Madrid is an iconic Spanish city with a population of over 3 million people and represents the capital of Spain. In its metropolitan area, you can find cities like Tres Cantos, Boadilla del Monte, Arganda del Rey or Parla, among many others. In total, this metropolitan area has a population of more than 5.5 million people.

In the capital, there is an increasingly clear trend in training focused on personal development , communication and professional improvement. In this learning process, NLP is presented as a key tool to carry out this change.

The 5 best NLP training courses in Madrid

To have the right approach during your learning in the field of Neurolinguistic Programming, it is of vital importance to have quality training. In this article you will be able to know the 5 most recommended courses of NLP in Madrid and we will tell you the main characteristics of each training course .

1. NLP Practitioner Course, by D’Arte Formación

  • Center : D’Arte Human & Business School
  • Course : Practitioner in NLP
  • Price : On request

D’Arte Formación offers the NLP Practitioner Course, one of the most complete courses in its segment that allows us to lead our personal transformation. The works of Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik, considered the driving force behind NLP, help us to better approach our lives using the tools offered by these authors.

There are individuals who obtain better results than others by assimilating the same knowledge and information, and this leads us to ask ourselves a question:

Why do some people have excellent results and others do not?

Through this course you will be able to find answers to this and many other questions that have to do with NLP and the way of thinking of the human being.

Working with the right models will allow us to develop this transformation process to give the maximum potential of ourselves in areas such as relationships, studies, and the professional world.

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2. NLP Practitioner Course, by PNL Madrid

  • Center : PNL Madrid
  • Course : Practitioner NLP
  • Price : On request

NLP has become a good way to focus on our professional and personal goals, thanks to the change we can make in ourselves.

This powerful tool of change allows us to improve the way we relate to others but also to ourselves, which allows us to improve our quality of life.

This NLP Practitioner course focuses on understanding how people function in areas such as understanding, communication and goal setting
focused on improving ourselves as people.

3. NLP Practitioner Course, by AEPNL.

  • Centre : Spanish Association of NLP
  • Course : Practitioner in NLP
  • Price : On request

In the AEPNL you can find different training levels that will allow you to improve your knowledge in this field, from a basic level to an expert level.

In this particular course the first level is carried out, which offers a content based on both theoretical and practical knowledge about human behaviour and skills, which will allow you to improve your approach to the most important things in your daily life.

The duration of this course is 90 teaching hours, so that the student can learn a set of knowledge and techniques that allow him to carry out everything learned in the course in his own personal life.

4. NLP Practitioner Course, by Crearte Coach

  • Center : Crearte Coach
  • Course : Practitioner NLP
  • Price : On request

If you are attracted to Neurolinguistic Programming and want to learn everything you need to be a Practitioner in NLP and improve your daily life, this course taught in Madrid offers you all the necessary methodology to become an expert.

The content of this course is distributed in 120 hours of training and is certified by the American Union of NLP and the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is equivalent to 48 ECTS credits and is given by the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá.

The course has a multidisciplinary approach, and can be very useful whether your work is focused on the world of business, sport, education or health. In any of these cases, if your objective is to carry out a personal development, this training can give you key tools to make a change in your life.

5. NLP Practitioner Course, by OkPNL

  • Center : OkPNL
  • Course : NLP Practitioner Course
  • Price : On request

This course is aimed at people who want to improve their performance and ability to communicate, meet their goals, and develop new strategies to achieve them. The content is mainly focused on self-knowledge; it is essential to know our mental and emotional processes to have the right approach.

The course has a total duration of 90 hours in which you will work in a practical way during most of the classes. In addition, you will obtain a degree recognized and certified by the Spanish Association of NLP.