Coaching is one of the topics related to psychology that arouses most interest, since is a methodology that works very well for personal, organizational and sports development .

Coaching influences the transformation of individuals and changes perspective, increases motivation, commitment and responsibility. In other words, it is a systematic process that facilitates learning and promotes cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes.

The Essential Books on Coaching

There are many authors who in recent years have written great works on this subject.

For those who want to learn or deepen their knowledge of the world of coaching, in today’s article we have prepared a list of 16 coaching books that you should not miss . Are you ready?

1. Coaching Manual: How to Improve People’s Performance (Juan Pablo Villa Casal and José Ángel Caperán Vega)

There are many coaching manuals, but few are as interesting as this one . It is ideal for coaching professionals who want to learn new things about their field of work and can acquire new knowledge and tools to improve their own resources.

It is also perfect for entrepreneurs, managers and team leaders who want to maximize the performance of their team.

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2. Coaching for success: become the coach of your personal and professional life (Talane Miedaner)

This is a book for anyone who wants to enter the world of coaching . Without a doubt, it is an introductory text explained in a very entertaining and enjoyable way, which helps the readers to reflect and change their maladaptive habits both in life and at work.

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3. Coaching: tools for change: Personal growth (Robert Dilts)

Robert Dilts, the author of this text, is an expert coach in Neurolinguistic Programming. He has also written other successful texts, for example, “Identifying and Changing Beliefs”. With its pleasant language for reading, this editorial reviews different tools for changing beliefs and helps the reader to understand how these influence our behaviour , motivate us and shape what we do.

In short, the objective is none other than to provide both theoretical and practical information for changing maladaptive beliefs.

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4. Coaching for Dummies (Jeni Mumford)

For Dummies is the world’s most successful collection of general interest themes, suitable for all audiences. Coaching could not be missing from this series of books, and “Coaching for Dummies” has also been a bestseller . In its pages it is possible to find the basics of coaching and the necessary help for anyone to take advantage of themselves, to maximize their potential and improve their emotional balance.

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5. Coaching with NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming (Joseph O’Connor, Andrea Lages)

NLP is a great ally of coaching , and that is why many personal development professionals have incorporated this practice into their methodology. This book provides the necessary knowledge to be able to apply the principles of these two methods of work and allows one to learn to live according to one’s deepest values and to develop a powerful plan of action, to overcome obstacles, to ask the most powerful and effective questions…and much more.

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6. The Power of Metaphors (Salvador Carrión)

Metaphors are a tool used in coaching because they invite the coachee to reflect . With these, and through their symbolic language, the coach’s client acquires another perspective and improves his or her learning. Metaphors are more powerful tools than advice or suggestions, because they make it possible to stimulate the creative and reflective capacity. This text is perfect to deepen in this tool so used in the coaching world.

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7. Nutritional Coaching: Make your diet work (Yolanda Fleta and Jaime Giménez)

This is an interesting text that deals with coaching applied to the process of dieting . Psychological aspects are very important when adopting a healthy lifestyle, and different psychological variables can be worked on with coaching, for example, motivation, self-confidence, self-management or irrational beliefs. A unique and highly recommended book.

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8. Co-Active Coaching (Henry Kimsey-House, Karen Kimsey-House, Phillip Sandahl and Laura Whitworth)

A great book on coaching for the business world , which laid the foundations of what became a cultural and business phenomenon and allowed the introduction of coaching in the professional field. The authors were pioneers with this methodology in the organizational world, turning this work into a real success, with more than 100,000 books sold.

The text has been translated into 10 languages and provides professionals with the necessary coaching tools to manage teams and individuals in the organizational environment.

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9. Leadership and Sports Coaching (Alejo García-Naveira Vaamonde)

Coaching was born in the sports environment when, in the mid-1970s, Timothy Gallwey, professor of literature and captain of the tennis team at Harvard University, observed that the main brake on an athlete is not in his body, but in his mind. This is a great book to gain knowledge about how to apply coaching to the sports environment, and how leadership and empowerment are key to sports performance.

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10. Coaching: The Method of Improving People’s Performance (John Whitmore)

A classic in the world of coaching . A manual that anyone interested in this practice should read. Written by one of the parents of coaching, it is essential reading, very didactic and entertaining. The text is ideal for learning the art of good management and understanding the importance of releasing the potential of individuals to maximize their performance

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11. Coaching for the Creative in You (Eric Maisel)

Creativity and coaching are closely related . When you let go of your resistances, your mind flies. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to maximize their creativity. The author gives the reader a guide for the path towards the development of habits and behaviors that will help him to fight his resistances. Apart from being a theoretical book, the author offers a series of anecdotes that will help the reader put what he or she has learned into practice.

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12. Get a Life, coaching and personal scorecard to be happier (Marcos Álvarez)

This text is in charge of presenting different coaching tools for success and personal improvement . The text provides the reader with the coaching techniques that will help him/her to take control of his/her life and, after a deep work of introspection and self-knowledge, decide for him/herself the objectives and the path to achieve them. The book offers real experiences and incorporates practical tools for managers.

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13. The Coach of Success (Terri Levine, Larina Kase and Joe Vitale)

A book that explains the fundamentals of coaching focused on business management and the development of business strategies. Ideal to learn the main concepts and see how they can be applied to practical cases.

14. The leader of the 80/20 (Richard Coch)

A book that shows that success is often based on simplicity: doing more with less . Among its pages you will see reflected this philosophy of work based on efficiency and the elimination of unnecessary worries.

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15. The 15 differences between employees and entrepreneurs (Keith Cameron Smith)

A series of guidelines that describe what characterizes entrepreneurs, i.e. people who try to be their own bosses and direct their actions towards objectives they set themselves.

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16. Development of mentoring and coaching competencies (Beatriz Valderrama)

A complete book to understand the logic behind the learning experiences linked to mentoring and coaching. Especially suitable for planning new staff training strategies.

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