The 4 best sports psychologists in Barcelona

The 4 best sports psychologists in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the nerve centres of elite sport in Spain. Therefore, here we find several experts in sports psychology; professionals who help high performance athletes to achieve their goals and are part of their physical and mental training program.

Next we will review the best sports psychologists in Barcelona , each with a description of their career.

The best sports psychologists in Barcelona

We review some of the most recommended sports psychologists in the city of Barcelona.

1. Oliver Martinez

Oliver Martínez is another of the best sports psychologists we can find in Barcelona.

This psychologist graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and also has a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychodiagnosis and 3 masters, one in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology, another in Human Resources Management and another in Strategic Marketing Management of Sports Entities. Therefore, Oliver Martínez’s training is optimal if what we need is a professional in sports psychology.

It should also be added that he is the author of two books related to business, marketing and sports psychology and that is director and professor of the Master’s Degree in Applied Sports Psychology at COPC and the UAO. Among the media in which he has collaborated are the newspaper AS, the newspaper Marca, the men’s magazine Men’s and Health and the TV3 programme “Esport Club”.

2. Rafael Rodríguez-Soler

Rafael Rodríguez-Soler is another of the most recommended professionals in sports psychology in Barcelona, both for his experience and his training.

He graduated in Psychology from the University Miguel Hernández and later studied a master’s degree in Physical Activity and Sport Psychology at the same institution.

Rafael Rodríguez-Soler’s role is based on assisting psychologically and emotionally all those sportsmen and coaches who want to increase their performance and that of their groups and teams, whether amateur, semi-professional or elite.

Being aware of the vital role that emotion and stress management play in sports, this psychologist can help improve cognitive and decision-making skills, as well as increase performance in times of fatigue and tiredness.

Among the services offered, the most important are psychological training programs and counseling and training programs .

Currently he is the head of the Sports Psychology Department of Marcet Football, a high performance football academy. He is also an internship tutor of the Official Master of Sport Psychology and Physical Activity of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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3. Jonathan Garcia-Allen

Jonathan García Allen graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Psychology and later specialised in the areas of nutritional psychology, emotional intelligence, sports psychology and human resources and coaching; he can direct both the training of individual sportsmen and women and the group dynamics in teams.

He also has a media facet as a popularizer having given talks on Psychology and authored books on the functioning of the mind: Psychologically Speaking (Paidós 2016) and What is Intelligence? (EMSE, 2018).

He has also been part of the design of the Star Camp project for the hotel chain Iberostar, implemented in hotels on several continents, where knowledge of psychology was applied when creating activities for children and adolescents that stimulate their cognitive skills and their potential in physical exercise.

4. Laura Servós

One of the best sports psychologists we can find in the capital of Catalonia is Laura Servós .

This psychologist has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Ramón Llull and also has an official master’s degree in Health Psychology Research from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, as well as a postgraduate degree in Problem Solving Communication and Strategic Coaching and training in Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.

Laura can work as a sports psychologist and coach in different areas of self-improvement , among which are sports performance, professional performance and academic performance.

Her professional experience includes her sports residence at Joaquim Blume or Corretja Competició or her role as a sports psychologist at the Garraf Sailing Club.

In addition to psychological intervention in the field of sport, Laura Servós also offers solutions to more generalized needs, such as anxiety disorders, cases of depression, eating disorders and cases of self-esteem problems.

You can find this psychologist at her practice on Rambla de Catalunya.

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