Castellón de la Plana is a Valencian municipality located in the province of Castellón , which is part of the Valencian Community. Its population is 170,000 inhabitants, although if we take into account its metropolitan area, it has a total of 300,000 people, being the fourth Valencian city by number of inhabitants.

This territory stands out for being a coastal city with a port and a highly developed industrial sector. In addition, Castellón de la Plana stands out for its cultivation of fruit trees such as the orange tree, which represents an important source of income for the municipality. It is also worth mentioning the high quality of the craft products that are made in this city, in addition to its industrial activity.

The most valued mental health centres in Castellón de la Plana

In this city you can find a wide range of centres specialised in mental health, but sometimes it is difficult to find the most suitable for us.

In the following article we will show you the most recommended psychological centers in Castellón de la Plana .

1. Center of Psychology Castellón 61

The Centro Psicológico Castellón 61 is a reference centre within the city of Castellón de la Plana that offers the first session free of charge, with the aim that before starting a therapy, you can meet your psychologist and thus establish a basis of trust and complicity to walk together towards the solution of the problem.

This office specializes in psychological treatment for adults and couples, in addition to carrying out personal advice adapted to the needs of each patient, ensuring maximum confidentiality and discretion in the patient-psychologist treatment.

According to Castellón 61, the essential aspects to achieve success in treatment go, on the one hand, in the collaboration between the professional and the patient, in the confidence that is generated between both, and in the fact of establishing a common objective that allows them to walk towards a situation of personal well-being.

  • You can find this psychological center in carrer Major 21 3E, Castellón de la Plana.

2. Carlos Hidalgo Center for Psychological Assistance

At the Carlos Hidalgo Psychological Centre they aim to help patients with all those problems that affect their mental health and behaviour. With the right tools, the personal situation can be improved, progressively improving the elements that generate discomfort and suffering.

This clinic is specialized in different psychological areas such as clinical psychology for adults and children, in disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, addictions, depression or anxiety.

In addition, they also offer coverage in legal psychology, carrying out psychological interventions in separations, divorces, annulments, family mediation, parental authority and assistance to minors in this type of family situation.

  • The office is located in Plaça de l’Hort dels Corders, 5, 5º Gate 3, Castelló de la Plana.

3. PREVI Clinical Center of Psychology

The PREVI Psychological Centre is made up of a team of 40 professionals specialised in different branches within the field of psychology. Among the centre’s specialties, the treatment of personality disorders, conduct disorders and eating disorders stand out.

The team includes doctors and specialists in clinical psychology, who combine their professional and academic activity in some of the most prestigious universities in the territory, which is an indicator of the professional quality of the centre’s psychologists and specialists.

The clinical team consists of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors specializing in endocrinology, nurses, assistants and social workers.

During the 22 years since the creation of the centre, they have treated more than 5,000 patients offering the most effective treatments for each case, depending on the clinical characteristics and the disorder in question, obtaining a high degree of satisfaction from the patients who have attended this clinic.

  • To make your psychological consultation you can visit the carrer del Gravador Esteve, 12 2-5ª, València.

4. Centro de Psicología Món Psicològic

Món Psicològic is a psychology centre located in Castellón that offers different types of treatment to patients affected by disorders such as anxiety, depression, emotional problems, low self-esteem, assertiveness deficit, or learning difficulties, among many others.

In this center you will find a reliable and discreet professional team, so you can focus in the best possible way the change towards a substantial improvement in your psychological well-being.

The areas of specialisation of the professional team that make up Món Psicològic are as follows.

  • Adult therapies

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Internet addiction

  • Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • Panic attacks

  • Your practice is located in the city of Castellón de la Plana.

5. Centro de Psicología Camins

The Camins Psychological Centre specialises in child psychology, treating adolescents and children who are experiencing situations of emotional, cognitive and behavioural change, bringing the patient closer to their family in order to improve the psychological well-being of the child.

In addition, they also carry out psychological treatment focused on adults, with the purpose of solving problems that can affect the patient on a social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral level, such as in situations of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders, etc.

In this centre you also have the option of carrying out psychological reports in which the psychologists make a clinical judgement on the applicant, or to carry out expert opinions with the aim of being integrated into the judicial process.

  • If you want to visit them, you can do so by going to Plaça de la Pau, 12, Castelló de la Plana.