The capital of Aragon is one of the largest cities in Spain, and therefore has a wide range of specialized mental health services. Therefore, it is possible to find psychotherapy options in its different neighborhoods.

Along the following lines we will see a selection of the best psychology clinics in Zaragoza , each with a description of their services, location and characteristics.

The best psychology clinics in Zaragoza

These are several of the most recommended psychology centres in Zaragoza, each with its different areas of specialisation.

1. Therapeutics on the rise

Terapéutica en Alza is a psychology center located in Calle de Madre Vedruna . In this place works a team of psychologists trained in Limited Time Psychotherapy, focused on obtaining results in the minimum number of sessions possible, and who can help adult or adolescent patients.

At Terapéutica en Alza it is possible to have psychological assistance in both individual and family therapy, as well as coaching sessions and interventions in cases of school failure.

As for individual psychotherapy, here it is possible to find treatment for problems such as depression and dysthymia, work stress, insomnia, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder , psychological trauma, psychosomatic disorders, and anxiety disorders, among others.

  • To see more information about Terapéutica en Alza, as well as their contact details, click here.

2. La Ventana Psychologists

This is another of the best psychology clinics in Zaragoza for those who are looking for group therapy, as this is where a lot of importance is given to this form of intervention.

La Ventana Psicólogos is located in the district of Las Fuentes, and bases its work on the humanist approach, in which the emotions and subjectivity of each patient are the starting point.

  • You’ll find this psychotherapy centre on Calle de Florentino Ballesteros.

3. Miriam Blasco Miguel Center

Miriam Blasco Miguel is one of the best psychologists we can find in the city of Zaragoza and has a degree in Psychology from the University of Zaragoza. Among other training, it is also worth mentioning that she has two masters, one in General Health Psychology and the other as a specialist in Third Generation Therapies.

In his sessions he uses acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to treat problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, inability to manage negative emotions and also to assist people with low self-esteem.

  • If you want to contact Miriam Blasco you can find her in her private office located in San Miguel street, in the centre of Zaragoza.
  • Contact the Miriam Blasco Miguel Center through her professional profile.

4. Pilar Cebrián Orgaz Psychology

Pilar Cebrián Orgaz’s psychology practice, located in the centre of the city, is another recommended option for psychotherapy in Zaragoza.

Through the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychological assistance is offered here against phobias, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, depression, sexual disorders, gambling, etc.

Couples therapy is also performed for relational crises due to jealousy, infidelity, constant arguments, lack of communication, etc.

  • This psychology center is located on Alfonso I Street.

5. Sorribas Psychology

In the heart of the Almozara district we find another of the most interesting psychology clinics in Zaragoza: Sorribas Psychology .

In this place, both psychotherapy for patients of all ages and couples’ therapy are carried out, designed for marital or dating relationships that are not going through good times.

In addition, has the means to perform virtual reality therapy , very useful for treating phobias and other anxiety disorders.

  • Sorribas Psychology is located on Avenida de Pablo Gargallo.

6. Centro Vitae Psychology

The Vitae Centre may be what you are looking for if you need psychological therapy based on the use of innovative technological solutions, such as virtual reality, Neurofeedback or EMDR therapy.

In addition, this is one of the most versatile psychology clinics in Zaragoza, since offers therapy for adults, child and youth therapy, couples therapy, and even sexual therapy , family orientation and has a Legal Area.

  • If you’re interested in visiting this place, it’s on Calle Dr. Cerrada.

7. Cabinet of Psycho-Life Psychology

The Gabinete de Psicología Psico-Vida is another of the recommended options for psychotherapy services in the Aragonese capital.

This centre, run by psychologist Lisbet Rodríguez del Risco, who has over 20 years’ experience working in therapy, is a good place to learn how to manage emotions, manage anxiety and cushion the harmful effects of mental disorders.

On the other hand, it will be especially interesting for those who seek professional help for their son or daughter, given that here alterations such as ADHD, selective mutism, extreme shyness, enuresis and encopresis are treated .

  • Gabinete de Psicología Psico-Vida is on Calle del Coso.

8. Psychology consultation Mariza Hernández Torrijo

The office of psychologist Mariza Hernández Torrijo also provides services that are very often the subject of consultation for mental health professionals.

Specifically, Marisa Hernández Torrijo, a psychologist at the helm of this entity, is an expert in addictions, personality disorders and anxiety disorders, and also works in the area of Legal and Forensic Psychology. Attends to adults and adolescents .

You will find this psychology centre on Paseo de la Independencia, in the heart of the city.

9. Aytera

Aytera is a mental health and psychotherapy center specialized in the treatment of addictions with or without substances. Cannabis dependency, alcohol dependency, gambling… The team of professionals at this place creates the necessary conditions for patients to stop clinging to their addictions.

  • You will find this entity in Danzas Street.

10. Develop! Space

The psychotherapy area of Develop! , an entity dedicated to clinical and organizational psychology, is one of the best options for psychotherapy in the Barrio de Jesús, Zaragoza. It also has a consultancy and training service that is very useful for companies and work teams.

  • The facilities of this centre are in Calle Muel.

11. Psicoavanza Zaragoza

Psicoavanza is another of the clinics to recommend in the central area of Zaragoza . Here practically all the needs are covered in terms of the type of psychological intervention required: individual therapy for adults and children, legal psychology, couple therapy, family therapy, etc.

  • This psychology clinic is on Alfonso I Street.