When we talk about Valencia we are talking about one of the most important cities in Spain and possibly in Europe.

This is due to the great industrial development and the almost 800,000 inhabitants it has. It is in this way that in this city we can find some of the best professionals related to the world of psychology and especially, with the addictive disorders that can complicate the dynamics of our day to day.

That is why we will now review some of the best mental health professionals and specialized centers for treatment of all types of addictions.

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The best centres offering therapy for drug addicts in Valencia

Next we will review the best detoxification centres in Valencia city to go to and receive treatment against this hard type of disorder that often ends up harming not only the addict, but also his closest relatives.

This selection has been based on different quality criteria, such as the experience of its professionals, the history of the centre, the awards and accreditations and recommendations in specialised portals.

1. Detoxification Center Without Addictions

The centre Sin Adicciones , directed by the psychologist Sara Meca, is one of the most recommended centres that we can find in Valencia if we suffer from any type of addictive disorder, thanks to its more than 10 years of experience in clinical psychological practice.

In this center they are experts in dual pathologies, normally an addiction together with a disorder and to give treatment to these they start from the cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is one of the most recommended and supported by the scientific community. Another of the aspects to emphasize of Without Addictions is the program of “Prevention of Addictive Behaviors in Children and Adolescents”.

In this centre you will be able to find services and treatments for both toxic addictions such as benzodiazepines, synthetic drugs and marijuana, and behavioural addictions such as gambling, video games and physical exercise, among others.

Within its website you will also find a section with information on the different workshops they offer in addition to prevention, such as the development and enhancement of personal and emotional skills.

As we have seen, this is one of the best centres that we can find for this type of service and this is endorsed by all the media that day after day count on Sin Adicciones and endorse its trajectory.

  • You can find this centre in Av. del Marqués de Sotelo, in Valencia.
  • Here are their contact details.

2. Luis Miguel Real Psychology

The psychotherapy centre of Luis Miguel Real Kotbani , located in Arrancapins, is another place to go to get professional support to overcome addictions in Valencia. Here you will find specialised professional help for substance addictions and behavioural addictions, as well as for the problems of anxiety and regulation of impulsivity that usually appear when abandoning dependence on consumption.

Luis Miguel Real is a psychologist graduated in Psychology from the University of Valencia, with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and specialized in Research, Treatment and Associated Pathologies in Drug Dependencies. He combines different techniques and methods, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to adjust to the needs of each patient.

In this entity you can attend in Spanish, Catalan and English.

  • To see their contact details, click on this link.

3. No-A

The detoxification centre No-A is another of the most recommendable ones that we can find in this city. Thanks to its fully equipped facilities, it is located in one of the most communicated areas of the city, the Eixample.

This centre also has a team of professionals who combine their knowledge to offer their patients one of the most complete services in Valencia. This centre is run by Felix Manuel, Julio Martinez and Azucena Soriano and among the most outstanding treatments they offer are those focused on alcohol addiction, pathological gambling or gambling and therapy focused on new technologies such as mobile phones, Internet or video games.

Another of the efforts that this clinic makes during its treatments is to try to recover the emotional bonds between the patient and his or her family members, which are normally worn out by the pain caused by addictive disorders.

On their website you can also find an interesting blog where they talk about topics as interesting as the consequences of addiction at home and how to eradicate cannabis from our daily lives.

  • The No-A detoxification centre is located in Calle Conde Altea, in Valencia.

4. Addiction syndrome

The detoxification centre Addictions Syndrome is another of the most suitable and qualified centres we have in Valencia. It has a multidisciplinary team of psychologists who are experts in the treatment of addictions, using a specific third generation methodology.

This centre defines itself as a place where discretion and confidentiality are part of your DNA. The first session is free of charge and in this one the patient is told and shown how the centre works and what to expect.

Among the most outstanding treatments of this detoxification clinic is the one focused on alcoholism, since it is one of the most common addictive disorders that exist. People who want to stop using marijuana and cocaine (one of the most addictive drugs) will also be able to find a place in this centre where they can be treated and recover the normality of their daily lives.

The key points of the treatments offered in Addiction Syndrome are the change in behaviour, the reorientation of behaviour and the social communicative interaction. In this way, the professionals from the centre manage to get their patients to integrate again in society and to build a future based on good communicative habits and physical health.

  • The addiction syndrome detoxification centre is located in Calle del Poeta Mas i Ros, in Valencia.

5. AMAS Center

The AMAS Centre specialising in addictions is run by Alicia Mas, who has a degree in Psychology and also has a Masters in Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of Drug Dependency and Other Addictive Behaviour from the University of Valencia, so we are talking about one of the most specialised people in this field in Valencia.

This center also has the psychologist Maria Angeles Moran, who has 40 years of experience in clinical practice and part of the cognitive behavioral therapy, which is one of the most useful in treating addictive disorders.

Among the services they offer, we can highlight psychotherapy to treat people addicted to hypnotic and sedative drugs such as barbiturates or diazepam. They can also help children and adolescents who are addicted to new technologies such as telephones and video games.

  • The AMAS Centre can be found in Calle San Vicente, in Valencia.