Jeff Bezos (Albuquerque, 1954) is an entrepreneur of new technologies and the founder of Amazon. This American genius has been named by Forbes magazine as the richest person in the world in 2017, with an estimated wealth of more than $100 billion.

Bezos studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. His career as a platform developer went from less to more.

Jeff Bezos’s Best Phrases and Reflections

In this article we will know the best reflections and phrases of Jeff Bezos, the founding genius of , to better understand his philosophy and the ideas that have led him to be the person he is today and to develop projects of international projection.

1. I believe that austerity and sobriety encourage innovation. One of the few ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your own way.

The more rational and measured your movements are, the more likely you are to succeed in any entrepreneurial project.

2. In the old world, you spent 30% of your time creating a great service and 70% on spreading it around. In the new world, that’s reversed.

The rules have changed.

3. Work hard, have fun, make history

A motivating phrase that can help you start a winning project.

4. It is necessary to anticipate a certain degree of failure.

Taking into account the possible weaknesses of a project will prevent us from encountering obstacles.

5. E-commerce will be a broad sector in which many companies with different strategies will succeed at the same time. There is room here not for ten or a hundred companies, but for thousands or tens of thousands of companies.

An optimistic view on the future of the technology sector.

6. Mission: to force small publishers to think big.

In the world of publishing, resistance means having a large critical mass.

7. There are two types of companies, those that try to charge more and those that try to charge less. We will be part of the second group.

Optimizing a business means optimizing the production processes, i.e. maintaining quality at minimum cost.

8. Life is too short to be surrounded by people who bring nothing to your life.

A sentence about knowing how to select the right companies.

9. We rely mostly on word of mouth, not in vain the Internet is a formidable sounding board.

From small to big, according to this reflection by Jeff Bezos.

10. What offends me most is when I pass a bank and see an ad trying to convince people to take out a second mortgage on their homes so they can go on vacation. I think that’s evil.

A consideration of the abuse of some financial institutions.

11. If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up your own experiments before your time. And if you are not flexible, you will not see a different solution to the problem you are trying to solve.

The fine line between giving up and becoming obsessed with a losing project.

12. Books aren’t dying, they’re just going digital.

On the evolution of the publishing world.

13. Intelligence is a gift, kindness is a choice.

You don’t have to be educated to act politely.

14. Our vision is a customer-centric world.

The important thing in a company is to know in depth the needs and desires of the clientele.

15. A company shouldn’t get used to shining all the time. It’s addictive, and it doesn’t last forever.

You have to be psyched up for when the skinny cows arrive, and more so in such a volatile context.

16. All businesses need to be young at all times.

Dynamism and agility to resist in an ultra-competitive environment

17. If you want to never be criticized, then don’t do anything.

Clearer than water: whatever you do, you’ll always be in the bull’s-eye of your detractors.

18. If you’re focused on the competition, you have to wait for a new competitor to come out and do something. Instead, being focused on the consumer allows you to be more of a pioneer.

A maxim to apply to your business.

19. With every discovery, there will always be some luck.

But this luck you must seek with effort and daily effort.

20. The key in the future will be personalization. Today, we have 6.2 million customers. We’re going to tailor a store for each of them. When you go into a traditional bookstore, the first thing you come across is the best-sellers, even if you never buy a best-seller. Because physical stores are designed to respond to the wishes of the mythical “average consumer”. The truth is that they have no other way out. They cannot reorganize the store every time a new customer knocks on their door. On the other hand, this is possible on the Internet.

A great line from Jeff Bezos, reflecting on the future of the business.

21. We are sowing extra seeds right now (…) and I can guarantee you that everything we do, will not work.

Another reflection on the uncertainty surrounding each project.

22. We are going to hire even more specialized staff, but we must also continue to learn. If we don’t and we settle for our core business, changes will happen without us, our knowledge will fall behind quickly and we will be in danger.

From humility and daily work, Jeff Bezos studies the present and the future with his particular vision.

23. In 1995, I raised $1 million from 22 “provident” investors who contributed about $20,000 each. They all asked me the same question: what is the Internet? And that was only 16 years ago! The change has been extraordinary. No other technology has developed as quickly and globally as the Internet. It’s probably unprecedented in the history of our civilization.

About the technological change of the last decades.