The Pla del Real is one of the most populated districts that we can find in the city of Valencia, and has a large number of services related to both leisure and public and private health.

In this article we will focus on the latter and more specifically on psychological care centres where mental health professionals can attend to us and offer us treatment for any type of emotional or cognitive disorder that may complicate our daily lives.

It is for this reason that below we will review the best psychologists we can find in the district of Pla del Real , in Valencia.

The best psychotherapists offering therapy in Pla del Real

Next we will see a list with some of the best professionals that we can find in the Pla del Real. Some of these psychologists may specialize in certain problems so it is always necessary to contact them to make sure they are trained and experienced in treating the problems we need to treat.

1. Pilar Liria Plañiol

Pilar Liria Plañiol is one of the best psychologists that we can find in the district of Pla del Real and has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia. It is also worth mentioning that she has a postgraduate degree in neuropsychology of neurodevelopmental disorders and a diploma in advanced systemic family therapy.

Thus, combining systemic family therapy with cognitive behavioural therapy, Pilar Liria Plañiol offers treatment to children and adolescents as well as to adults and elderly people suffering from problems such as anxiety and depression disorders. This psychologist is also an expert couple’s therapist and can help those relationships that are in crisis due to infidelity, distrust, inability to communicate in a non-aggressive way and cellopathy.

  • You can find Pilar Liria’s private practice in the street of the journalist José Ombuen, in Valencia.
  • To see their contact details click here.

2. Victoria Montilla Trenco

Victoria Montilla Trenco is an expert in psychotherapy and offers therapy to individuals, couples and families.

This mental health professional graduated in Clinical Psychology from the University Jaume I of Castellón and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical, Legal and Forensic Psychology.

She is also an expert in family therapy from the Gestalt and systemic therapy approach thanks to several complementary trainings she has. Although Victoria Montilla is always in constant training, this psychologist is an expert in treating problems such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders, irrational fears or phobias and obsessive-compulsive behaviour.

In this way, this psychologist gives her patients psychological tools to improve their self-esteem and communication skills without resorting to aggression.

  • If you want to go to his private practice you can find him on Amadeo Street in Savoy, near Mestalla.

3. Jana Anton Linares

Jana Antón Linares has a degree in Clinical Psychology and subsequently completed two masters degrees, one in Clinical Psychology and the other in Child and Youth Psychology.

This psychologist is the current director of the Centro Integra in Valencia, one of the most recommended centres in the Pla del Real district, which has a team of 6 psychologists specialised in different fields of neuroscience and mental health. In this way, in this centre they can treat a wide variety of problems and emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, learning disorders in children and adolescents and also offer family therapy to those relationships and marriages that are on the verge of crisis due to an inability to manage emotions or suffer from problems of celopathy and conflicts with third parties (normally family members).

  • You can find the private cabinet of Jana Antón Linares in Avenida Blasco Ibáñez, in the district of Pla del Reial, in Valencia.

4. Iadi Psychologists

Iadi Psychologists is a centre that can be found in the Pla del Real and has a multidisciplinary team of psychologists who combine their knowledge in order to offer one of the best treatments that can be found in this district.

In this center, besides offering psychological treatments, they also offer pedagogical, speech therapy and neuropsychological services, so they can help in a great number of cases with different disorders and problems. Some of the problems they treat the most are Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, adaptive disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and problems falling asleep due to anxiety, phobias or depression.

You need to know that they can also help children who have problems such as Asperger’s syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. They can also help with learning problems such as dyslexia.

  • The Iadi centre is located in Calle Bélgica, in the Pla del Real district of Valencia.

5. Vicente Cuevas Martínez

With almost 40 years of experience, Vicente Cuevas is another of the best professionals we can find in Pla del Real if we need quality psychotherapy.

He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia since 1980 and also has a Master’s degree in Psychotherapeutic Arts and Sciences from the University of Brussels.

In his sessions he likes to start with Gestalt therapy and is one of the pioneer psychologists in humanistic therapy in the city of Valencia . In addition to helping people with emotional disorders such as anxiety disorders, panic attacks and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, this psychologist also offers training related to the human mind in both Spanish and Latin American centres.

  • The office of this psychologist is located in Antonio Suárez Street, in the district of Pla del Real, near the Aragón metro station.

6. Carolina Jimenez

Carolina Jiménez is one of the psychologists who are part of the team of psychologists at the Mar Navas centre, which specialises in the care of children and adolescents.

This psychologist graduated in Clinical Psychology and later studied for a Master’s degree in Special Education, specializing in hearing and language. Thus, Carolina Jiménez is an expert in helping children and adolescents who see their school performance affected by problems related to learning disorders.

This psychologist has experience as a volunteer for the Red Cross Youth, having taken part in educational and awareness workshops and has also been part of the municipal psycho-pedagogical service of Benetússer.

  • The Mar Navas Integral Development Centre, which is where Carolina Jiménez offers therapy, is located on Avenida de Primado Reig, in the Pla del Real, in Valencia.

7. Cristina Otaduy Live

Cristina Otaduy has a degree in Psychopedagogy and several masters that complement her university training, some of which are Clinical and Health Psychology and Educational Guidance and Mediation in Learning Difficulties.

In this way, Cristina Otaduy is an expert in child therapy to help children with problems such as anger management, disobedience, defiance and depressive behaviour that can lead to self-harm. It can also help children and adolescents who suffer from bullying.

  • You can find the Otaduy centre in Calle Artes Gráficas, in the Pla del Real, in Valencia.

8. Regis Villegas

Regis Villegas is a clinical psychologist by way of PIR and stands out for being able to attend in both Spanish and French, as he has been trained both in Valencia and in Montreal, which belongs to the French-speaking area of Quebec, in Canada.

This psychologist is on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Clinical and Resident Psychologists and is an expert in treating patients suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder or tics. In this way, this psychologist can also offer help to people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. The average price per consultation of this psychologist is 70 ?.

  • You can find him in his private practice in Primado Reig Street, near the Benimaclet metro station.

9. Carlos García

Together with Mireia Pérez, Carlos García is one of the two co-founders of the Inicia Psychotherapy Centre.

This mental health professional graduated in Psychology from the University of Valencia in 2014 and also has a master’s degree in neuropsychology of neurodevelopmental disorders. Thanks to this training, Carlos Garcia is an expert in treating emotional problems related to depression, self-esteem and self-concept and problems with eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia and obesity.

  • His private office at the Inicia centre can be found on Calle Naturalista Arévalo Baca, between Alameda and Aragón.

10. Mireia Pérez

As we have seen in the previous description, Mireia Pérez is the other co-founder with Carlos García of the Inicia centre.

She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia since 2014 and also has training in conflict management and resolution in private law. She may also be one of the best options we can count on if we need help for teenagers, as she is a higher technician in children’s education. Another service he offers is personal coaching and he is a graduate in this discipline from the University of Cantabria.

  • The private office of Mireia Pérez is located in the naturalist street Arévalo Baca, in the district of Alameda y Aragón.