Nowadays, we are used to hearing about psychological problems such as anxiety or depression; however, there is still a certain stigma when it comes to going to psychological therapy , despite the benefits of this practice.

However, it is not only important that there is a method for improving people’s psychological health: one must also know how to choose the place to go to receive professional care.

The best mental health centres in Spain

Psychotherapy provides essential tools to become emotionally stronger and educates us to better adapt to the less pleasant situations that life presents us.

In the following lines you can find a list with several of the best mental health centres in Spain .

1. Instituto de Psicología Psicode (Madrid)

Another important mental health centre in Madrid is the Instituto Psicode, which is known for providing therapy and training for psychologists. At the Instituto de Psicología Psicode they treat different problems: work stress, couple and sexuality problems, phobias, depression , anxiety disorders, etc., and they make available to their patients a team of psychologists with extensive experience in the use of effective psychological tools to overcome those difficulties that affect them. Their orientation is cognitive-behavioral.

In terms of training, the Institute of Psychology Psycode offers a wide range of courses both for psychology professionals and for companies: leadership workshops, training in negotiation skills, emotional intelligence, among others.

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2. PsicoAbreu (M√°laga)

PsicoAbreu is the reference centre for psychology in the area of Málaga , and has several offices in this city and one in Vélez-Málaga. It has a history of 20 years offering psychological assistance.

Its large team of psychologists specialized in therapy work from a multidisciplinary approach to adapt to the needs of each patient.

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3. TAP Center (Madrid)

This centre of psychology in Madrid is characterised by combining classic psychological intervention techniques and models with the most advanced, state-of-the-art psychotherapy methods. Anxiety disorders, sexual problems, mood disorders, depressive symptoms… the multidisciplinary team of psychologists, educational psychologists and psychiatrists , trained in a wide variety of forms of psychological treatment, adapts to the specific needs of each patient.

On the other hand, its services include the possibility of performing psychotherapeutic attention to children, adults and individually or in couples therapy.

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4. Avance Psicólogos (Madrid)

This centre of psychology in Madrid has been improving the quality of life of people for two decades based on its two pillars: therapies of a cognitive-behavioral type and the humanist approach, centred on the emotions and characteristics of each patient.

Avance Psychologues has received awards such as the Award for Professional Excellence from the Institute for Excellence and the Gold Medal for Professional Merit Forum Europe 2001, and serves people with all kinds of needs : from children and adolescents to adults, in individual or group psychotherapy sessions.

On the other hand, they also carry out training courses in psychology aimed at different areas of professional and working life: workshops on mindfulness, self-esteem, personal relationship management, etc.

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5. PsicoTools (Barcelona)

PsicoTools is a psychology centre located in Barcelona, specifically in the district of Gràcia . Its team offers psychotherapy, neuropsychology, coaching and training services for both professionals and people who want to improve in various aspects of their personal lives.

In addition, one of the pillars of PsychoTools is the use of Mindfulness, whose use is especially related to the regulation of anxiety and emotions.

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6. El Prado Psychologists (Madrid)

The Prado Psychologists is another reference center in the capital of Spain, which is at the forefront of psychology, as they apply the latest scientific advances in the field of psychotherapy. This clinic is characterized by the use of short and effective treatments from an integrative orientation in which are incorporated, for example, techniques of clinical hypnosis and Mindfulness. All these techniques have been scientifically tested and contrasted, and are used taking into account the needs and characteristics of each patient.

El Prado Psicólogos offers psychotherapy services for adults, adolescents and children, and also offers sports psychology sessions, coaching and personal development courses.

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7. VillaRamadas

The centre VillaRamadas International Treatment Centre is an entity that works with experts from all branches of health: psychologists, psychiatrists, nursing professionals, social workers, trainers, etc.

With its more than 20 years of experience and international projection, this is a very good option for treating practically any type of emotional, behavioral or cognitive problem that negatively affects the quality of life: depression, addictions, relationship problems, sexual dysfunctions, anxiety disorders and phobias, etc. At VillaRamadas we work on the basis of the therapeutic model Change & Grow, created by its Clinical Director, with the aim of starting from a personalized treatment and ending with consistent and lasting beneficial effects.

8. Cribecca (Seville)

In Seville we find the Cribecca centre, one of the best psychology clinics in Spain, which offers not only psychological therapy for adults, but also for children and adolescents . They are also specialists in family therapy and couples therapy.

This centre also offers Neuropsychology services and has high quality standards. For all these reasons, they are considered one of the best mental health centres in Spain, and the most prestigious in the Andalusian capital.

9. Vitaliza (Pamplona)

The Vitaliza Psychology Centre , currently located in Irunlarrea street, Pamplona, was founded in 2004 by Javier Elcarte and Cristina Cortés, psychologists specialised in therapy for adults and the child and youth population, respectively.

This entity is characterized by a wide experience in the use of EMDR therapy, Neurofeedback and Minfulness, techniques oriented mainly in the intervention on cases of stress and anxiety problems.

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10. Psychology and Psychotherapy Miguel √Āngel (Bilbao)

Psicolog√≠a y Psicoterapia Miguel √Āngel is a psychotherapy centre located in Calle Santutxu in Bilbao, and its team has more than 30 years of experience.

It is an organization led by Miguel Angel Ruiz Gonzalez, one of the most experienced psychologists and media projection of this Basque city. Beyond being a Licentiate in Psychology (University of Deusto), he is an Expert in Clinical Hypnosis and Relaxation, and an Expert in Reciprocal Interaction Therapy by the European Institute of Limited Time Psychotherapy, as well as a Clinical High Level Master in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy, endorsed by the Centro di Terapia Strategica of Arezzo. He also works as a teacher, training other psychologists.

In this centre it is possible to find treatment for disorders such as depression, dysthymia, anxiety disorders, psychological trauma , eating disorders, anger management, etc.

11. Instituto de la Pareja (Murcia)

Instituto de la Pareja is a psychotherapy and training centre located in Murcia and Torrevieja. It provides therapy to adults, children and adolescents, and has a specialized area specifically for couples therapy and sexual therapy.

In addition, this entity organizes its own 10-month Master’s Degree in Couple’s Therapy and Sexology, in order to become professional in these two interrelated areas of therapeutic intervention.

12. Centre Terapèutic Gena (Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona)

Centre Terapèutic Gena specialises in the treatment of addictions, and its sign of identity is the fact that its way of working adopts the gender perspective, both with men and women. In this way, this entity is involved in all the phases that one goes through to overcome a disorder of this type, from detoxification to rehabilitation and follow-up.

On the other hand, beyond the support to people involved in addictions, Centre Terapèutic Gena also offers services of couple therapy, mediation and help to people with emotional problems.