Couples therapy is one of the most sought-after psychological assistance services.

It is very common to go through marriage crises and any other situation in which the emotional bond that unites the members of a couple is damaged, and that is why ways of dealing with these experiences have been developing.

In this article we will give a review of the best couples’ therapy centres in Alicante , a city that has a wide range of psychological counselling services aimed at relationships and marriages.

The best couples therapy centers in Alicante

This city in the Valencian Community is one of the largest in Spain, and therefore covers all kinds of needs. Perhaps this is why it is so difficult to choose when it comes to attending couples therapy: there are many people who offer this service, regardless of their real experience and whether they are trained in psychology.

Therefore, in the following lines, we will see a selection of the best couples’ therapy centres in Alicante, with a brief description of what each of these organisations is like.

1. Instituto Psicode

The Instituto Psicode has a history of more than 10 years offering psychotherapy services, and has recently opened one of its offices in Alicante.

Its professionals have extensive experience in couples and sex therapy , as well as in other areas of psychological well-being, and therefore respond to all the needs of the therapeutic process through which couples go: learning to give themselves a chance to trust the other, communicate without falling into guilt and prejudice, express themselves without attacking the other, etc.

2. Psychologists-Alicante

The psychology center Psicólogos Alicante is also a highly recommended option for those seeking couples therapy services in this city.

In its facilities in the Ensanche Diputación area, it is possible to count on the professional help of a team of experts in the regulation of emotions and the use of communication skills applied to the context of coexistence and the expression of love.

From their way of working, based on a change in the way of perceiving the relationship and a transformation of the ways of communicating with the other, it is possible to manage a good part of the crises that may arise, whether due to jealousy, boredom, infidelity or many other problems.

  • You’ll find this team at their center at 17 Reyes Católicos Street.

3. Adarve Psychology

The Adarve Psychology Centre is another option of interest to married or engaged couples in times of crisis.

Its team of professionals has training and experience in mediation, sex therapy and child and youth therapy, so that they can also intervene in problems that can affect the relational dynamics between two people who love each other, such as difficulties in managing time together, sexual dysfunctions and constant arguments.

  • You can find the facilities of this center in the Alfonso el Sabio Avenue.

4. Eros and Psyche

Eros y Psique is the psychotherapy center of psychologist Laura Cruz , and is located in Calle Médico Manero Mollà.

Here, interventions in couples counseling and sex therapy are carried out, to treat both problems in the love relationship and possible sexual dysfunctions that affect intimate life.

5. Psychology consultation José Tomás Pallás

José Tomás Pallás Sogorb is a psychologist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy, and in his office he performs both couple therapy and sex therapy.

Through its psychological assistance it helps to overcome crises by developing communication skills, assertiveness, anger management, expression of feelings, negotiation and many other skills involved in good coexistence and strengthening of emotional ties.

  • His office is located in Calle Calderón de la Barca, Alicante.

6. Sarabia starts

In Pintor Cabrera Street we find the psychology clinic Inicia Sarabia , in which the area of couple’s therapy, family therapy and sexology has a lot of importance.

Those who are looking for a team of psychologists in Alicante who are committed to a multidisciplinary approach when providing services to patients will find an interesting option here.

7. Centro de Psicología José Brotons

In this therapy center it is possible to count on the help of José Brotons, psychologist specialized in Clinical Psychology and with training and experience in cognitive-behavioral therapy, Mindfulness, clinical hypnosis and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Specifically, it uses the tools of cognitive-behavioral therapy to intervene by helping couples and marriages in crisis.

  • You’ll find his psychology centre on Calle Pintor Cabrera.

8. AR Psyche

Alejandro Ruiz is a psychologist specialized in family conflicts and problems of anxiety and emotion management.

In his office located in the Playa de San Juan neighborhood he attends to patients of all kinds with problems of jealousy, arguments, lack of communication, etc.

9. Volmae

This group of psychologists has one of its headquarters in Alicante, specifically in Gerona Street, in the heart of the city. They have a great team and many means to help couples who come to attend therapy sessions together.

10. Antonio José Cárceles Gil

In his private practice, this long-time professional psychologist attends to both individual patients with clinical problems and couples looking to get out of a crisis their relationship is going through. You will find him in the Ensanche Diputación district.

11. Cabinet of Self-Supporting Psychology

The Gabinete de Psicología Autoapoyo , located in the neighbourhood of the Polígono de San Blas, offers couple psychotherapy based on the principles of humanist psychology. It also organizes courses and workshops of interest on topics related to communication and the expression of emotions.