Love, that magnificent feeling that can make us stand on a cloud . That gives meaning to our life, that makes it a kind of film in which we are the protagonists.

Sharing life with someone is one of the most tender and beautiful things in life. If you’re looking for couple’s phrases, you’ve come to the right place.

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Phrases of couples in love (and about love)

Thousands of thinkers and philosophers have written about love. In today’s article we are going to collect the best sentences from couples in love so that you can dedicate some nice words to the person you love.

Are you ready?

1. In order to continue looking like you, if you want to escape, I will chase you; if you chase me, I will accompany you by running away. (José Bergamín)

Extract from a verse by the famous Madrid poet.

2. Marriage is neither given nor received: the perfect couple exists by itself.

Beyond labels, love is totally evident when it exists.

3. That is why we will never be the perfect couple, the postcard, if we are not able to accept that only in arithmetic is two born from one plus one. (Julio Cortázar)

Beautiful phrase from the Argentinean writer.

4. The best thing a parent can do for their child is to love their partner. (Zig Ziglar)

Love must be respected and shared.

5. One fool, at least, in every married couple. (Henry Fielding)

A scathing phrase that puts in check the love that passes through the altar.

6. Tell your partner at least once a day how great she is and how much you love her. (H. Jackson Brown)

A piece of advice that is part of the Decalogue of Love.

7. It’s impossible to understand a relationship if you haven’t seen a couple argue, love each other and sleep together. (…) Arguing, loving and sleeping… (Albert Espinosa)

One of those couples’ phrases only understood by those who have been madly in love.

8. Marriage should be open to any adult couple who wants to enter into such a contract, regardless of their sexual orientation. It is a matter of equal civil rights. (Judith Butler)

A famous quote from feminist Judith Butler.

9. In one kiss, you’ll know everything I’ve kept quiet. (Pablo Neruda)

Great poetic verse to inspire you and love without fail.

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10. I have experienced everything, and I can assure you that there is nothing better than being in the arms of the person you love. (John Lennon)

It’s an unbeatable feeling.

11. And to be total, complete, absolutely in love, one must be fully aware that one is also loved, that one also inspires love. (Mario Benedetti)

After all, we see ourselves reflected in the eyes of that loved one.

12. Love without admiration is only friendship. (George Sand)

Couple’s sentence, written by the French author.

13. A woman’s beauty must be seen in her eyes, for that is the door to her heart, the place where love resides. (Audrey Hepburn)

The actress, about the signs of infatuation.

14. A coward is incapable of showing love; to do so is reserved for the brave. (Mahatma Gandhi)

The Hindu leader talked like this about the attitude to love.

15. It is true that in the world of men nothing is necessary, except love. (Johann Wolfgang Goethe)

An essential feeling to live to the fullest.

16. Love is the ultimate meaning of everything around us. It is not a simple feeling; it is the truth, it is the joy that is at the origin of all creation. (Rabindranath Tagore)

A philosophical phrase of love that can reconcile us with existence.

17. Is there a precept that can guide the action of a whole life? To love. (Confucius)

Living as a couple is not necessary, but loving as if there were no tomorrow.

18. What is love? The longing to get out of oneself. (Charles Baudelaire)

The French writer talked like this about falling in love.

19. Love is not to be trifled with. There are many who start by joking and end up burning. (Carlo Dossi)

You have to be careful, love is not child’s play.

20. Where love reigns, laws abound. (Plato)

Ancient Greece left great phrases of couples, like this one by Plato.

20. When you want to give love there is only one risk: that of receiving it. (Molière)

Ironic sentence of the French poet.

21. I loved, I was loved: enough for my grave. (Alphonse De Lamartine)

When you have loved yourself, there is little left to do in this world.

22. There is nothing that stirs up love more than the fear of losing the loved one. (Francisco de Quevedo)

Jealousy and possessiveness are, whether we like it or not, elements that play their part in any relationship.

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23. Much can be done with hate, but even more with love. (William Shakespeare)

The British writer knew that love can be an all-powerful weapon.

24. If you want to be loved, you love. (Seneca)

Everything begins with oneself, according to the Greek philosopher.

25. Try to love your neighbor. You will tell me the result. (Jean-Paul Sartre)

The French philosopher spoke thus about the art of giving love to those around us.

26. Come sleep with me: we will not make love. He will make us. (Julio Cortázar)

Another phrase to make your partner fall in love with the great Cortázar.

27. Painting blind love is one of the poets’ unreasonables; its blindfold must be removed and the joy in its eyes returned forever. (Blaise Pascal)

On the verses dedicated to such a sacred feeling.

28. And never give advice to lovers, when they have their care for glory; which is like one who foretells heretics, in their vain obstinate errors. (Miguel De Cervantes)

29. There is only one remedy for love: to love more. (Henry D. Thoreau)

An undeniable paradox: love can only be cured with more love.

30. If you have grafted the rose of love into your heart, your life has not been useless. (Omar Khayyam)

Famous quote that reminds us of the joy of living in love.

31. Because love, when it doesn’t die, kills. Because loves that kill never die. (Joaquín Sabina)

The singer-songwriter of Úbeda in an immortal verse.

32. In order to love men, it is necessary to abandon them from time to time. Far from them, we approach them. (Giovanni Papini)

Distance can be the seed of a deeper love.

33. It’s not just a feeling. It is also an art. (Honoré de Balzac)

It refers, of course, to love as a couple.

34. Never above you, never below you, always by your side. (Walter Winchell)

Love should be horizontal, never vertical.

35. Friendship often becomes love, but love never becomes friendship. (Lord Byron)

A true reflection in most cases.

36. Healthy relationships grow out of unlimited trust. (Beau Mirchof)

Intimacy and trust are necessary elements of true love.

37. To love is to find your own happiness in the happiness of others. (Gottfried Leibniz)

Sharing life with someone is sharing in their success.

38. There is more pleasure in loving than in being loved. (John Fuller)

To love is generosity, to be loved can only be vanity.

39. Relationships based on obligation lack dignity. (Wayne Dyer)

Nothing more to add.

40. There are no limits to the power of love. (John Morton)

No limits or horizons in sight: love is free as air.

41. The relationship between husband and wife should be that of two best friends. (B.R. Ambedkar)

Great reflection on friendship in couples, by the Indian politician and philosopher.

42. When we meet someone and fall in love, we have the impression that the whole universe agrees. (Paulo Coelho)

Unfortunately, sometimes we are only faced with a mirage.

43. There is nothing more interesting than the conversation of two lovers who remain silent. (Achile Tournier)

If looks could talk…

44. Love is friendship on fire. (Jeremy Taylor)

Passion and understanding, united under one feeling.

45. The sign that we don’t love someone is that we don’t give them all the best that is in us. (Paul Claudel)

It’s certainly a sign that something’s not working properly.