One of the main cities located on the coast of the province of Barcelona is Castelldefels, with more than 65,000 inhabitants. Therefore, it is normal that in this municipality it is possible to find a wide variety of specialized services in the health and welfare sector.

In this case we will focus on psychotherapy services, starting with a selection of the most recommended Psychology Clinics in Castelldefels ; each one appears together with a brief description of what it offers its patients, the type of disorders or needs that are attended to in them, etc.

The best psychology clinics in Castelldefels

Along the following lines you will find a selection of Psychotherapy Clinics located in Castelldefels and covering different types of needs related to psychological assistance to patients (either in individual sessions, in groups or in couples). Read their characteristics to see which one best suits what you are looking for.

1. Monica Dosil Psychology

With more than 25 years dedicated to the world of Psychology, Monica Dosil offers a wide repertoire of tools with which to help her patients .

In the psychology center of this professional, located in Dr. Fleming’s street, it is possible to find both psychotherapy in individualized sessions for patients who attend the consultation alone, as well as family therapy and couple therapy.

Mónica Dosil is a psychologist with a degree from the University of Barcelona, and has a Master’s degree in Gerontology (Bosch i Gimpera Foundation) and another in Eating Disorders (ISEP), among other postgraduate training programmes.

What problems are offered here for psychological assistance and treatment in therapy? Some of the most common are anxiety disorders, addictions, insomnia, eating disorders, depression and mood disorders.

  • To see the contact details of Monica Dosil’s psychology centre, click here.

2. Centre Psicològic Ana Sánchez

The Ana Sánchez Rincón centre is another of the best psychotherapy clinics in Castelldefels for those seeking psychological assistance for problems such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and stress disorders, sexual disorders or conflicts and relational problems in couple’s life.

The professional at the helm of this centre, Ana Sánchez, is a psychologist with a degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology (ISEP) and has more than 15 years’ experience in the field of psychological intervention .

  • To see more information about this option or to access the contact details of Centre Psicològic Ana Sánchez, click on this link.

3. Center for Psychology Lumen

Located in Carrer d’Arcadi Balaguer we find the Centre of Psychology Lumen , another organization to take into account in this Catalan city, especially from the point of view of educational psychology and child psychology.

From this institution, the psychologists Inmaculada Egurrola and Ines Llor offer both adult and child psychotherapy, as well as school reinforcement and attention to learning difficulties in children.

4. Centre de Psicologia Castelldefels

Directed by the psychologists Helena Isthar Abellán Vega and María Elena Huerta Ramos, Centre de Psicologia Castelldefels is one of the most versatile options for psychological assistance , as it offers both psychotherapy and school reinforcement, neuropsychology, psychiatry, and other related services.

This center located in Carrer de l’Església is a good option for people who need help with forms of discomfort such as pathological grief, lack of impulse control, depression and dysthymia, lack of social skills , phobias, and other problematic psychological phenomena.

On the other hand, this centre works from a cognitive-behavioural perspective, which is highly supported by scientific evidence.

5. Gabinet Psicològic Morte Hernando

In the Carrer Pintor Serra Santa we find Gabinet Psicològic Morte Hernando, a team of psychologists and pedagogues directed by Carla Morte Hernando.

Here we carry out services of both psychotherapy and psychopedagogy, nutrition and speech therapy . In the case of psychotherapy, both children and adolescents and adult assistants are attended to individually or in pairs.

Within the services linked to the processes of education and learning, here we work on re-education and school reinforcement, among other options.

Tips for finding psychologists

Beyond finding psychology centres in Castelldefels, there are a number of guidelines that can help you choose both in this and other cities. These are criteria that guide you in assessing which option is best suited to your needs when you feel you need professional help for psychological problems .

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