With its more than 300,000 inhabitants, Córdoba is one of the most special cities in Spain. Much of the credit goes to the Mosque of Cordoba, which is the emblem of the city and an artistic-cultural treasure not only of this, but of the entire country. Even so, as in any other place, the inhabitants of this place can sometimes need psychological help. This is why we will now look at the most recommended psychologists in Cordoba .

The best psychologists offering therapy in Córdoba

There are professionals who can help us solve these problems and recover our emotional well-being, giving us the tools to be happier.

Fortunately, in this Andalusian city we can count on great psychologists to treat different disorders and emotional alterations. Here we will see some of the most recommended ones.

1. Amparo Moreno Fernández

Amparo Moreno Fernández is a psychologist who graduated in 2000 from the UNED and in 2005 obtained a master’s degree in cognitive-behavioral therapy. In her private practice in Córdoba, this psychologist treats mental disorders of many kinds: self-aggression, aggressiveness, phobias, grief and behavioral disorders , as well as problems of couple crisis and low self-esteem. She does all this thanks to her training and experience, as Amparo Moreno Fernández is a specialist in anxiety disorders, depression and disorders in children and adolescents.

2. Fabiola Alcalá Medina

Fabiola Alcalá Medina graduated in 2010 from the University of Granada. In addition to this, this mental health professional also has a master’s degree in health psychology, so she is trained to effectively treat cases of social phobias, anxiety disorders, dysthymia, post-traumatic stress disorders, as well as other psychological disorders such as hypochondria, obesity or depression.

On the other hand, Fabiola is also a specialist in clinical psychology and in cases of anxiety disorders. A good option for those who are looking for psychologists in Cordoba who offer a variety of psychological interventions in therapy.

3. Cristina Velasco Moyano

Cristina Velasco is a health psychologist specializing in psychological assessment and intervention in adults, children and adolescents. She attends her office in Calle Isla Lanzarote number 3.

This professional has experience in providing psychological assistance for problems such as depression, outbursts of anger, family conflicts, bulimia and anorexia, or phobias, among others.

It also dominates the child therapy in cases where there are learning difficulties at school, enuresis and encopresis, dyslexia, etc.

4. Antonio J. Ariza Alcaide

Antonio J. Ariza is a psychologist with a private practice in downtown Córdoba. This professional graduated in 1996 and has in his curriculum a master’s degree in applied clinical psychology.

Thanks to being a specialist in behavioral psychotherapy and general health psychology, he has experience in treating from common problems such as phobias, anxiety disorders, stress and low self-esteem to some more particular ones such as amaxophobia, couple’s crises, addictions and eating disorders .

5. Francisco Javier Castillo Canalejo

Francisco Javier Castillo Canalejo is a psychologist and has a private practice at the Trassierra psychology centre in central Córdoba.

Being an expert in psychotherapy for disorders in children/adolescents and in clinical psychology and forensic psychology, this capable psychologist in Córdoba has experience in treating a wide range of mental disorders such as phobias, gambling, hypochondria and various disorders, such as panic, cyclothymic, adaptation and generalized anxiety disorders.

6. Juan Ramón Carmona López

In the outskirts of Cordoba we find Juan Ramon Carmona Lopez. After graduating in 2001 in Psychology, this psychologist studied two masters, one in clinical psychology and the other in coaching, management and resource management.

Thanks to his training and being a specialist in anxiety disorders, depression and sexual and relationship disorders , Juan Ramón Carmona is able to treat mental disorders such as phobias, stress, grief, insomnia and cognitive, behavioural and eating disorders.

7. Carmen María Ruíz Sánchez

In the heart of Córdoba we have Carmen María Ruíz Sánchez. This psychologist graduated from the University of Seville in 2003 and after finishing her studies she obtained two masters, one in clinical and health psychology and the other in psychobiology and brain damage.

Thanks to her experience and training, Carmen María is a specialist in psychosomatic disorders and in cognitive-behavioral therapy , as well as being very capable of treating mental disorders such as agoraphobia, emotional dependence, anorexia, couple’s crisis and social isolation.

8. Angela Guerra Zamora

In her private practice in Córdoba, Ángela Guerra Zamora is another psychologist we can find in the city. With more than 30 years of experience since she graduated in Psychology in 1985, Ángela Guerra Zamora is a specialist in anxiety disorders and depression, as well as being a speech therapist.

Thanks to her extensive experience in the field of psychology, this psychologist is able to provide psychotherapy to people with mental disorders such as phobias, dyslexia, speech disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

9. Rocío Barrientos

Rocío Barrientos graduated from the University of Jaén in 2010 and is another of the psychologists we can find in Córdoba. With a master’s degree in sexology, Rocío Barrientos is capable of treating sexual and couple’s disorders , as well as being a specialist in anxiety disorders, depression and habits and tics.

This psychologist is also experienced in treating stress, phobias, grief and eating problems such as bulimia and anorexia.

10. Miguel Valenzuela Hernández

Miguel Valenzuela Hernandez is another psychologist we can find in Cordoba. He graduated from the University of Malaga in 1989 and also has a master’s degree in clinical practice in mental health. Thanks to his experience and training, Miguel Valenzuela is a specialist in cases of anxiety disorders, depression and addictive disorders.

This psychologist is also capable of treating various disorders, some of which are learning, adaptation or anxiety disorders.