It’s over in 2015. A very important year for Psychology and Mind , because thanks to our audience we are the most visited psychology and wellbeing website in Spanish .

You have allowed us to grow and, with the arrival of the new year, we want to take the opportunity to look back and review the most read articles that you have left us from the previous year.In today’s article we have compiled a list representing the 25 posts that interested you most . In fact, some of these articles have become viral on the Internet thanks to you! So here is a little gift in the form of a directory with the most interesting contents of this past year in Psychology and Mind according to the best jury… Our readers!

The 25 most visited articles by our readers

Let’s start with the 25th most read post, to move towards the top. By clicking on each title you will be able to access each one of them.

25. Asperger syndrome: 10 signs to identify this disorder

Author: Jonathan García-Allen

Readings: 68,989

Open this ranking of most viewed articles in this post about the autism spectrum.

Asperger’s syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects social functioning, communication and language, motor skills and the activities and interests of the individual who suffers it, despite normal intelligence. There are different behaviors that may indicate the presence of this disorder.This text presents ten characteristic signs of this pathology .

24.Albert Bandura’s Theory of Social Learning

Author: Adrian Triglia

Readings: 69,500

Albert Bandura , a Ukrainian-Canadian psychologist and pedagogue, is one of the most influential figures in psychology.

He elaborated the Social Learning Theory , in which he pays attention to learning by observation and to the importance of the beliefs of self-efficacy for the regulation of human behaviour. In addition, he also introduced the concept of reciprocal determinism , in which he explains that not only the environment influences the person, but that the person is also capable of changing the environment.

23.Carl Tanzler’s famous and macabre case of necrophilia

Author: Juan Armando Corbin

Readings: 69,639

The case of Carl Tanzler , because of its bizarre tints, seems to be taken from an urban legend, although in reality this story is true.

In fact, few cases of necrophilia are as famous as that of this German doctor who decided to settle in the United States in the late 1920s. Tanzler took his obsession with a woman beyond death, and was able to exhume the body of the woman he considered the woman of his life, in order to continue having sex with her. You can find out his story by clicking on the title.

22.The 12 most influential psychologists of today

Author: Adrian Triglia

Readings: 71,818

There are many psychologists who throughout history have contributed to the continuing renewal of our discipline.

The classical psychologists laid the foundations of what psychology is today, but psychological science needs to be updated to meet the needs of human beings. Here you have a list of the 12 most influential psychologists of today , with names like Albert Bandura, Elizabeth Loftus, Philip Zimbardo, Steven Pinker…

21. 15 documentaries on psychology that you can’t miss

Author: Adrian Triglia

Readings: 72,790

The psychology and neurosciences can sometimes be difficult to understand.

Texts can be a great help, but documentaries can also bring us knowledge as well as entertainment. To make your life easier, we have taken the trouble to select fifteen essential psychology documentaries . Each of them deals with a different subject, so you can choose the ones that interest you most. Enjoy them!

20. Self-centered personality: 15 characteristic features

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 75,163

Ambition, vanity, arrogance and other individualistic behaviors are associated with self-centered people .

Even though these individuals want to show great self-confidence , that is just an appearance, what is known as false self-confidence. So what are self-centered people really like? What are their most characteristic traits? Find out in this article.

19. Catotherapy, the beneficial effects of living with a cat

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 75,728

Living with a cat brings multiple benefits on both a psychological and physical level.

That is, through the friendly interaction between the cat and the person is possible to overcome situations of stress, anxiety or low mood. Cats can also help you to improve your physical health and quality of life. So, if you want to know more about the benefits of cat therapy , we invite you to read this publication.

18. Why study psychology? 10 points to evaluate

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 77,655

The Degree in Psychology is one of the most popular and attractive among students .

Once they have finished high school, many young people consider continuing their studies to train as professionals in this discipline. But what are the “pros” and “cons” of this career? This article explains the advantages and drawbacks of studying for the Degree in Psychology , so that you can find out several important details about professional opportunities and the academic curriculum. Required reading.

17.Philophobia or fear of falling in love

Author: Jonathan García-Allen

Readings: 81,705

The love is one of the most beautiful things a human being can experience.

But sometimes, because of trauma or a bad love experience, some people close the door to their heart because of the great anxiety they feel: is what is known as Philophobia . Fortunately, this disorder can be overcome.

16.Guide to Emotional First Aid

Author: Arturo Torres

Readings: 81,719

Sometimes people around us are having a hard time and we have a hard time knowing how to react to support them .

When someone is experiencing a bad time, if we want to support him, we must be careful with our actions so that we do not become a burden. If we also know how to give emotional first aid, we are likely to be able to comfort the person who is having a bad time.If you want to know more about how to act in such cases, you can read this text.

15.The 10 typical habits of resilient people

Author: Arturo Torres

Readings: 86,898

Resilience is an individual’s ability to cope with adversity and to adapt well in the face of tragedy, trauma, threats or extreme stress.

Since this is not something you have, but something you develop and learn to maintain, this publication presents the ten characteristic habits of resilient people .

14.Jean Piaget’s Theory of Learning

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 93,067

This post summarizes the learning theory of the Swiss constructivist psychologist Jean Piaget .

Piaget’s studies on the intellectual and cognitive development of children have exerted a transcendental influence on developmental psychology and modern pedagogy . You are invited to read the article… if you haven’t already done so!

13.Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 94,263

Strong presence of articles on psychological theories in this ranking. In thirteenth position, we find another one.

Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory, which stresses the importance of the socialization process in cognitive development, emphasizes the roles that different actors play in social interactions and culturally organized activities to influence psychological development and learning. Concepts such as the Zone of Proximal Development are explained in this article.

12.Maslow’s Pyramid: the hierarchy of human needs

Author: Jonathan García-Allen

Readings: 105,131

Maslow’s Pyramid or hierarchy of human needs is a psychological theory that inquires into human motivation .

It was proposed by the humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, who states that our actions are motivated to cover certain needs: physiological, security, affiliation, recognition and self-realization . In twelfth position, this post is among the privileged ones that have managed to exceed 100,000 readings throughout 2015.

11.Namaste: what exactly does it mean?

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 105,436

People who regularly practice yoga, meditation or Mindfulness may already know the meaning of this word.

“Namaste” is a term that comes from the Sanskrit language (the classical language of India) and is now used in many of the Hindu dialects to greet or say goodbye to someone. The Buddhist philosophy has burst into the West, which is why this article has received so many visits.

10.The 5 major personality traits: What are they?

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 112,765

We inaugurate the top 10 with this post that gathers the theories of Raymond Cattell .

The Big Five Model or “Big Five” is a theory of personality that explains personality from five traits or dimensions . These five factors are called OCEAN : factor O (openness to new experiences), factor C (responsibility), factor E (extroversion), factor A (kindness) and factor N (neuroticism or emotional instability). If you didn’t know this theory, we explain it in this article.

9. What music do intelligent people listen to?

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 142,475

Controversial research has found a relationship between musical tastes and academic qualifications .

As the results show, the students who got the worst grades were those who liked to listen to musical genres such as Hip Hop and Reggaeton. Is this true? In this article we collect the data from this curious study so you can draw your own conclusions .

8.Types of love: what different kinds of love are there?

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 145,690

Psychologists have tried to understand human behavior with respect to love , and that is because love is one of the most extraordinary sensations that human beings can enjoy.

The intense emotions and passion of love often affect the mind and body of all of us, giving meaning to our lives. In this article we review the types of love and their theories .

7. Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 183,136

This article presents a synthesis of Erik Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development , composed of eight stages.

Each of them gives rise to the development of a series of competencies that, if acquired, help to resolve the goals that will be presented during the next life stage. The different stages are determined by a conflict that allows psychological growth.

6.Smart people masturbate more, according to one study

Author: Xavier Molina

Readings: 188,509

Sometimes, science provides curious scientific data … and a little extravagant.

A controversial study, carried out by a leading researcher from the Kinsey Institute in the United States of America, reveals that there seems to be a correlation between higher academic level and greater frequency in masturbation . The details are in the original post.

5.The 30 Signs of Psychological Abuse in a Relationship

Author: Paula Marín Fernández

Readings: 195,123

In asymmetrical relationships, that is, where one of the two partners is above the other, psychological abuse may occur .

In this paper, clinical psychologist Paula Marín Fernández reviews the 30 signs that indicate that someone may be suffering psychological abuse in their relationship .An interesting and awareness-raising post that has been read by almost 200,000 people, being the fifth most visited article in the year 2015.

4.The 10 sentences psychologists hate to hear

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 302,299

Psychologists and students of psychology are confronted with a number of clichés, stereotypes and myths about our profession.

If you’re a psychologist, I’m sure you’ve been told: “You can’t get angry; you’re a psychologist!” or “Psychology is not a science” . You, of all people, know how hateful these comments can be. This article is proof that our readers also value good humour .

3. 10 films on psychology and mental disorders

Author: Adrian Triglia

Readings: 348,032

The bronze of 2015 is for this interesting compilation of films related, in one way or another, to the field of psychology .

This text presents a list of films on psychology that is recommended for all those interested in studying and understanding this discipline. If you have time, take a look at the films on psychology and mental disorders that every film buff should know.

2. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Author: Bertrand Regader

Readings: 379,279

Howard Gardner and his theory on intelligences comes in second place. Deserved silver for a post-teaching paper that has been read by almost 400,000 people in 2015.

The study of intelligence is one of the subjects that has aroused most interest among psychologists. It is a highly abstract concept that has provoked great debate among different experts. One of the most influential theories is Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences , in which intelligence is seen as a set of distinct and semi-independent intelligences. In this article we explain it in detail.

1.The shocking case of Beth, the psychopathic girl

Author: Alba Ramos Cruz

Readings: 872,350

And finally, we come to what has been the most read article in this year 2015 .

This post is about a true story, the case of Beth Thomas , which has caused a great impact on social networks. Beth had a difficult childhood, as she lost her mother and was sexually abused by her biological father. As a result, she was adopted by a new family.

In his new home, he began to manifest very strange nightmares and violent behavior towards his brother, parents and animals. In addition, she also manifested inappropriate sexual behavior: she masturbated in public in a wild way, even causing bleeding. She was diagnosed with a serious attachment disorder and admitted for treatment . If you want to know all the details of little Beth’s case explained by the psychologist Alba Ramos Cruz, do not hesitate to click on the link.

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This is the ranking of the most read articles in this 2015 that we have just closed. We come back in this 2016 with more and better . Thank you for your confidence.