Although Lleida has little more than 130,000 inhabitants, one of its characteristics is that it offers coverage in many types of specialized services to all the inhabitants of this part of the Catalan interior: there are many towns whose economy is linked to the Lleida region.

Beyond places of tourist or cultural interest such as the Enric Granados Auditorium and the Jaume Morera Museum, in this city there is the possibility of having access to many options that improve our quality of life.

In this article, focusing on the field of mental health and psychological well-being, we will see a selection of the best psychologists in Lleida ; recommended options for those seeking psychotherapy in this city.

The best psychologists offering therapy in Lleida

Below you will find the most recommended experts in psychotherapy in the city of Lleida, each with a brief description of their areas of expertise.

1. Eduard Fonts Arnau

Eduard Fonts graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 1983, and has two postgraduate degrees: one in Psychopathology and the other in Psychotherapy, both from the Ramon Llull University.

From his training and a long professional career helping patients, this psychologist treats cases such as addictions, low self-esteem, pathological grief, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorders, among others.

  • His private practice is on Carrer Jaume II, in the heart of Lleida.

2. Aida Vilalta Mir

Due to her training and experience in the field of mental health, it is a good idea to take into account the psychologist Aida Vilalta .

After graduating in Psychology from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, this professional completed her studies with a Masters in Third Generation Psychological Therapy at the Universitat Internacional Valenciana.

Currently, Aida Vilalta offers psychotherapy to psychological disorders such as panic attacks, cases of insomnia and anxiety disorders.

  • Your office is at Carrer Segrià nº 3.

3. Txaro Revuelta

Txaro Revuelta is one of the best psychologists in the city to help children through child psychotherapy.

This professional graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2007 and also has a Master’s degree in Child and Youth Psychology from the AEPCCC. Txaro Revuelta’s specialties include psychotherapy for depression, low self-esteem and poorly regulated emotions.

  • The place where he treats his patients is on Carrer Ramón y Cajal.

4. Gemma Pou Arnau

Another of the most recommended psychologists we can find in the city of Lleida is Gemma Pou Arnau .

This professional is specialized in typical disorders in children and adolescents, as well as in psychotherapy for adults. She is a specialist in treating cases of bereavement, generalized anxiety, phobias of all kinds, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

The place where he attends is in Avinguda de Tortosa nº4.

5. Cristina Guiu González

Another of the most recommended psychologists in Lleida is Cristina Guiu , especially if you are looking for professional support for problems in the area of couples or marriage.

After graduating in Clinical Psychology from the Rovira i Virgili University, Cristina Guiu studied a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, as well as two postgraduate courses, one in Sexual and Couple’s Growth and the other in Detection and Intervention of Family Violence. Thus, as a psychologist she offers both couple therapy and individual therapy for individual problems.

  • You can find it in his office at Rambla Ferrán nº 1.

6. Maribel Fondevilla

Maribel Fondevilla is another of the best psychologists we can find in Lleida. After finishing her degree in Psychology, this psychologist specialized in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is one of the most respected for its scientific and empirical basis.

This professional is an expert in the treatment of psychological problems and disorders such as anxiety disorders, cases of depression and phobias.

7. Olga Saltó Navarro

Due to her training and experience, another professional to take into account if you are looking for recommendable psychologists in Lleida is Olga Saltó .

Olga has a degree in Psychology from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and also has two Masters, one in Child and Adolescent Psychology: Intervention Techniques and Strategies and the other in Forensic and Criminal Psychology. Thanks to this training Olga Saltó offers psychological assistance and therapy for people who present problems such as poor regulation of aggression, couple’s crisis and cases of mourning for the loss of a loved one.

8. Aurora López Martínez

Aurora López Martínez graduated in Clinical Psychology from the UNED in 2004 and also has two Masters, one in Third Generation Psychological Therapy and the other in Clinical and Health Psychology.

He is a specialist in mood disorders such as depression or dysthymia, and also in anxiety problems such as phobias, panic disorder or occupational stress syndrome, and is able to effectively treat cases such as sexual disorders and relationship problems.

9. Anna Gil Sánchez

Anna Gil is a professional in psychological intervention recommended to address severe disorders. After finishing her studies in the degree of Psychology she decided to specialize in the field of neuropsychology and in the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Among the mental disorders that Anna Gil treats regularly are personality disorders, learning disorders and memory disorders.

  • His office is located at Carrer de la Unió nº 25, in the south of Lleida.

10. Joan Palmi Guerrero

Another of the best psychologists we can find in the city of Lleida due to his training and experience is Joan Palmi Guerrero .

Joan graduated in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and received his PhD in Psychology in 1991. In addition, he has specialized in Techniques for Emotional Management in Canada. Today he is part of the psychological team of Avantmedic.

  • You can find this psychologist in Plaça Social 3, Lleida.