The city of Vitoria-Gasteiz offers a large number of psychology clinics, as well as professionals in psychological care. In each of them we can find different services that potentially meet our demands.

In this article we will see the best psychology clinics in Vitoria , where we will highlight, from each of them, the type of therapy offered by their professionals and also their location.

The 10 best psychology clinics in Vitoria

Consult this selection of the best psychotherapy clinics located in the city of Vitoria.

1. Clínica Mintza

In the Clínica Mintza we offer psychological treatment aimed at patients of all ages, efficient, close and quality. The centre’s professionals are specialized in different multidisciplinary areas of psychology, including the clinical area, the sports area, the personal development area, the educational area and the business area.

Using the cognitive-behavioural approach, the Mintza centre applies psychological treatment for problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, sleep disorders, eating disorders, adaptive disorders, somatisation disorders, personality disorders, obsessions, behavioural disorders and life crises.

  • You’ll find the Mintza clinic on Pius XII Street, number 1.

2. Ibaiondo Psychology

In the Ibaiondo Clinic you can find professional therapeutic treatment aimed at children, adults, adolescents and couples who need to change or improve some aspect of their lives or treat any type of disorder they may have.

The main disorders dealt with at the Ibaiondo centre are depression, anxiety, phobias of all kinds, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, addictions, sexual dysfunctions, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and sleep disorders in children and adults.

  • This centre can be found at 8 Duke of Wellington Street.

3. Synapsis Vitoria

The Synapsis Vitoria clinic has been offering psychological and neuropsychological care, as well as psychopedagogy, speech therapy and early stimulation for 20 years. The centre’s group of psychologists is made up of professionals who are experts in multidisciplinary fields.

The Synapsis centre’s treatment, which is aimed at patients of all ages, treats disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, emotional instability, adaptive disorders, ADHD, pervasive developmental disorders and learning difficulties.

  • You can find the Synapsis center on Angoulême Street, number 1.

4. Cristina Migoya Psychology

The clinic of Cristina Migoya specializes in offering professional psychological care to treat all types of psychological disorders. The main ones are anxiety disorders, pathological grief, stress, low self-esteem, and problems in relationships and eating disorders.

This professional has over 25 years of experience helping patients in both individual and couples therapy.

  • If you are interested in knowing more about this option, you will find their contact details by clicking here.

4. Ediren

Ediren is another option to take into account if you are looking for the best psychology clinics in Vitoria. It offers professional psychological care as well as services in psychiatry, education and many more.

The main disorders and forms of discomfort treated at the Ediren centre are depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, life crises, relationship problems in couples, family problems and personality disorders.

  • The Ediren centre is located at number 4 Errekatxiki Street.

5. Orekan

The Psychological Clinic Orekan specializes in providing psychological care for children and young people. By means of the cognitive-behavioral approach, the professionals of the centre offer professional treatment in the educational, clinical and also neuropsychological fields.

The main disorders treated at the Orekan center include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, elimination disorders, and ADHD.

  • The Orelan Clinic is located at 10 Manuel Iradier Street.

6. Emeki Center

The Centro de Psicología Emeki offers professional and specialized treatment based on the systemic approach and solution-focused brief therapy.

Among the main disorders and problems that the professionals of the Emeki centre deal with are depression, anxiety and stress, addictive disorders, relationship problems in couples, personality disorders, sexual disorders, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, and others.

  • The Emeki center is located in Arana Street, number 7.

7. PsychoGrowth

The clinic Psicocrecer specializes in the psychological treatment of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. Of the many disorders treated in the centre’s practice, the main ones are excessive anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, self-esteem problems, trauma, and the consequences of bullying and child abuse.

  • The Psicocrecer clinic can be found at Calle Pamplona number 5.

8. M. Rosario Cortaberría Matienzo Psychology

The psychological centre of M. Rosario Cortaberría Matienzol has been offering psychological treatment for over 30 years based on cognitive-behavioral treatment.

The most frequent cases that this professional treats in her centre are anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, panic attacks, addictions, behavioural problems and phobias.

  • You can find his workplace at 58 Florida Street.