When we talk about Neurolinguistic Programming, also known as NLP, we refer to the way the brain manages the external information we receive through our sensory system when we eat, when we listen to music, when we watch a movie or when we interact with other people.

All this information is processed and stored according to how we have programmed our brain, and based on how we have programmed it, we will give one meaning or another to the information we are going to receive. These thought models influence people’s behaviour, which is why NLP is a useful tool to improve the way we communicate .

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The 5 best courses of NLP to train you in this discipline

Currently, there is a wide range of training courses on Neurolinguistic Programming.

To help you choose between the best options currently available, we have carried out a study in which the 5 best NLP courses have been selected . In the following article you will find all the details.

1. NLP Practitioner Course by D’Arte Formación

  • Center : D’Arte Human & Business School
  • Course : Practitioner in NLP
  • Price : On request

The NLP Practitioner Course given by D’Arte Formación allows us to carry out a personal transformation. Through the study and analysis of the different works written by the promoters of NLP (Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik), people who take the course will be able to carry out a better approach to their life by asking themselves the right questions.

There are people who, even assimilating the same knowledge and information as others in the same area, obtain very different results.

Why do some obtain excellent results and others do not?

This course will allow you to answer this and many other questions that have a lot to do with human behavior.

If we work with the right tools and techniques, we can carry out a very important transformation process in our lives, so this course can help in such important issues as communication, personal development and interpersonal relationships.

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2. Course of Practitioner in Integrative NLP by the Institut Integratiu

  • Centre : Institut Integratiu
  • Course : Integrative NLP Practitioner
  • Price : On request

This course allows us to study our inner self and how the person forms his or her subjective experience by generating resources and tools that lead to personal excellence. Through the right techniques and tools, people can understand why we do things and empower those areas of our lives in which we want to progress.

NLP includes techniques of creativity, excellence, therapeutic assistance and communication. These techniques allow us to develop an integrative NLP in which we analyze the different techniques that have been implemented by the most influential generations of authors.

In this way, the understanding of the field of NLP is more complete and allows us to obtain the maximum benefit from everything that this methodology encompasses.

3. NLP Practitioner Course by Institut Gestalt

  • Center : Institut Gestalt
  • Course : Practitioner in NLP
  • Price : 1.400

The NLP Practitioner course carried out by the Gestalt Institute allows us to know our map of the world in terms of developing the right attitudes about life and about ourselves.

The training offers a didactic experience based on the search for self-knowledge and subjective understanding, which are key to personal development. On the other hand, this course deepens on issues as important as learning and handling the most effective techniques in communication and personal excellence.

In addition, the Gestalt Institute stands out for being a highly recognized center in training related to psychology and emotional education, with teachers specialized in several of the areas of knowledge to which NLP belongs.

4. NLP Practitioner Course by the Spanish Association of NLP (AEPNL)

  • Centre : Spanish Association of NLP
  • Course : Practitioner in NLP
  • Price : On request

In the AEPNL you will find several levels of training that will allow you to evolve from a basic level to an expert level in NLP. In this particular course, you will find the first level, which offers a content based on both theoretical and practical knowledge about human behavior and skills.

The course has a duration of 90 teaching hours, which allows the student to obtain a set of knowledge and techniques that will allow him/her to implement everything learned in the course to his/her own personal life, or to treat other people who need to understand certain aspects of their life before making important changes that will allow them to continue advancing.

5. Course on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in Deusto Salud

  • Center : Deusto Health
  • Course : Course in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Price : On request

In the Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) course offered by Deusto Salud we will be able to assimilate the main ideas that revolve around this area of knowledge. In recent years, NLP has become a very important methodology in different areas of our personal and psychological development.

The course offered by Deusto stands out for the combination of theoretical and practical training that allows us to understand and change certain behaviour patterns. Thanks to this, it will be easier to take a step forward towards improving both our personal and professional skills that will allow us to maximize success in our lives and in our projects.

In addition, Deusto is an organization with a long history in the economic, social and health fields. In this course you can find training in a specific area supported by the recognition of an organisation such as Deusto, which is a guarantee of quality training.

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