As an important city, in Vigo we can find a great variety of psychotherapy clinics of great value and professionalism . In each of them, highly qualified and experienced professionals practice therapy.

In today’s article we will learn about the 10 best psychotherapy clinics located in the city of Vigo, highlighting from each of the centers, the type of therapy they offer, their treatment specialization and their location in the city.

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The 10 best psychology and psychotherapy clinics in Vigo

Anyone interested in using professional psychological therapy in Vigo will find in this list all the necessary information about the best psychotherapy centres.

1. 3-Step Psychology

The psychological clinic 3 Steps offers professional psychological care to patients of all ages, i.e. children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. The centre’s therapy methodology is based on three distinct phases: acceptance of the problem, knowledge of the problem and the action taken to overcome it, with the help of the psychotherapist and with the aim of overcoming it.

The centre’s psychological team is made up of professionals from different fields who base their therapy mainly on cognitive-behavioural techniques and also on other alternative and compatible therapies. Thus, some of the specialties of consultation of the workers of the centre are, among others, mood disorders, child and adolescent developmental disorders and sexual and couple disorders.

  • This psychological clinic is located at 25 República Argentina Street.

2. CAPS Centre

In the cabinet CAPS of psychology and sexology you can find a quality therapeutic treatment, the result of a great experience and the extensive training of the workers who practice there.

The centre’s treatment is aimed at patients of all ages and its therapists have as their speciality, in addition to dealing with all kinds of sexual behaviour disorders that the patient may present, also classic psychological disorders of all kinds.

  • The CAPS psychology centre can be found at Rua da Ronda de Don Bosco, number 30.

3. Codex Psychology Centre

The Codex Centre for Psychology has more than 15 years’ experience in treating patients of all ages, based on a cognitive-behavioural root approach but with the integration of other therapeutic approaches such as systemic family therapy.

Among the different therapy specialties that the numerous multidisciplinary team of psychologists at the center has, we can highlight disorders in child development, couple problems and different mood disorders.

  • This psychological center can be found at 215 Urzaiz Street.

4. Cabinet of Psychology

The professionals of the Gabinete de Psicología de Vigo are specialized in various psychological techniques to treat all types of disorders, among the most important are cognitive-behavioral therapy, EMDR therapy and third generation therapies.

The specialized treatment that is exercised in this psychological office aims to achieve the comfort of the patient, create an atmosphere of trust, and focuses on the individuality of each case, being some of the therapies applied more frequently, personality disorders, anxiety disorders and various disorders of the child environment.

  • This psychological cabinet is located in Puerta del Sol, number 10.

5. Center of Psychology and Sexology Leticia Martínez

The professionals at the Centro de Psicología y Sexología Leticia Martínez offer quality psychological care based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, a technique that provides the patient with a series of strategies so that he or she can modify his or her disadaptive thoughts and behaviors.

The center directs its psychological therapy to children and adolescents, adult families and couples who need to improve some aspect of their lives, whatever psychological treatment they wish to receive.

  • The LM Psychological Center is located at Calle Uruguay number 8.

6. CRC Psychology Vigo

The CRC Psychology Clinic in Vigo offers therapeutic treatment for any disorder that the patient presents, whether in the child/youth, adult, couple or family environment and in a professional and efficient manner.

The training of the centre’s professionals is multidisciplinary and specifically focused on the child and educational field, so we can say that it is one of the best treatment options for anyone interested in this type of therapy.

  • The CRC psychological center can be found at Avenida da Gran Vía, number 2.

7. Norba Psychologists

The centre Norba Psychologists has more than 10 years of experience in therapeutic treatment, a treatment whose professionals are based on the cognitive-behavioural technique, one of the most scientifically proven.

The professional team of the centre offers psychological care to patients of all ages, also in couples and in the perinatal area.

  • The office of this psychological center is located in Calle Manuel Núñez, number 3.

8. PsychoVigo

With more than 14 years of experience in professional therapeutic practice, the centre PsicoVigo offers quality psychological care, addressing disorders of all kinds in adult patients and also in couples who may need it, obtaining a high percentage of success.

  • You’ll find the office at Calle Doctor Cadaval, number 2.

9. Isabel Abellán Clinical Psychologist

In the Centro Isabel Abellán Psicóloga Clínica individual therapy is offered to adults, children, adolescents, families and couples.

The director of the center offers specialized treatment aimed at improving the patient’s life and addressing any type of psychological disorder using several different types of therapy.

  • Isabel Abellán’s psychological center is located at Calle María Berdiales, number 18.

10. Laia Psychologists

In the center Laia Psychologists you can find a quality psychological therapy focused on treating all kinds of disorders in a professional way, in adults, adolescents and couples.

  • You can find this psychological consultation at 6 Policarpo Sanz Street.