Badajoz extends over almost 1500 square kilometers and has a population of 150 thousand people.

Among the multitude of services that we can find in this city of Extremadura there are several that are very specialized, like the one of the clinics of psychotherapy specialized in the therapy of couple, since the love crisis or the bad moments in the marriage are some of the most common reasons for which the people go to psychological therapy.

Next we will review the best clinics in Badajoz where couples therapy is offered , with descriptions of these recommended places.

The best couple’s therapy clinics in Badajoz

We review some of the psychology centres that offer couple’s therapy in Badajoz and that are recommended.

1. Opening Circles

One of the best clinics of psychotherapy for couples that we can find in the city of Badajoz is Abriendo ZĂ­rculos, directed by the psychologist MarĂ­a Maqueda . MarĂ­a Maqueda graduated in Psychology and later completed her studies with a master’s degree in Clinical and Forensic Psychology, in addition to having taken several complementary courses in this master’s degree.

The couple’s therapy offered at Abriendo ZĂ­rculos is based on exploring the emotional blocks and communication difficulties of each partner, so that the consequences that these may have, such as lack of communication or sexual disorders such as sexual apathy, are directly addressed. The relational dynamics that produce compatibility problems between two people are treated , not only the symptoms, which is why Abriendo ZĂ­rculos is a reference in the treatment of couples and sentimental problems in this city of Extremadura.

It should be added that this clinic also treats a wide variety of other mental disorders and psychological disorders, such as anxiety disorders, cases of depression that may result from these crises, learning problems, etc.

One of the great advantages offered by Abriendo ZĂ­rculos is that the psychological therapy provided by MarĂ­a Maqueda can be both face-to-face and online , thus adapting to the needs of the patients.

The Abriendo ZĂ­rculos Psychology Centre is located at 20 Enrique SĂĄnchez de LeĂłn Street.

  • To see the contact details of this psychology centre, click here.

2. Pura SĂĄnchez Cano Psychology

The psychologist Pura SĂĄnchez Cano , whose practice is located in Zurbaran Street, offers professional support from the perspective of someone who has more than 20 years of experience attending to patients.

This is a very good option for those who are looking for couples therapy services in Badajoz from an integrative perspective, in which there is the possibility of working on problems both in joint sessions in couples and individually, thanks to the diversity of therapeutic tools and strategies used.

Pura SĂĄnchez Cano intervenes in cases where there are problems such as jealousy, crises due to infidelity, distrust, monotony and boredom in coexistence , lack of skills to manage conflicts and discussions, etc. Also psychotherapeutic support in cases of divorce or separation.

  • You can find their contact details by clicking on this link.

3. Gemma EcheverrĂ­a Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Gemma EcheverrĂ­a is in charge of running one of the best couples’ therapy clinics in times of crisis in the city of Badajoz; this psychotherapy centre is located on Avenida Fernando Calzadilla 7 in the city of Extremadura.

Gemma EchevarrĂ­a graduated in Psychology from the UNED, and has three masters in her curriculum, one in Clinical Legal and Forensic Psychology, another in Clinical and Health Psychology, and another in Drug Addiction. Among its additional specialization training, two courses in child and youth psychology and another in gender violence stand out.

This professional is an expert when it comes to dealing with the emotional blocks that can be generated in a couple giving rise to negative dynamics that can cause a crisis in the couple. Beyond the couple’s therapy, among other mental disorders that this psychologist can treat, we can highlight eating disorders, cases of low self-esteem, anxiety disorders, irrational fears and phobias, etc.

This professional, as well as several members of her team, also specializes in the different types of disorders that children and adolescents can suffer from, so it may be one of our best options if we want to treat couple’s crisis involving children as well .

4. Health Centre for Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology

The Health Centre for Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology is another of the most recommended psychology centres in Badajoz; the team is made up of Manuela Rodríguez Jiménez, a specialist in the area of Clinical Psychology, and José Ángel García Sabina who is a specialist in the field of Clinical Neuropsychology.

This is one of the best clinics for treating sexual disorders and couple’s crises, since is formed by a multidisciplinary team that combines its knowledge to offer its patients an effective and long-lasting solution to their problems.

In addition to couples therapy, this psychological center also treats a wide variety of psychological disorders to all kinds of people, whether they are children and adolescents or adults and seniors.

The Health Centre of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology can be found in Juan Alba Burgos street.

5. GABA Center of Psychology

Another of the best couple therapy centres in Badajoz is GABA Centro de Psicología , as it is made up of a multidisciplinary team within the field of Psychology. It has 3 locations, one in Badajoz, one in Guareña and another in Villanueva de la Serena.

Among the advantages offered by this center we find the fact that by having a multidisciplinary team, these psychologists can offer a complete vision of the crisis situation that is occurring in the couple. They also focus on the characteristics of each person, so that the treatment is totally personalized and adapted to the needs of the situation .

It is interesting to know that GABA Center of Psychology also offers different types of training, among which the development of skills, the strengthening of self-esteem or emotional intelligence stand out. It also has the option of carrying out distance psychotherapy.