The life we lead today can be very demanding. Sometimes, we may want to come home, sit on the couch and enjoy a relaxing infusion, the kind that turns that anti-stress moment into pure happiness.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 infusions that will help you relax and let go of the stress and the hectic pace of life we lead.

Sometimes we have to work early the next day, but at night we still feel our energy level is high or we go to bed but can’t get to sleep. Insomnia and anxiety are very unpleasant feelings that affect our mind and body. But there are some herbal teas that can help relieve tension and can be helpful in these situations.

Better infusions to relax

If you are ready to sit down and relax and want to try one of these infusions, below you can find 10 natural remedies in the form of an infusion that will help you to relieve the accumulated tensions and feel more calm.

1. Valerian tea

Valerian is a plant that is recommended for people suffering from anxiety , because it has a sedative effect and relaxes the nervous system and the brain.

It is considered one of the best infusions to relax and has been used for centuries. In fact, Hippocrates, a physician in ancient Greece, prescribed it to treat insomnia. Today, it is also used to treat stress and anxiety. Scientific studies have shown that this tea fights insomnia by reducing the amount of time it takes a person to fall asleep, and it produces a more restful sleep.

2. Kava

Kava is a native plant of the South Pacific and brings many psychological benefits . It is a subspecies of mint, and is highly beneficial in reducing anxiety symptoms.

These are data from the different investigations that have been carried out around this infusion, they clearly show that it is very useful for anxiety attacks and insomnia. It is usually recommended to consume 30 to 70 mg. three times a day. However, its intake is not recommended in the case of Parkinson’s disease.

3. Hops

The hop is a plant with a bitter taste that is found in several regions of Europe . When consumed as an infusion it acts on the nervous system. It is useful for combating insomnia, nervousness, depression, anxiety and stress, and also facilitates digestion.

Hops is perfect for relaxing muscle spasms and is therefore indicated in cases of nervous colitis, irritability or dysfunctions of the digestive system.

4. Lavender

Lavender has been used for centuries to treat people with nervous system disorders . Not only is it an anti-inflammatory, but it also reduces anxiety and has a calming effect.

In short, this plant is good for the gut and for your mind. Now, if you are allergic to pollen, you should consult your doctor before drinking any herbal tea.

5. Lime tree

Lime blossom is a drink of oriental origin that is ideal for rest, sleep and relaxation . Many students calm their nerves with this drink before an exam.

Despite being less powerful than valerian, it is still an effective alternative and has a great taste. You can find it in any supermarket because it is one of the most popular herbal teas.

6. Melissa’s Tea

Melissa’s tea is also known as lemon balm, and is an infusion with many benefits for health and mental well-being.

Its popularity is due to the fact that it is an effective remedy against stress, anxiety and nervousness. It is also a digestive infusion and originated in Central Europe.

7. Passion fruit

Passionflower is an anxiolytic and a natural relaxant derived from the passion flower . For centuries it was used by the Aztecs for its sedative and analgesic properties.

It also produces a slight euphoria so it is indicated in cases of depression. In addition, it is used for insomnia, tachycardia and headache and migraine.

8. Louisa grass

The lemon verbena has calming properties and is ideal for states of nervousness . However, it is important to note that it is recommended that women who are breastfeeding or pregnant consume it.

In ancient times it was already used to encourage people who were mentally deficient.

9. Ashwagandha tea

This tea is of Indian origin and has been used in the medicine of that region for centuries . This infusion not only provides a general sense of well-being, but also helps to clear the mind, treat hypertension, deal with severe stress and nervous exhaustion.

10. Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the most popular drinks to improve digestion, but it also has calming and sedative effects . If it is also combined with lavender, the effects will be even more ideal in cases of anxiety or stress. Without doubt, an infusion full of antioxidants and can be found in any supermarket.

11. Sage tea

This aromatic plant, besides beautifying parks, gardens and mountains, is used to prepare an excellent infusion. It serves to improve the quality of digestion and contributes to the non-generation of intestinal gas.

12. Oregano tea

A drink full of natural antioxidants and relaxing power. In addition, its flavor is delicious, although it is not so intense that it cannot be combined with other foods. You can drink it in dinners or snacks to make it easier to fall asleep.