrophes, epidemics… Some of the functions that these much-needed psychologists perform are: psychological first aid, intervention in mourning situations or group therapeutic intervention for evacuees, among others. This training action has a teaching load of 60 ECTS credits and lasts one year.

3. Master in Family and Couple’s Therapy for Health Professionals (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  • Faculty or school: Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Field: Family and couples therapy
  • Location: Madrid
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 4,500 euros

From the systemic approach, reality is seen from a holistic and integrative perspective, where the important thing is the relationships and the components that emerge from them. This approach has a great weight in family and couple therapy, since it has proven to be very effective for intervention in problems that originate in the family environment.

The Complutense University of Madrid offers the possibility of studying a postgraduate degree in this specialty, the Master in Family and Couple’s Therapy for Health Professionals, and thanks to this course, students can learn about the theoretical framework of Systemic Family Therapy, its techniques and instruments of intervention and its main applications in family and couple’s conflicts. This training lasts one year and has a teaching load of 60 ECTS credits.

4. University Master in Mindfulness (UMA)

  • Faculty or school: University of Málaga
  • Field: Miscellaneous
  • Location: Malaga
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 2,500 euros

Mindfulness is an ancient practice that is currently used as a therapeutic tool because it provides many 6.

The research affirms that the practice of Mindfulness improves emotional regulation and is useful for treating different problems, such as stress, anxiety or depression.this postgraduate degree is one of the few postgraduate courses that deal with this subject, which also combines the practice of Mindfulness with EQ training. The Master’s Degree in Mindfulness is one year long and has 60 ECTS credits.

5. Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology (UNED)

  • Center: National University of Distance Education
  • Field: Sports Psychology
  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 2 courses
  • Price: Consult with center

Sports psychology has been gaining ground in recent years and is increasingly integrated into the practice of physical activity and sport. Few people now doubt the importance of mental aspects in the performance of sportsmen and women.

Since 1995, the UNED has been providing training programmes in Sports Psychology for psychologists, trainers and other professions related to this world (doctors, physiotherapists, physical trainers, etc.). One of the most successful courses is the University Expert in Sport Psychology, a postgraduate training that, despite being online, has many practical resources. The main objective of the programme is to train qualified specialists who can intervene effectively in the field of sport.

Best Postgraduate Studies in Psychology

The range of postgraduate degrees has increased considerably in recent years, as they are very useful in the applied field and are ideal for combining with other official degrees (e.g. a Master’s degree).

These titles usually propose an updated content, ideal to cover the needs of the times. While some focus on practical skills, others meet the needs of the changing world of new technologies, providing skills needed for the time we live in: the digital age.

In the following lines we have elaborated a list of postgraduate courses in psychology that will allow you to improve your curriculum vitae and will boost your strengths so that you can become a professional more prepared for the present labour reality.

6. University Expert in Forensic Criminal Psychology (University of Valencia)

  • Faculty or school: University of Valencia
  • Field: Forensic Psychology
  • Location:Valencia
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Price: 660 euros

In the world of psychology not everything is a couch and, although some people associate the figure of the psychologist with clinical psychology and psychotherapy, there are other fields of application such as Forensic Psychology, a branch of psychology that studies and intervenes in judicial processes. Within this field is the criminal psychological expertise, which requires specific assessment instruments and/or techniques.

In fact, psychological assessment within the criminal field is one of the most difficult activities in the professional practice of a psychologist, for several reasons: there is a great ethical responsibility, the person being assessed does not usually collaborate and is prone to lie, behaviours or disorders are assessed with respect to an event or crime that happened several months ago, it is not always easy to obtain information from all parties involved (e.g. neighbours, relatives, witnesses, etc.), there may be social pressures (contamination and impact of public opinion), and there is not much quality training in this specialisation.

Due to this last point, the University of Valencia decided to create the University Expert in Criminal Psychological Assessment Forens e, an ideal training for those psychologists who wish to prepare themselves to perform this complicated function with the maximum guarantees.

7. Diploma of Specialization in Welfare and Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities and/or Dependency (University of Salamanca)

  • Faculty or school: University of Salamanca
  • Field: Health psychology
  • Location: Salamanca
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 1,800 euros

The objective of this training is to obtain professionals prepared to be able to improve the well-being and quality of life of the most vulnerable social groups. Within this specialisation, the Diploma of Specialisation in Welfare and Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities offered by the University of Salamanca , psychologists form part of a multidisciplinary team, given that the care of persons with disabilities is a challenge that requires effective and quality comprehensive care

At present, the prevalence of this social group is estimated to be between 9-10% of the population, which indicates the importance and social relevance of training in this field. This course aims to cover the current deficit of the social and health systems related to the care and assistance not only of people with disabilities but also of their families.

8. Postgraduate course in Integral and Applied Coaching in Organizations (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)

  • Faculty or school: Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Field: Coaching
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 3,800 euros

Coaching is a methodology that allows people to achieve their maximum potential in professional and personal development, since it influences their transformation, generating changes in perspective, increasing motivation, commitment and responsibility. Despite its beginnings in the world of sport, coaching is applied in many areas, for example, education or organizations. This last field has burst onto the scene in the last decade, as occupies an important space as a discipline that accompanies change processes .

The Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona has a Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational Coaching , which aims to provide quality training that helps its students to promote personal leadership and good professional practice in the field of relationships, management and human development within the business environment. This training action consists of 30 ECTS credits and lasts one academic year.

9. Postgraduate course in Neuropsychology of Neurodegenerative Diseases (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)

  • Faculty or school: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • Field: Neuropsychology
  • Location: Online
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 2,450 euros

This Postgraduate diploma in Neuropsychology of Neurodegenerative Diseases offered by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is aimed at health professionals interested in the neuropsychological clinic. It covers both the diagnosis and the rehabilitation of degenerative disorders.

The program has been designed so that the student learns the necessary tools that allow him/her to identify, evaluate and rehabilitate all the possible affectations that are associated with the neurodegenerative processes of the brain. The course is taught online, has 30 ECTS credits and lasts one year.

10. Postgraduate course in Human Resources and Personnel Selection (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

  • Faculty or school: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Field: Human Resources
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Duration: 1 course
  • Price: 3.570 euros

The emergence of technology in our lives has caused very profound changes at the social, cultural and economic levels, and has affected many individuals and organizations. The digital transformation of companies is a reality, where business models are changing and so are the needs of the company.

New organizational challenges require professionals trained in this area, and human resources departments are no exception. The correct management of new technologies in organizations is a key factor that determines success and ensures competitiveness, not only in the present but also in the future. In an increasingly complex society, it is essential to have optimum training to keep in touch with the current reality.

The Post-graduate course in Human Resources and Personnel Selection at the Autonomous University of Barcelona prepares its students to lead the digital transformation of an organization from the HR perspective, in order to meet today’s professional requirements. All of this is carried out by a large group of experts and professionals. The one-year course is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits