Seville , with its almost 700,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest and most populated cities in Spain. Therefore, it has a wide range of services in the health sector.

Next we will see a selection of the best psychologists in Seville , with summarized explanations about their professional trajectories.

The best psychologists offering therapy in Seville

We review some of the most recommended professionals who offer psychotherapy in Seville, and their characteristics. In addition, we recommend that you contact them beforehand to briefly explain your reason for consulting.

1. Origin Psychology and Psychiatry

Origin Psychology and Psychiatry is one of the most interesting options for those seeking psychotherapy with the best psychologists in Seville. It is the largest chain of mental health care clinics in Spain, and therefore has a very large team of professionals, all of whom specialize in some area of psychological well-being.

Thus, people of all ages can count on treatment and psychological assistance for problems such as phobias, low self-esteem, depression, addictions, insomnia, grief, stress crises, and many more. Family and couple therapy is also offered to intervene in conflictive relational dynamics.

On the other hand, at Clínicas Origen there is the possibility of receiving psychotherapy online, without having to leave home.

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2. Clara García-Sandoval Ruiz

In the Avenida de la Innovación number 27 we can find one of the most recommended psychologists in Seville, Clara García Sandoval, who is part of the Cribecca Psicología team .

This professional graduated in Psychology from the University of Seville in 2010 and also has two Masters, one in Geriatrics and Comprehensive Care of the Aged and another in Clinical Practice in Mental Health .

Thanks to her experience, Clara Garcia is an expert in treating mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, social phobia, depression and affections of the cognitive capacities of the elderly. It should be added that Clara García-Sandoval is also a specialist in offering psychotherapy to patients of all ages: adults, children and adolescents.

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3. Fromm Welfare

The psychology centre Fromm Bienestar is one of the reference points for psychological assistance services in Seville.

Its team of professionals specializes in the treatment of addictions, both chemical (alcoholism, opiate dependence, etc.) and behavioral (gambling, addiction to new technologies …). At the Fromm Bienestar centre, the facilities provide a wide variety of resources to help in detoxification and rehabilitation processes for those who require hospitalization: gardens, library, sports area, etc.).

In addition, the psychologists of this entity also attend older people with cognitive impairment, adolescents with impulse regulation problems, adults with low mood, and many other common psychological disorders, both in individual and group therapy.

  • The Fromm Bienestar center is located in Calle Industria number 1, Mairena de ljarafe, Sevilla.
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4. Laura Méndez Corredera

General Health Psychologist Laura Mendez offers treatment based on the cognitive-behavioral model and combined with forms of psychological intervention such as Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Rational Emotional Behavioral Therapy, all of which are scientifically supported.

In his practice located in Sevilla Este he attends to patients of all ages. Combining her training and experience in psychotherapy (she has a master’s degree in General Health Psychology and another in Clinical Neuropsychology), this professional can intervene in cases of depression, anxiety, ADHD, sequelae from bullying, relationship problems, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, phobias, eating disorders, self-esteem problems, etc.

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5. Elena Tobaruela

Elena Tobaruela is one of the best options that we can find in Seville if we need therapy for emotional disorders and problems that may arise both in the personal and family sphere of a couple.

After graduating from the University of Seville with a degree in Psychology, this psychologist studied a Master’s degree in Family and Couple’s Therapy and it is thanks to this combination of studies and experience that Elena Tobaruela is now an expert in mediating problems such as the inability to manage anger, codependency and addictive disorders. She can also help people who are going through times of job stress, grief, breakup, anxiety and low self-esteem.

  • If you want to find Elena Tobaruela you can find her in Astronomy Street, north of Seville.
  • Contact Elena comfortably through her professional website.

6. Carlos López Castilla

Another of the best psychologists we can find in this city is Carlos López Castilla , both for his training and experience.

He graduated in Psychology from the University of Seville and in addition to being an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and in family mediation he has a Master’s degree in Psychoanalytical Clinical Psychology. Thanks to these studies and his professional experience Carlos López is an expert in treating anxiety disorders, cases of low self-esteem, phobias and mood disorders .

7. Julia Ruiz Fernández

Another of the best options in Seville is Julia Ruiz . This mental health professional studied psychology at the University of Seville and also has a master’s degree in general health psychology from the University of Cordoba.

Among the advantages of this psychologist is the fact that she can treat individuals with psychological disorders as well as couples in times of crisis or groups and families that need family mediation.

8. Concha Martínez del Río

In her private practice on Arrayán Street we find another of the most recommended psychologists in the city of Seville, Concha Martínez del Río .

She graduated in Psychology from the University of Seville in 1992 and in addition to being an EFT Facilitator in Emotional Freedom Techniques, she is an expert in Executive and Personal Professional Coaching.

Concha Martínez is also an expert in treating problems such as hypochondria, phobias and cases of stress .

9. Nuria Gil Herrera

After graduating as a psychologist, Nuria Gil complemented her studies with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and several courses, including one in gender violence and another in psychoanalysis.

She is an expert in treating disorders in children and adolescents such as anxiety and distress disorders, stress problems and cases of bedwetting.

10. Patricia Garzón Álvarez

Another of the most recommended mental health professionals we find in Seville is Patricia Garzón Álvarez .

He graduated in Psychology from the University of Huelva and also has two masters, one in General Health Psychology and another in EMDR from the UNED. He is a specialist in treating cases of philo-parental abuse, emotional dependence and amaxophobia (fear of driving).

You can find this professional of the Psychology in the Nicaragua street.

11. Lara Cárdeno Sánchez

Lara Cárdeno Sánchez is another of the best options if we are looking for a mental health professional in Seville.

This psychologist graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in 1999 and also has a master’s degree in Individual, Family and Couple’s Therapy . The current from which his psychotherapy starts is the cognitive-behavioral one, which is one of the most supported and contrasted by the scientific community.

Lara Cárdeno can treat disorders such as stress problems, impulse control disorder, and cases of phobias and mood swings.

12. Marta Gilabert Navarro

At Luis de Moral Street we can find the office of Marta Gilabert Navarro .

Marta graduated in Psychology from the University of Seville in 2007 and has two masters, one in Psychotherapy and the other in Psychosocial Intervention , in addition to having specialized in Strategic Briefing Psychotherapy. He stands out for assisting patients who experience mental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders and chronic fatigue disorder.

13. Francisco Hidalgo Díaz

Francisco Hidalgo graduated in Psychology from the University of Seville in 2004 and also holds a master’s degree in Family Intervention and Mediation from the same university.

Thanks to his background, Francisco is an expert when it comes to acting as a mediator in groups and families with tensions and communication problems, thus being a specialist in conflict management .

14. Mar Galisteo

Mar Galisteo is another of the most recommended psychologists in the capital of Andalusia.

She graduated in Psychology from the National University of Distance Learning and is an expert in Legal and Forensic Psychology and Psychodynamic Therapy.

He is a specialist in treating cases of drug and substance abuse, personality disorders and phobias such as agoraphobia and social phobia. In addition, he also offers assistance in cases of sexual and relationship disorders.