The municipality of Alcobendas extends over almost 45 square kilometers and has a population of almost 11 thousand inhabitants . Although historically it has been a humble municipality, for the last few decades Alcobendas has been one of the most economically influential areas of the Community of Madrid.

Due to this evolution, in Alcobendas we can find all kinds of services, and among them high quality psychotherapy with which to give solutions to a wide variety of mental disorders. It is for this reason that we will now review the best psychologists in Alcobendas.

The best psychologists offering therapy in Alcobendas

We review some of the most recommended psychotherapists in the city of Alcobendas, north of Madrid.

1. María Jesús Delgado López

María Jesús Delgado López is one of the most recommended psychologists we can find in the city of Alcobendas.

He graduated in Psychology from the National University of Distance Education in 2011, and his subsequent studies include a postgraduate degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Trauma Intervention with EMDR. On the other hand, María Jesús Delgado is one of the most recommended options for psychotherapy in Alcobendas if we are looking for couples’ psychotherapy. In addition, her strengths include her work on issues related to cognitive impairment, dependent personality disorders, PTSD and anxiety disorders.

This psychologist focuses on the individualization of each case so that the results are obtained in the shortest time possible and last over time, mainly due to her specialization in emotional problems and those related to anxiety .

Maria Jesus Delgado can be found in her private practice at Calle Pintor Murillo, 33, Alcobendas.

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2. Almudena Fernández Ayensa

Another of the best psychologists we can find in this city is Almudena Fernández Ayensa , both for her training and her experience.

Almudena Fernández graduated in Psychology from the University of Comillas in 1990, so she has almost 30 years of experience in the field of Psychology. She also has a Master’s degree in child psychology and has several courses in which she has trained as a therapist for children and adolescents and in couples and sexology.

Among the type of therapy that Almudena Fernández offers, the cognitive-behavioral current stands out, which is one of the most contrasted and endorsed by the scientific community. This psychologist is one of our best options if we are looking for a solution to cases of psychological abuse and child abandonment, filio-parental abuse, sexual therapy for dysfunctions, anxiety disorders, and phobias and grief for loss of loved ones.

3. Sandra Hontanilla

In the Avenida de Madrid we can find another of the most interesting options for those looking for the best psychologists in Alcobendas: Sandra Hontanilla .

Sandra Hontanilla has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, which she completed in 2011. She has several masters, for example, the Clinic in Children and Adolescents, and the Conflict Resolution. She has also studied various courses on ADHD, family therapy and addictions.

Thanks to this training and the experience she has in the field of psychology, this psychologist is one of our best options when it comes to finding solutions to mental disorders such as panic attacks, sexual dysfunctions, cases of stress, different types of phobias such as social phobias, situations of low self-esteem and grief for the loss of loved ones.

Sandra Hontanilla can also be a good option if what we need is emotional assistance because we find ourselves in moments of crisis or situations where communication is blocked with our partner. It is also a great alternative if we are concerned about the school or behavioural development of our children.

4. Paqui Ramírez

Paqui Ramírez graduated in Psychology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1999 and has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

In addition to this university education, Paqui Ramirez has trained in other disciplines such as Health Psychology, Mental Health in Primary Care and is an expert in cognitive-behavioral interventions in cases of anxiety and depression from the University of Central Lancashire.

Among the specialties of this psychologist are psychotherapy to treat cases of mobbing or harassment at work, post-traumatic stress disorder, relationship problems, cases of low self-esteem and anxiety disorders. Paqui is another one of our best options if we are looking for a mental health professional in Alcobendas.

It is of great interest to know that your sessions of both Mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, such as online psychotherapy all cost 60 euros per session.

5. Esther Arias López

Esther Arias López is another of the best psychologists we can find in this city because of her training and experience.

She graduated in Psychology from the UNED in 2010 and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Bertrand Russell Center, another Master’s degree in Gender Violence, and a last one in Sexology and Couple’s Therapy from the AEPCCC.

Her specialties include clinical psychology, adolescent psychotherapy, adult psychotherapy, and emotional support for couples in crisis. She is also an expert in treating mental disorders such as psychosomatic disorders, adjustment disorders, bipolar affective disorder, postpartum depression, eating disorders, and cases of social isolation.

In addition, Esther Arias is an expert in Mindfulness, so it can also be a great option if we want to deepen this philosophy of life.

  • Esther Arias has an appointment at 23 De España Avenue.