Although throughout history and until a few centuries ago, formal education has been a field reserved for specific groups of privileged people, today schooling is fortunately compulsory up to ESO or Compulsory Secondary Education. After that, students can choose to continue their education or try to find a job, but the truth is that nowadays most jobs require a minimum of further education, whether or not it is a university education. Among those who decide to continue their education at university level, the question of which career to choose may arise, and there are often concerns about the difficulty of the career in question.

In this sense, there is a wide social debate among students regarding which careers are easier and which are more difficult , and there are very different positions on this matter. The truth is that which are the easiest careers will depend to a great extent on the person being asked and their tastes.

However, some of them have characteristics that make a large proportion of people identify them as relatively easy to take out, something that can be contrasted with the opinion of the students themselves or with the number of passes (something that on the other hand can be a trap since many of these careers are very vocational, which implies that whoever does them will tend to be very motivated to do them and therefore may find it easier).

In this article we will see a list of some of the easiest races in Spain , based on these aspects.

The easiest careers to study in Spain

Below we leave you with a list of the ten careers that are mostly considered to be the easiest to study. However, although theoretically simple many of them have relatively high grades at present , and that there are other careers of much more abstract or theoretical content does not mean that these careers do not have their own complications.

Finally, and before starting with the list itself, it should be noted that the fact that passing a degree is comparatively easier than with others does not mean that its implementation is , being generally careers that require a very high level of vocation in order to become a good professional or to be effective in the labor market.

1. Teaching

The teaching career is considered to be one of the easiest in Spain, both at primary and pre-school levels. The theoretical knowledge it provides is easily surpassed by the majority of students, and it also has a very high practical content. However, access to this career is not as easy as it seems, since the required cut-off mark is usually high.

Of course, this career is very vocational and requires a great capacity for dedication in order to be a good teacher who, at the end of the day, is going to be a fundamental pillar in the education and training of our children and future fellow citizens. It also requires continuous training in order to be up to date.

2. Protocol and Organization of Events

This little known career is another of those considered easier, being an official degree that allows to exercise among others as coordinator of events or congresses , cabinet director or responsible for institutional relations, press officer or director of communication. It requires very specific and exact knowledge, but usually varies little over time. It is also usually vocational.

3. Dance

With an eminently practical content, very focused on a specific topic and studied mostly by people with a previous interest in that area, this degree (which although it can be studied as a Middle Degree can also be found as a degree at university level) is overcome by a large number of students who enter it.

However, although is not one of the most complicated academically it requires a high level of physical activity and demands on a practical level.

4. Fine Arts

Linked to the previous career, the Fine Arts are another of the careers that are considered to be simpler, having a very high number of passes. However, it is important to note that this is a very vocational career and students with a great interest in the sector tend to come , something that undoubtedly enhances its low output at the time at work.

5. Social education

The position of this career within the ten simplest in the Spanish territory is something admitted both by their own students and by the data of passed, being a career that most of their students manage to pass without great difficulties. This does not mean that once they have finished their studies their work is easy, and they may have to deal with complex situations in relation to the situation of their users.

6. Social work

Social workers are professionals who have been trained and are among the ten easiest to get out of Spain. Again, as in the previous case, the work is very vocational and deals with delicate situations in the lives of its users . After teaching, it is probably the one with the highest professional output among the careers we have mentioned so far.

7. Advertising

This career has also been considered one of the easiest to pass, although it is a type of study that, like those linked to art, requires originality, vocation and some talent to be carried out well. Its theoretical content is compensated for by a high level of practical activities which, on the whole , means that a high proportion of the students enrolled pass.

8. History of Art

An art history career is usually considered relatively easy by those who make it, with most of those who do so succeeding. However, it requires a certain vocation and taste for art and history, because otherwise its contents can be very dense .

9. Philology

Although the subject matter may be relatively complex, the different language courses are often considered easy by students and a large part of the population, and a large number of those enrolled in them succeed.

10. Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF)

The studies of the National Institute of Physical Education are seen as relatively simple, especially due to their high number of practical contents linked to the realization of sport. However, those who study this career must also study subjects linked to human anatomy and its conditions , possessing complex theoretical content.

Many other examples

The above list includes some of the careers that are considered to be easier to pass by the students who take them and based on their number of passes. However, there are many other examples, including careers such as Psychology, Journalism or Tourism. Again, it should be noted that the fact that a career is considered easier does not mean that it does not have really complicated content, or that it cannot be as much or more demanding than others that are more complex once in the workplace.