Currently, there are still minors who are suffering situations of sexual abuse by adults in the family, at school, or in certain extracurricular activities, where a situation of defenselessness of the minor is taken advantage of, to commit abuses of a sexual nature.

This type of experience generates significant psychological trauma for its victims, which can lead to psychological disorders of varying severity, affecting the present and future of that child. Prevention and detection play a fundamental role in this type of abuse , given that these factors make it possible to minimise the damage that the child will suffer.

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The 5 best training courses in prevention of sexual abuse in Spain

There are a large number of professionals in the field of education and sport who are in direct contact with minors during their working day. It is very important that these professionals have specific training on child sexual abuse, so that this type of situation can be detected more quickly and effectively.

In the following article you will find the 5 best courses in sexual abuse prevention in Spain .

1. IPF (online)

Institute of Forensic Psychology , located in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), is one of the great references in terms of specialized services in forensic psychology, and develops several highly recommended webinars in Spanish focused on specific contents of this branch of psychology.

Thus, in their IPF Premium webinars it is possible to learn online from renowned experts in fields of knowledge such as prevention of sexual abuse, aggressive behaviour, psychological assessment in research linked to the judicial field…

Among these one-hour webinars are one on violence and sexual assault, another on the process of change of abusers in prison, another on the psychological and psychopathological profile of violent men, etc. It is worth going through them all, as they focus on specific aspects of which it is not easy to find courses. In addition, there is the possibility of taking them individually, selecting some of them, or taking them all at a discount.

2. PrevenSI

The organization PrevenSI has specialized courses in prevention, detection and intervention in situations of violence or sexual abuse of children . Sometimes it is complex to detect cases of child abuse, and in addition, assistance to this type of victims is usually very delicate due to the age of the children and the potentially traumatic situations they may have experienced.

For these reasons, this organization offers training courses focused on professional groups that are in constant contact with children and for people who are in the family environment, with the aim of providing tools to detect possible situations in which sexual abuse of minors is taking place.

Taking prompt action is key in this type of case, since the child’s suffering may lead to possible future trauma and disorders as a result of the traumatic situations he or she may have suffered.

Thanks to PrevenSI, you have at your disposal courses focused on the prevention of sexual abuse both online and in person, in order to train you in the most important aspects that affect child sexual violence. Some of the topics covered in the course are the following:

  • Prevention of child sexual abuse
  • Risk factors
  • Assessment in cases of child sexual violence
  • Treatment of Sexual Violence
  • Case studies

3. Vicki Bernadet Foundation

The Vicki Bernadet Foundation offers a course on the prevention of sexual abuse, which is aimed at professionals who work with children, students and any other person interested in learning about the main problems that child sexual abuse entails for this vulnerable group such as children.

At present, cases of sexual abuse are still being discovered, both in the family and outside the family, for example in schools or in certain extracurricular activities. To reduce the risk of this type of abuse, we must be alert to certain indicators that may make us think that something strange is happening.

Thanks to the course offered by this foundation, you will be able to have the appropriate tools to minimize this type of risk, by means of a training in which topics such as the following will be dealt with:

  • Sexual abuse and child maltreatment
  • How to identify situations of sexual abuse
  • Methods of dealing with sexual abuse
  • Prevention of child sexual abuse

4. National Polytechnic School

The National Polytechnic School offers a course on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse for families, schools, psychologists, educators , teachers and people who work with children. The intention is to offer the appropriate tools to prevent situations of sexual abuse of children, in order to reduce the impact that this type of situation can have on the child.

Thanks to this type of course, the detection of this type of case can be much faster, minimizing the damage to children, and being able to treat in a more advanced way the psychological impact that certain abusive behaviors will have had on the child.

In the course, you will find the following topics:

  • Laws governing sexual abuse
  • Prevention of sexual abuse from within the family
  • Sexual abuse prevention from schools
  • The main psychological elements for understanding child sexuality

5. Cardenal Cisneros University Center

This renowned university center, the Cardenal Cisneros University Center , has a course in Prevention and Intervention in Child Sexual Abuse, dedicated to personnel who work with children, for people in the family environment, or for psychologists who specialize in this area.

In this course we will work on the main concepts from a theoretical-practical perspective, where we will work on situations and methods of action, focused on protecting the child and acting as quickly as possible to avoid abusive behaviour.