They say that we only see what we want to see, or that we project our world to our liking . This fantastic statement becomes true when we analyze the optical illusions that our brain generates when we see a certain image.

We understand by optical illusions those graphic perceptions that do not conform to objective reality, since in a sample of equal images two people are able to see (interpret) totally opposite things.

40 optical illusions that will surprise you

Below we show you the most outstanding optical illusions.

1. The 3 cars parked in line

3 cars of the same make and model, same color. Our perspective makes us see that they are different sizes.

2. Organization

3. The Zollner Illusion

Parallel lines that look diagonal when we add tabs.

4. The train

Is he coming or going?

4. Immobile circles

If we stare at them, they will be in motion

5. The sight disappears

If we concentrate on the point of view, we’ll see how the circles unravel.

6. From black and white to colour

If we concentrate on the image of bright colors, they become black and white.

7. Conrsweet illusion

If we put our finger in the middle of the figure, the color becomes the same on both sides.

8. The elephant

How many legs does the elephant have?

10. Crossed eyes

If we cross our eyes in the image we will see a famous face

10. The tentacles

If we follow an order in looking at stationary objects, we’ll see how they take on movement.

11. The fish or the woman

Which one do you see?

12. Rubin’s Cup

Depending on where you look, you’ll see two faces or a glass.

13. Adelson’s Illusion

By looking at the reconstruction, we will see that circles A and B do not have the same tone.

14. Ames’ room

Both people are the same size, but viewing the image in perspective makes them look different.

16. Shepard’s Tables

They are the same tables with the same shapes which, when seen in perspective, give us the feeling of being different.

17. The Jastrow Illusion

Both figures are exactly the same size, but because they are in different positions they appear to be different sizes.

18. The Pinna circles

It looks like an interlocking line, but they’re concentric circles.

19. The Gregory Cafeteria

This wall is in a cafeteria of Richard Gregory. The lines are parallel but the position of the squares makes them look messy.

20. The two-colored spiral?

The spiral looks like different colors, but both columns are the same color.

21. The Lingelbach Grid

You see black spots, right? Well, there aren’t any. They’re all white.

22. Moving points

This animation shows color changes in the points if we follow their movements.

23. Real 3D images

The 3D street art shows images like this, as if there really was a hole.

24. Parisian globe

If we see this figure from this perspective, a globe appears, but the reality is different

25. The orange circle

They look different in size, but if you look closely, they measure exactly the same.

26. Moving image

Let’s look at this image for a while

27. Static image

29. Moving blocks

This optical illusion can be seen once the black bars are removed, the movement of the blocks changes.

30. The dinosaurs look at us

The head is as motionless as the body, but if we change our perspective it seems to follow us with our eyes.

30. Follow the dots

If we follow the dots, it looks like they’re moving.

31. Brusspup” effect

There’s nothing more to add.

32. The 3 dancers

The 3 dancers do the movement to the same side, but our eyes see something else.

33. The elastic pencil

Amazing, isn’t it?

34. Duct tape

3D artists have achieved incredible results, like this one.

35. Yellow dots disappear

If you stare at the center point, the yellows will eventually disappear.

36. The colored dog, isn’t it?

If we look at the black dot for a few seconds, when the image changes to black and white our eyes still see the colors.

37. Listen…

Perspective betrays us again in this optical illusion.

38. Do the balls move in a circle?

If we follow the balls, they seem to move in a compact circle. But they’re actually moving in a straight line.

39. Akiyoshi seeds

Japanese Akiyoshi is an expert in optical illusions. If we follow the green nuggets, they seem to be in motion.

40. The floating bucket

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