The happy people have different ways of thinking and acting. Their actions and their positive attitude towards others and life in general help them to maintain a more lasting state of happiness. But how do these people interpret the world? What steps do they take in their daily lives to be happy?

The habits of happy people

In today’s article we present the fifteen habits and ways of thinking of happy people . Most things are simple and we can easily introduce them into our daily routines. It’s not a matter of changing overnight, but of realizing some things that, perhaps, we didn’t pay attention to until now.

If you want to be happy, learn from them, apply them to your lives and soon you will notice that you begin to see the reality of another color.

1. They love themselves

To be happy you have to love yourself, be your best friend. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s a universal reality. Therefore, learning to love yourself, something that may seem simple but is not easy, prepares you to face the challenges that may arise every day. Happy people know themselves and love themselves as they are. They don’t mind enjoying their own company. In short, loving oneself is synonymous with “being happy” .

2. Treated with care

Loving oneself is a consequence of treating oneself with care. People who are happy are not hard on themselves, because they know that everyone makes mistakes . This is part of life. Therefore, treating yourself with love is basic to being happy, because when you are emotionally not well, it is impossible to love yourself.

3. They love others

Love moves the world . This means that you should treat people who are close to you with love, compassion and respect, because love is the basis of happiness. If you show love to your loved ones, they will give it back to you. Don’t give up expressing your positive emotions, they are very contagious.

4. Choose friends wisely

It’s up to you to choose your circle of friends. If you don’t like someone’s attitude, don’t get too close to that person. Surround yourself with positive people who share your values . You need to have people around you who bring you good things, not bad moments.

5. They are dreamers

Happy people are dreamers, in the sense that they have goals and reasons to fight for . This motivates them to keep growing and fighting to achieve those goals. Now, these reasons are realistic, because, otherwise, unrealistic goals will turn them into tremendously unhappy people.

6. They do what they like

Some studies have shown that up to 80 percent of people do not do what they like , especially when it comes to work. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many unhappy people. If we spend most of our life working, why not choose a career that will fill us up? On the other hand, happy people also do and practice the activities they like. This makes their time worth living for.

7. They look to the future but also to the present

Happy people live creating the future of their dreams, so they spend time learning new skills and strategies to feel developed . Happy people, as we have mentioned, have their goals and create a plan of action to achieve them. But that action plan makes no sense if it is not up-to-date. This forces them to be realistic and live in the present. Enjoying every moment in its entirety.

8. They accept what they cannot change

Happy people do not waste their time and energy in situations they cannot control. They know and accept limits. This means that they do not indulge in things they cannot change .

9. They are proactive

Happy people may have their goals and objectives, but if they don’t take action, they will hardly achieve anything in life. It is not enough to have great ideas or desire to do things, because if you do not do them you will never get the results you want. The proactive person takes control and conscious responsibility for his or her own life , sets realistic goals and does not stop working to achieve his or her goals.Being proactive is an attitude that is characterised by going out and looking for opportunities, as the proactive understands that they will hardly come on their own. To be proactive is to create your own destiny by responding to their ambitions and challenges.

10. They are grateful

People who spend more time being happy tend to have an attitude of gratitude towards others and towards themselves . They are people who have a great ability to see the good side of situations and are not hard on themselves because of failures.

11. Do not blame others for their problems

Sometimes, when things go wrong, we tend to blame others for our failures . This forces us out of our comfort zone, and nobody likes to feel guilty. There are situations in which it is obviously not our fault. But happy people usually analyze the situation in a realistic way, and assume their share of the blame when they have it. This helps them to keep improving as people.

12. They have healthy habits: they play sports, eat healthy…

Happy people often have healthy habits, because exercising or eating a healthy diet affects both the body and the mind. That doesn’t mean they spend all day training and following a strict diet to lose weight. It means that they exercise frequently and eat healthy to benefit from the right energy and nutrients. This helps them to be in better physical condition, prevents stress, helps them to sleep better , to be more concentrated, etc.

13. They have a great sense of humor

As we already commented in our article “Laughter therapy: the psychological benefits of laughter”, many studies have been carried out that support the multiple positive consequences of laughter on a physical, mental or emotional level . Happy people tend to spend many funny moments and often look for situations that allow them to laugh. Humour releases serotonin and endorphins, neurochemicals related to happiness. Also, taking life with humor helps to see bad days as surmountable.

14. Turn envy and jealousy into positive energy

All of us have at one time or another encountered envious and jealous people and wanted to send them to the other side of the world. Unfortunately, this is part of life and we have to accept it.But sometimes we can all feel envy or jealousy for someone, this is also normal . Even so, happy people know that when they envy or feel jealousy for someone, the one they are hurting is themselves. Therefore, instead of indulging in envy and jealousy, they turn those feelings into positive energy to continue growing as human beings.

15. Forgive

Happy people forgive others and forgive themselves . This is easier said than done, but to remain happy you have to forgive others. You can’t be happy by being a grudge-bearer. On the other hand, forgiving oneself is also necessary, because we can all make mistakes in life.