For mental health professionals or neuroscience enthusiasts, a degree in psychology is not the only way to gain knowledge about this exciting science.

In this way, there are many centres distributed throughout the Spanish geography where quality courses are offered focused on improving our knowledge about the human mind and neurosciences.

These courses can be focused on improving social skills, empathy and the management of negative emotions, starting with meditation and relaxation techniques such as mindfulness. It is for this reason that below we will review the training centers that we can find in Spain where we can train.

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The best training centres in Psychology

Next we will review some of the most recommended centers where you can get trained in Psychology .

These centers can offer everything from courses in psychotherapeutic therapy to techniques to improve social skills, and a wide range of possibilities.

1. Center of Psychology and Coaching UPAD

UPAD is one of the best centers of psychology that we can find in the city of Madrid for both clinical treatment and training. This is because they are experts in clinical psychology, sports psychology and coaching techniques and have a multidisciplinary team with many years of experience.

UPAD aims to improve the performance and quality of life of its patients and students and offers both psychotherapy and services to increase emotional intelligence and self-esteem, many of them aimed at athletes.

Among the training and courses they offer, those of sports psychology and coaching stand out, as well as helping companies to train their employees with techniques to manage emotions and thus motivate them and avoid burnout situations. Another interesting course for athletes is the prevention and recovery of injuries, which lasts 3 months and is aimed at both coaches and professional and semi-professional athletes.

  • The Center of Psychology and Coaching UPAD is located in Madrid, in Rey Francisco street, near the subway stop Ventura Rodriguez and Plaza España.

2. Psychotools

Psicotools is located in the northern area of Barcelona and is another of the best centers that we can find in Spain if we want to train in Psychology or other areas of neuroscience.

This center stands out for its stress reduction course based on Mindfulness techniques. In this course you will learn how to manage your time more effectively thanks to better emotional regulation, ability to control emotions and a feeling of general wellbeing.

This course is especially recommended for people who suffer from stress situations, anxiety disorders and depression or have detected that there are toxic and negative dynamics in their lives that generate fears and even phobias. Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a recognized diploma in MBSR, and more importantly, knowledge to improve their daily life and mental health.

It is also worth mentioning that Mindfulness meditation and relaxation techniques are not a pseudoscience, as they have been verified many times by scientific studies and are common practices to treat problems such as anxiety disorders.

  • The Psicotools centre is located in Avenida de Vallcarca, in the northern area of Barcelona.

3. Institute of Psychology Psicode

The Instituto de Psicología Psicode , a centre for psychological assistance located in Madrid with more than 12 years of experience, offers several recommended training programmes in clinical psychology, based on experiential learning and in the hands of experts. These are given both in Madrid and in Alicante, cities where Psicode has offices.

Among these courses are How to Apply Mindfulness in Clinical Practice , the Practical Course in Psychological Intervention in Couple’s Therapy or the Mindfulness in Hospitals .

4. Aster Psychologists

The Aster center is located in Oviedo , Asturias and is one of the pioneering centers in psychotherapy services and psychological training in this city, since they were born in the 80s and are still active.

Thus, the Aster Center has a multidisciplinary team of psychologists formed by Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, Filomena Rodríguez and Beatriz Botas. Among the courses they offer, the following stand out: psychological intervention in emergencies and catastrophes, psychological intervention in people with functional diversity or disability, and techniques for the analysis of intervention in learning disorders in children and adolescents.

This center can also assist professionals in writing forensic and expert psychological reports, thus expanding the services that a psychologist focused only on clinical psychotherapy can offer.

  • The Aster Psychology Center is located in Uria Street, Oviedo.

5. Codex Centre

In the year 2000 the Codex centre opened its doors in Galicia to become one of the most recommended institutions for psychological training in this autonomous community.
This centre offers higher training in psychology in the field of social, legal and health sciences.

From this centre, programmes are developed based on theory contrasted with the scientific community and on practices that simulate real situations for mental health and psychology professionals. One of the most outstanding courses at this centre is case management from third generation therapies.

Another course is focused on being able to treat and know how to emotionally assist children and adolescents with high cognitive abilities since they need an educational and didactic method adapted to the giftedness they possess.

These courses have an attendance profile, although it is also interesting to know that the Codex centre also offers distance courses, among which the psychology of intervention in learning disorders, child physical, social and emotional abuse and strategic short therapy stand out.

  • The headquarters where the courses are given are in Vigo and Ourense, in Galicia.