Getting up early can be hard for some people , especially if they have to go to work and are not passionate about their work. There is a lot of research that says that music has a great influence on our mood, and can be a great motivator.

It seems that selecting the right music when we wake up in the morning can bring us many benefits and, as if it were a drug, it can help us to relieve pain or work better. Morning music can have the same stimulating effect as a cup of coffee, and can give us that extra bit of motivation and optimism that we don’t always have in the morning

A recent research from Cambridge University, together with the well-known brand Spotify , has revealed which are the 20 best songs to wake up in the morning with more courage and energy . So don’t miss them, because they can be a big help to you.

Psychological effects of music

Music is able to change our behavior and can have a positive effect on our conduct . In fact, it can make us feel more energetic, happy or relaxed. Think about when you go to a yoga class, how does it make you feel? Surely it helps you to be relaxed, so that you have an ideal state of mind for the practice.

Think also when you go shopping at a clothing store, did you know that clothing companies select the appropriate music so that the customer has the need to consume more? In short, music has an effect on our mind and our behavior and there is a lot of research that supports this hypothesis.

Knowing this, many mental health and wellbeing professionals use music to treat different pathologies , aware that what is known as music therapy is effective in improving the patient’s quality of life. Music therapy is used in two ways: actively (by playing instruments, singing, playing music) and receptively (by using music to induce states of relaxation).

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The 20 best songs for a better awakening

Aware of the benefits of music for people, music psychologist David M. Greenberg of Cambridge University in collaboration with Spotify has compiled a list of the top 20 songs for a better awakening. All these songs have in common that they help people get out of bed in the best way, as they are highly motivating. For him, they have a more powerful effect than the alarm clock itself .

According to Greenberg himself, putting together this list has not been easy: “Waking up in the morning is a unique event of the day. You wake up tired and try to get into a state where you are alert and feel optimistic and energetic. For many, it gets really complicated.

“Research states that music affects our minds and our behavior in many ways. It affects us both emotionally and physiologically. So selecting the right music, like the one on this list, can help you get up, get energy and get through the rest of your day,” Greenberg explains.

Some criteria for selecting the best wake-up call

In drawing up the list, the team of scientists took into account the following criteria:

  • Ascending music : A song that is too vigorous from the beginning will not help a person to get out of bed. The key is to start off softly and then gradually build up vigorously.
  • Positivity : Once alert, it is necessary to stay motivated the rest of the day. Positive letters can have a beneficial effect on a bad mood and change towards a more optimistic attitude.
  • High rhythm : A tempo of between 100 and 130 beats per minute helps motivation.

Now you’re talking: top 20 wake-up songs

Below you can enjoy the list of 20 best songs to get you up motivated and in a better mood. By clicking on the title you will access the video clip of each song .

1. Coldplay

2. Elevate (St. Lucia)

3. Downtown (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

4. Lovely Day (Bill Withers)

5. Wake Me Up (Avicii)

6. Can’t Sleep Love (Pentatonix)

7. Confident (Demi Lovato)

8. Wake Up (Arcade Fire)

9. Love Myself (Hailee Steinfeld)

10. Money On My Mind (Sam Smith)

11. I Can’t Help It (Esperanza Spalding)

12. Come and Get It (John Newman)

13. Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better) (Felix Jaehn)

14. Feel Right (Mark Ronson)

15. Rather Be (Clean Bandit)

16. Walking on Sunshine (Katrina & The Waves)

17. On Top of the World (Imagine Dragons)

18. Reflections (MisterWives)

19. Warm Blood (Carly Rae Jepsen)

20. Hit The Quan (iLoveMemphis)