If we go to the north of the Valencia Community we will find Castellón de la Plana, which is the capital of the province of Castellón. This city of 170,000 inhabitants has special places like the Costa del Azahar or the Columbretes Islands, as well as the Ribalta Park.

As in any other city of these characteristics, there is a great offer of health services in this city. Below is a list of the best psychologists in Castellón de la Plana , with explanations of each case.

The best psychologists offering therapy in Castellón de la Plana

We review some of the best psychotherapists in the city of Castellón de la Plana, with descriptions of the professional career of each one.

1. Froilán Ibáñez Recatalá

Froilán Ibáñez is one of the most recommended psychologists we can find in Castellón de la Plana due to his training and experience.
This psychologist, after graduating in psychology, studied a master’s degree in Behaviour Therapy and is also an expert in judicial expert reports and in the analysis of clinical cases .

Among the mental disorders that Froilán treats are cases of addictions, anxiety disorders and depression, among many others.

2. Ferrán Martínez Gómez

If you are looking for quality psychological care in Castellón de la Plana you should take into account Ferrán Martínez , a professional with more than 25 years of professional experience in helping patients.

This psychologist graduated in Psychology from the UAB and is a specialist in clinical psychology and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy .

Among the mental disorders that Ferrán Martínez treats best are fear of driving, rumination, OCD, sexual disorders and anxiety disorders in general.

  • You can contact him through his professional profile.

3. Adela Torres Espla

Adela Torres is one of our best cards if we need psychotherapy in the city of Castellón.

Thanks to her more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health and to her masters (among which we can highlight Clinical Psychology, Coaching and Sophrology) Adela Torres is one of the most qualified psychologists we can find in Castell to treat problems of inability to manage anger, anxiety, depression and cases of low self-esteem. This psychologist is also an expert couple therapist who can help as a mediator in family groups.

  • If you want to contact Adela Torres you will find her in carrer d’Enmig in Castellón de la Plana.
  • You can comfortably contact Adela through her professional profile.

4. Ana María Canós Molés

In the centre of Castellón we find in the Calle Mayor Ana María Canós , one of the best mental health professionals in this city.

He graduated in Psychology from Jaume I University and also holds a Master’s degree from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Human Resources Management. Thanks to the course in psychological intervention for alcohol dependency that Ana María took, she is an expert in treating addictions, as well as other mental disorders such as social phobia and grief, and intervening in problems linked to the organizational environment .

5. Cristina Ortega Rokiski

Cristina Ortega Rokiski is another of the most recommended mental health professionals in Castellón.

After finishing her studies in Psychology, Cristina Ortega specialized in Child Psychology, Adult Psychotherapy and Couple Therapy . She is an expert in cases of bereavement, anxiety disorders, low self-esteem and depression.

6. Alejandro Puigdomenech Roldán

In calle Bartolomé Reus in Castellón we can find this psychologist, Alejandro Puigdomenech , who can attend in Spanish, Catalan and English.

He has a degree in Psychology from the University Jaume I and two Masters: one in Clinical Psychology and another in Eating and Personality Disorder Intervention .

Thanks to this training this psychologist can treat problems of hypochondria and bulimia, as well as problems of anxiety and depression, among others.

7. Elena Trullén Tamarit

Elena Trullén psychologist graduated in Psychology in 2008 from the University of Barcelona and also holds two masters degrees, one in Clinical Psychopathology and the other in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Elena Trullén’s specialties include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders and learning disorders .

8. Carmina Claramonte

Another of the most recommended options we find when looking for psychotherapy in Castellón de la Plana is Carmina Claramonte .

This psychologist has been active for more than 15 years and treats in her private practice all kinds of patients, from children and adults to groups and couples .

Her specialties include psycho-oncology and forensic psychology, and she is also an expert in treating cases of social isolation, conduct disorder and addictions.

9. Silvia Andreu Montoliu

In Núñez de Arce Street we find Silvia Andreu Montoliu .

He studied Psychology at the University Jaume I of Castellón and also has a master’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy . Among the psychological disorders and mental alterations that Silvia Andreu treats are adjustment disorder, addictions, phobias and mood disorders.

10. Berta Llopis Segarra

Berta Llopis graduated in Psychology more than 20 years ago and focuses her psychotherapy method on the individualization of the attention to each patient in order to offer the maximum possible personalization.

Among the disorders and problems that Berta Llopis treats best are phobias, stress problems and relationship problems.

You can find this psychologist in her private practice on rue d’Enmig.

11. Luz María Meseguer Puig

Luz María Meseguer has more than 25 years of experience in psychological intervention. After completing her degree in psychology she specialised in anxiety disorders, cases of depression and disorders in children and adolescents , although she can also treat adults and older people.

You can find this psychologist in her private office on Bou Bou Bou Avenue.