Yoga is a discipline that is becoming more and more popular and that is why there is a proliferation of centres that specialise in giving classes on this subject. Since there is a great amount of Yoga modalities, it is necessary to recognize which are the best centers and which techniques are practiced in each one.

Next we will see a selection of the best Yoga courses in Madrid and we will also summarize the main characteristics of the center where it is taught, as well as its location.

The 10 best Yoga courses in Madrid

Check out our selection of the best courses in Madrid if you are interested in taking Yoga classes.

1. Initiation Course to Yoga (Mindfulness Center Madrid)

The first centre that we should take into account among those that offer recommended Yoga courses, is the Centro de Mindfulness Madrid . The Yoga initiation course of this center is one of the most complete and professional in the city of Madrid and in it, any first-time participant will learn the initial notions of the practice of Yoga.

This introductory course to yoga aims to teach the fundamentals of the philosophical, theoretical and practical principles of yoga , to instruct the student in the main basic postures and to provide the student with the tools and skills to adapt the different yoga modalities to his or her individual needs, whether it be to increase flexibility or strength, or to treat localised muscular pain.

  • The Madrid Mindfulness Center is located on Gran Vía number 95.
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2. Yoga classes (Sivananda Madrid)

The Sivananda Yoga Centre Madrid is also an option to consider. With over 40 years of history, this centre has been teaching the Sivananda branch of yoga to anyone interested, whether at the beginner or advanced level.

The teachings of the Sivananda Madrid centre are based on 5 fundamental pillars: proper exercise, vegetarian diet, proper breathing, positive thinking and meditation and finally proper relaxation.

Learning Yoga brings a lot of benefits to the person who practices it, some of them are the better control of the body, the reinforcement of the physical and mental balance, the decrease of localized muscular pains, the strengthening of the relaxation skills and the decrease of anxiety and stress.

  • The Sivananda Centre in Madrid is located at Calle Eraso number 4.

3. Yoga for Beginners (Madrid City Yoga)

Madrid City Yoga is a learning centre for different therapeutic disciplines with oriental origins and influences. The centre’s professionals are widely experienced in training anyone who wants to be trained in the practice of Yoga, mindfulness and the Pilates technique.

With more than 15 years of experience, the professionals of the Madrid City Yoga Centre are trained to teach the technique of Yoga in specialized programs focused on pregnant women, children, families, mothers and babies.

The center has a great variety of rooms equipped for the practice of Yoga; between them they add up to 500 square meters, and in each one of them different workshops or courses related to the learning of the discipline are carried out.

  • You can find the Madrid City Yoga centre at 43, Calle de los Artistas.

4. Yin Yoga Workshop (Yoga Studio)

The Yoga Studio by Rosa Beltrán is another great option for yoga courses in Madrid. The centre offers yoga and pilates classes both in groups and individually, as well as physiotherapy services.

The main objective of Yoga Studio is to achieve balance in the person and treat all those problems that may arise from the various therapeutic techniques offered by all professionals in the center, led by the teacher Rosa Beltran.

The Yoga classes offered at the centre cover various styles, from therapeutic Yoga, through restorative, to the classic Vinyasa and Ashtanga modalities. That is why the client will find the style that best suits their needs.

  • Yoga Studio by Rosa Beltrán is located at 117 Calle de Alcalá.

5. Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Yoga Center Madrid)

Yoga Center Madrid is a training center where classes of Yoga, meditation and Mindfulness are taught. Close to the emblematic Retiro Park is this center that has 4 rooms equipped for the proper development of the courses.

In Yoga Center Madrid the teaching of Yoga is one of the most important parts and this is done by putting especially in the philosophical, theoretical and historical background of this discipline, from which we arrive to the teaching of the practice in an efficient and methodical way.

  • You can find the Yoga Center Madrid at Calle Serrano number 6.

6. Astanga Yoga (Mysore House)

In the yoga centre Mysore House , yoga classes are offered both in groups and collectively and are focused on the level of knowledge that the student has about the practice of yoga.

Mysore House teaches, among other things, Ashtanga Yoga, one of the most popular forms of yoga. During the classes, the teacher will show the different positions, as well as the breathing that we must maintain in each point.

  • The Mysore House centre is located at Calle Adela Balboa, number 8 in Madrid.

7. Bikram Yoga Training

Bikram Yoga is a centre where classes of the so-called Bikram Hot Yoga, or yoga with heat, are taught, consisting of a session of 26 Yoga postures in a room at 40 or 42 degrees.

This practice is excellent for exercising, burning calories and also, thanks to the handling of the yoga postures, increases physical strength, flexibility, improves balance and also the capacity to concentrate.

  • You will find the Bikram Yoga centre at 25 Divino Pastor Street in Madrid.

8. Hatha Vinyasa (Urban Yoga Center Madrid)

The next name on the list is Centro Urban Yoga , a place to learn yoga from qualified professionals with over 15 years of experience.

In the centre, a large number of yoga modalities are taught, adapted to the needs of each person, among which we can highlight the Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Rocket and Lotus flow modalities.

  • The Centro Urban Yoga Madrid is located at Calle Claudio Coello number 5.

9. Iyengar Yoga (The Gong)

The Gong is a wellness centre where yoga and pilates classes are given, as well as a meditation service, massages, restaurant, lounge-library, bar and specific relaxation areas.

This project is a pioneer in Spain and is based on therapies associated with meditation to achieve balance, relaxation and rehabilitation in each of the people who come to the center.

  • You can find El Gong in Paseo del General Martínez Campos number 24.

10. Ashtanga Yoga Course

Ashtanga Yoga is a centre that, with more than 15 years of experience, is dedicated to the teaching of the yoga current called “Ashtanga”. In the centre, initiation courses are given for anyone who wants to start to enter the world of yoga and learn the first postures.

  • The Ashtanga Yoga Centre is located at Calle Espoz y Mina, 17 in Madrid.