As one of the most cosmopolitan and modern cities in Andalusia, Malaga has a large number of courses related to the world of business and organizations.

Thus, in this article we will see a selection of the best Human Resources courses in Málaga . This type of specialization is key for all companies that seek both to grow and expand and to have a staff of motivated and committed workers.

Selection of the best Human Resources courses in Malaga

Next we will see the Human Resources courses that we can find in Malaga and that are more interesting. In each mention you will find information about where they are taught and other basic characteristics of these training options.

1. University Expert in Talent Selection (University of Málaga)

  • Faculty or school: University of Málaga
  • Location: Malaga
  • Price: On request
  • Duration: 15 months

This postgraduate course of the University of Málaga is one of the most complete courses to be taken when we are looking to become experts in the selection of personnel for a company . It is vitally important to know what aspects we should bear in mind before starting both group and personal interviews, such as the needs of the company, the places/portals where to look for workers or the values of the organization.

Here it is possible to learn the theory and practice of all the steps involved in the recruitment process: description of profiles, publication of offers in the most appropriate media, use of interview types and other selection methods and tools, etc.

If you want to know more about this course, you will find the contact details of his team by clicking here.

2. University Expert in Training, Personal and Organisational Development (University of Málaga)

  • Faculty or school: University of Málaga
  • Location: Malaga
  • Price: On request
  • Duration: 15 months

The UMA offers another postgraduate course also based on Human Resources, but this time focusing on a modality of training and retention of talent in the organization .

Some of the most important aspects of this course are the fact that you will learn to improve your communication skills through effective communication techniques, as well as training in such important aspects within a company as leadership coaching and seeking training and project funding.

In addition, in this course you will also learn conflict mediation techniques following the model of Harvard University, management systems by objectives or remuneration systems such as the so-called emotional salary and much more. Other highlights of this course are that you will learn to draw up internal communication strategies and protocols.

This Human Resources course at the University of Málaga also has collaborating companies , such as Atresmedia (La Sexta, Antena3… etc) and Movistar, so that you can learn first-hand and with real experiences how high-calibre companies are managed and how they work internally.

If you want to know more about this course you can find it on this page.

3. Course in Human Resources Management (ESESA IMF)

  • Center: ESESA IMF
  • Location: Malaga
  • Price: 4200 euros
  • Duration: 6 months.

Hand in hand with the Escuela Superior de Estudios de Empresa IMF we find another of the best courses if you need to train at a professional level in this type of department.

Among the knowledge on which this course is based are the management of human capital, effective personnel selection techniques and the regulatory aspect of labour and personal relations . It should be noted that once the programme has been completed, each student will have two degrees, one from the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and the other from the Escuela Superior Estudios de Empresa IMF.

In addition to including a basic course in occupational risk prevention and a coaching course, this course offers a much broader and more specialized version of Human Resources departments and the importance of communication strategies, teamwork and human capital management. It is also worth noting that this course includes an internship in companies.

If you want to know more about this course you can find the information brochure on their website, or visit ESESA IMF’s headquarters directly on Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, in Malaga.

4. Professional Course of Integrated Human Resources Management (Audiolis)

  • Center: Audiolis
  • Location: Malaga
  • Price: 1,750 euros
  • Duration: 8 months (dates to be chosen)

Audiolis has another of the best courses of Human Resources in Malaga, and this one is carried out in a semi-presential way, counting this way with 790 school hours . In this course you will learn how to manage and administratively advise the Human Resources of any company, as well as understand and administer the information and filing systems both in physical and computer support.

This course is aimed at people who are already working in human management departments or have been previously trained and want to broaden their knowledge and have the certificate of professionalism awarded by the Ministry of Employment of the Andalusian Government. You can also apply for grants and scholarships, and once the course is over you can access a job bank to help your students find work.

5. Course for Technician in Administrative Management and Accounting with Specialization in Taxation (ESSAE)

  • School: ESSAE Escuela Superior
  • Location: Malaga
  • Price: On request.
  • Duration: 550h with dates to be chosen.

If what interests you is to specialize in aspects such as administrative management and tax accounting , the ESSAE College course may be the one you are looking for, as it focuses on this field and has professional opportunities in demand as an administrative assistant, customer service and telephone service manager.

This course is made up of several blocks among which business communication and customer service, and administrative operations of buying and selling stand out.

You can check out their website if you need to communicate with them or want to know more about their crustaceans.