Malaga is one of the most popular cities in Andalusia and is the capital and reference in the Costa del Sol.

Without a doubt, there is much to see and much to do in Malaga. It is a land with a great flamenco tradition and a unique gastronomy, where it is possible to enjoy the best “tapas” and “espetos” on its beautiful beaches. Besides, near the city we can find many villages with a great charm: Mijas, Fuengirola, Ronda, Marbella…

The studies carried out on quality of life in Spain, place Malaga in one of the cities where life is better. Even so, Malaga’s people also suffer from emotional, psychological and relational difficulties and problems, which can lead to a decline in their well-being. Fortunately, in this Andalusian city it is possible to find many psychologists who offer quality treatment to improve the quality of life of their patients.

The best psychologists in Málaga

In the following lines you can find a list with the best psychologists in Málaga .

1. Rodolfo de Porras de Abreu

Rodolfo de Porras has more than 20 years of experience offering therapy. He offers his services in Psicólogos Málaga PsicoAbreu , a large team of professional psychotherapists who attend in various locations of this Andalusian city.

In addition to offering a wide range of time availability and the possibility of attending consultations in a place where efficiency, discretion and patient satisfaction are the main values, this therapist adapts to many common needs: treatment of anxiety disorders, low self-esteem, social phobia, aggression problems, etc.

It can also help parents learn how to better raise their children in their childhood, and it provides couples therapy.

  • You can learn more about their services at this link.

2. Rubén Camacho

Rubén Camacho holds a degree in Psychology (UNED) and a Master’s degree in Coaching and Talent Management (EUDE, associated with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid). He is a native of Malaga and in his city he began to accompany as a psychologist and coach people who wanted to achieve changes in their lives in relation to their management of emotions, self-esteem and personal relationships, self-knowledge, self-confidence, empathic communication or work productivity.

In 2012 he decides to travel abroad for further development and accompanies people from up to 5 different countries (Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Mexico) as a psychologist and coach. He has been a university professor (University of Cuenca, Ecuador) in psychology subjects (Basic Psychological Foundations, Consumer Behavior and Neuromarketing) and a coach for professionals, entrepreneurs, teachers and parents.

Currently she has returned to Malaga and has founded Empoderamiento , a school of personal development online where she accompanies people in deep processes of change and transformation to improve their lives. You can also request sessions as a psychologist and coach for change processes via skype or in person.

  • You can find more information about this psychologist by clicking on this link.

3. Genoveva Navarro Jimenez

The psychologist Genoveva Navarro Jimenez is another of the best options in terms of psychological assistance in Malaga, especially for those who live in the area of the Malagueta and Caleta. She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Malaga, is a member of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis in Malaga and has more than 15 years of experience in attending to patients from a psychoanalytic perspective. She is also a regular contributor to the media.

This professional specializes in psychological assistance to people with anxiety problems and emotional disorders, and also performs couples therapy.

  • Click on this link to see their contact details.

4. María Isabel del Río Lopez

This versatile psychologist, who is part of the PsicoAbreu team, starts from the cognitive-behavioral paradigm to offer therapy to children, adolescents and adults who have psychological or relationship problems.

It is a good option for people looking for psychologists in Malaga who are looking for sexuality therapy, couples therapy, interventions applied to the regulation of emotions and anxiety, or the management of symptoms caused by disorders and alterations such as depression or OCD.

5. Adrián Muñoz Pozo

Adrián has a degree in Psychology from the University of Almería, and is specialized in third generation therapies : Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness.

As a therapist, her main goal is for people to learn to accept their pain and suffering and to direct their efforts to what is in connection with their values, with the things that really matter to them in life.

6. Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías

This psychologist with a practice on Boulevard Louis Pasteur number 5 has a degree in Psychology from the University of Malaga and is a specialist in couples therapy, sex therapy, psychological intervention in relational problems and stress management and regulation of emotions and social relations (improvement of self-esteem, assertiveness, processes for overcoming isolation, etc.).

He is also an expert in new technologies, so he has experience in dealing with problems related to the use of the Internet and mobile phones.

Juan Miguel Enamorado Macías offers psychotherapy to adults and adolescents, both for individuals and families, and in a face-to-face or online format . This is one of the most important issues for mental health professionals in Malaga, especially for those who are looking for an approach focused on generating changes in the way we relate to our environment and to others, and not just to ourselves in an isolated way.

7. Rafael Écija Sánchez

Rafael Écija Sánchez is a psychologist specialized in psychotherapy who belongs to the team of the center Psicología Activa, located in Calle Barroso (Distrito Centro).

This professional has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology from the AEPCCC and is an expert in EMDR therapy. He specialises in the treatment of patients with personality disorders, anxiety disorders and those related to psychological trauma, and addictions.

  • To see Rafael’s contact details, click on this link.

8. Natalia Ayelén Tomé Grosman

This psychologist has a degree in psychology from the University of Málaga, and has received extensive training in clinical practice and psychotherapy . She is a member of the Spanish Association of Clinical Cognitive Behavioural Psychology since 2009, and also collaborates with entities and associations in the Spanish Association against Cancer.

In addition to his work as a psychotherapist, in which he stands out in the area of both adults and children, he has developed projects of the Community Social Services in the Diputación de Málaga and has extensive experience in schools of early education.

  • He currently works at the Ementis Psychology and Psychiatry Clinic.

9. Sandra Parejo Hernández

Sandra Parejo is another great option if we need therapy in Málaga. This chartered psychologist works at the Psychology Clinic Zentra2.

He graduated in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, and then specialized in Child Clinical Psychology at the Spanish Association of Clinical Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology. She is also a member of the Psychological Intervention Group in Disasters and Emergencies of Malaga (G.I.P.C.E.) of the Official College of Psychologists of Andalusia.

He has extensive experience as a therapist both with adults and children , and also works in the field of Emergency Psychology when required by the Emergency Service Andalucía 112. He also carries out training for parents and students in the educational field.

10. Javier Álvarez Cáceres

Javier Álvarez Cáceres has a degree in Psychology from the Universitat Rovira y Virgili and among his postgraduate specialization degrees he has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (ISEP) and a Postgraduate degree in Couple’s Therapy (ISEP), among others.

  • This psychologist specialized in psychological assistance to adults attends his office in Alameda Principal for both individual therapy sessions and couple and family therapy sessions.

Its psychotherapy services, based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (with an eclectic and integrative approach) are a good option for people who are going through grieving processes, self-esteem problems, phobias and anxiety disorders, depression , anger management problems, couple crisis, etc.

  • Their contact details are available here.

11. Desirée Llamas Díaz

Desirée Llamas is a General Health Psychologist with training that goes beyond individual therapy and includes psychological assistance to couples and families. Her practice is located in Calle Ronda.

In addition to working in individual patient psychotherapy and family and couples therapy, Desirée has training in sexology through the Master’s Degree in Sexology, Psychological Orientation and Sex and Couple Therapy at the University of Extremadura.

This professional in psychotherapy stands out for her versatility when it comes to attending to patients’ problems , given that she can intervene both in the alterations whose root is in the person, as well as in the sources of discomfort that arise in the contexts in which individuals live and in their way of relating to the environment and to others.

  • To see their contact details, click here.

12. Ana Ruiz Romero

Ana Ruiz Romero is a highly recommended psychologist and is the founder of the Psyten psychology center, which opened its doors in 2010.

She is a General Health Psychologist and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Psychological Treatments, both of which were obtained at the University of Malaga. She is a specialist in clinical hypnosis and can treat disorders such as phobias, ADHD, panic attacks and other affectations.