In the city of Eibar we can find a good number of professional and quality psychologists , with extensive experience and training. To find out the characteristics of the most outstanding, in this article we present the 10 best psychologists in Eibar.

Of each of the professionals who spend time in Eibar, we will briefly highlight their professional careers, the type of therapy they offer and the location of their work centres.

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The 10 most recommended psychologists in Eibar

If you are a resident of Eibar or the surrounding area, in this list you will find everything you need to know about the best psychologists whose practice is located in that city.

1. Arrate Garitaonandia Cameselle

The psychologist Arrate Garitaonandia Cameselle has a degree in Psychology and is a Certified Integrative Psychotherapist by various psychology associations. She has a Masters in Psychosocial Intervention in Gerontology and another in Integrative Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents.

With more than 16 years of experience, this psychotherapist has worked in different professional centres and has acquired knowledge to treat adult patients, the elderly, adolescents and children. Some of her specialties are anxiety disorders, life crises and dementias.

  • The office of this professional is located at 27 Bidebarrieta Street.

2. Raquel Salmerón Mayoral

The psychologist Raquel Salmerón Mayoral has a degree in psychology with a specialization in the clinical area, has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, is an expert in intellectual disability and also holds a Certification of Habilitation in Health Psychology.

At the Algora Clinic in Eibar, we offer quality treatment to patients of all ages for any disorder they may have. Some of its treatment specialities are depression, anxiety, anxiety crises and personality disorders.

  • Your office can be found at Calle Fermín Calbetón, number 4.

3. Yolanda Palacín Martín

The psychologist Yolanda Palacín Martín has more than 20 years of experience in the practice of professional therapy. Her practice offers professional treatment to patients of all ages and her goal is to treat any type of problem and also to develop the patient’s potential.

There are many disorders that this professional deals with, among her treatment specialties we can highlight phobias, addictions, depression and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, among others.

  • Your office can be found at 33 Iabeaga Street, Urretxu.

4. Jesus Lucas Fernandez

The psychologist Jesús Lucas Fernández attends to patients of all ages and children, from 8 years of age. In his practice he specializes in the use of the cognitive-behavioral technique with which he obtains excellent therapeutic results.

He is accompanied by high quality professionals who offer multidisciplinary and integrative therapy to the patient, and some of his treatment specialties are anxiety disorders, addictions, bullying and phobias of all kinds.

  • The office of this professional is located in Calle Aransolo number 4 in Ondarroa.

5. Ortiz de Urbina Jimenez Choir

Degree in psychology, Coro Ortiz de Urbina Jimenez has a Master’s degree in Clinical Practice and currently offers psychological therapy at the Centro Amets in Eibar, aimed at children, adolescents, adults, couples, families and the elderly.

There are several psychological techniques that this professional masters to treat all kinds of disorders, among the main ones we highlight the cognitive-behavioral therapy, systemic therapy, EMDR therapy and brief therapy, among others.

  • This psychologist’s office is located at 27 Bidebarrieta Street.

6. Vanessa Rodríguez

Vanessa Rodríguez has a degree in psychology from the University of the Basque Country and is an expert in child psychology. Throughout her career, she has acquired experience in psychological treatment in the field of children and also in adult patients and families.

In your practice you can find quality psychological care, based on establishing a climate of relaxation, trust and security, where patient and therapist work together to achieve the goals set.

  • Your office can be found at 5 Errebal Street.

7. Mª Asun Cortés Calvo

The psychologist Mª Asun Cortés Calvo offers psychological treatment in Eibar and is an expert in the application of the cognitive-behavioral technique to address all kinds of different disorders in adult patients.

There are several problems and disorders that this professional treats in her practice, among the most relevant, we can highlight anxiety disorders, behavioral disorders, panic attacks and eating behavior problems.

  • Your office can be found at 5 Unzaga Street.

8. Mela Villar Rodríguez de Hinojosa

The psychologist Mela Villar Rodríguez de Hinojosa graduated in psychology from the University of the Basque Country and holds an International Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Group Analytical Psychotherapy and a Course in Psychotherapy of Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms, among many others.

Throughout his career he has worked in different psychological centers where he has specialized in the psychological care of patients of all ages, especially in the treatment of anxiety disorders, hysterical neurosis and physical child abuse.

  • The center of this professional is located in Bidebarrieta Street, number 6.

9. Óscar Mondragón Lili

The psychologist Óscar Mondragón Lili is an expert in the psychological treatment of adolescents who may present any type of disorder or problem, or change some aspect of their lives.

Among his treatment specialties, we highlight depression, social relationship problems with the environment, and anxiety disorders.

  • Your practice is located at Paseo de Urkizu, number 9.

10. Francisco Javier Rodríguez Sánchez

The psychologist Francisco Javier Rodríguez Sánchez is a graduate in the specialty of clinical psychology, offering professional treatment in his practice to patients of all ages.

Some of his treatment specialties are various anxiety disorders, phobias and fears, depression and personality disorders.

  • Your consultation can be found at Paseo Lehendakari Agirre, number 6 in Berriz.