With almost half a million inhabitants, the city of Murcia is one of the most important municipalities on the Spanish coast. Therefore, it is not surprising that many postgraduate training programmes are available in this city.

In this case we will see a selection of the best Masters in Psychology in Murcia , for students who want to specialize in one of the various branches of this science.

Recommendations of Masters in Psychology in Murcia: a selection

Psychology is a professional field that requires constant training: it is a science that is in its youth, and in recent years great changes are taking place that bring with them new discoveries and new ways of working.

Thus, having only the career is often insufficient to perform well at work as a psychologist, regardless of whether the work is related to applied psychology or research. Therefore, in this article we will see a selection of the best Masters in Psychology in Murcia, a city with an interesting range of options for further learning and specialization.

1. Master in Sexology and Couple’s Therapy (Instituto de la Pareja)

Instituto de la Pareja , organization dedicated to training and psychotherapy services with presence in Murcia and Torrevieja, conducts this interesting Master aimed at professionals who want to specialize in couples therapy and sex therapy.

This is a learning process lasting a minimum of 10 months and 1,500 hours (corresponding to 60 ECTS credits) in which students will master the theory and practice of these two highly related professional areas.

In the contents of the Master in Sexology and Couple’s Therapy it is possible to find topics as interesting as the components of love, male and female sexual dysfunctions, psychological intervention in cases of crisis due to infidelity or jealousy, treatment of paraphilias, the Gottman Method of couple’s therapy, etc.

Students attend real therapy sessions , work on case studies and workshops, and do a Master’s thesis, among other things.

In addition, all the teaching staff who guide the students are dedicated to different facets of psychological or sexological therapy, or to the branches of medicine linked to sexuality and reproduction.

If you are interested in reading more information or contacting Instituto de la Pareja, click here.

2. Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology (University of Murcia)

This Master is one of the most interesting options for those who want to specialize in Educational Psychology, as well as in Child and Youth Therapy (in which assistance in cases of learning problems is very important). It is carried out by the University of Murcia and consists of 90 ECTS credits.

This is a training program that includes two training profiles (whose themes influence the contents worked on in the Master’s): professional profile and research and academic profile . The first is based on psychology applied to specific cases, psychoeducation and intervention in learning processes, and the second emphasizes the ability to carry out quality research and the generation of information with scientific support.

3. Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology (Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia)

The University Master’s Degree in General Health Psychology is one of the bases for a professional career in the field of Clinical and Health Psychology, and allows for the provision of psychological assistance services to patients with various diseases and disorders .

Here you learn both the theory of the problems to be treated and the therapeutic tools to be used, as well as the day-to-day practice of dealing with the problems of people who need professional help adapted to their needs.

The teaching staff involved in this Master’s Degree have professional experience that is fundamentally oriented towards the treatment of patients and research on subjects related to Clinical and Health Psychology, so that students can have first-hand information.

Of course, this professional specialization program includes internships and Final Masters Work, in which the contents learned are put into practice.

4. University Master in Psychology of Social Intervention (University of Murcia)

We must not forget that everything that is studied by Psychology occurs in a social context full of interrelations and interaction between groups.

The University Master in Psychology of Social Intervention of the University of Murcia, with 90 ECTS credits, is an ideal specialization program for students interested in Psychology applied to Social Intervention both in the context of public entities (prisons, social services, etc.) and private (foundations, NGOs …).

The objective of the Master is to provide students with the necessary tools to make a diagnosis of the problems and needs of groups and people in a state of vulnerability, and to apply social intervention strategies that improve their quality of life.

In addition, this degree allows access to the doctoral program of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Murcia.

5. Master’s Degree in Legal and Forensic Psychology (University of Murcia)

Psychology has a great relevance in judicial processes and in the research tasks on which these are based.

This Master of the University of Murcia allows the development of a professional facet from which it is analyzed and informed about issues as diverse as the cognitive capacity of people involved in trials, the ability to custody the children of a father or mother during the processes of divorce, the psychological consequences produced by the facts investigated, etc. You also learn how to make the Expert Psychological Report.

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