Getafe is one of the most important cities in the Metropolitan Area of Madrid and is therefore also considered one of the most relevant in terms of offering specialized services.

Anxiety Disorders are becoming more and more frequent in modern society; the high demands of work and in general the increasingly frenetic pace of life have led to this type of disorder being one of the signs of identity of the 21st century in terms of mental health.

In this article we will focus on services for the treatment of anxiety disorders , establishing a selection of the best anti-anxiety therapy clinics in the city of Getafe, which may be useful for anyone who wants to obtain psychological support for that disorder.

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The 6 best anti anxiety therapy clinics in Getafe

Below we present the best clinics located in the Getafe area, where we can find qualified professionals with experience in the treatment of anxiety.

In each section we will detail the basic information of each centre and what type of service each one offers.

1. Awakening Psychology Consultation

The large team of highly qualified professionals at the Despertares Psychological Consultation makes this centre one of the best anti-anxiety therapy clinics in Getafe. Consulta Despertares has psychological consultation centers in Madrid, Leganés, Móstoles and Getafe.

The professional team of the Despertares Psychological Consultation has therapists specialized in different areas, and their work approach has a cognitive-behavioral basis for treating anxiety. Even so, therapeutic support is always integrated, so that any type of consultation can be addressed comprehensively.

The Despertares Clinic has large specialised rooms for both therapy and training and offers psychological support for generalised anxiety but also for any other type of disorder: simple or social phobias, obsessive disorder, depression, stress, panic attacks, insomnia, self-esteem problems, eating problems, etc…

Like the other centres of the Despertares Clinic located in the Community of Madrid, the Getafe centre also offers specialised support in child and youth therapy, couples’ therapy and family therapy.

  • The Despertares de Getafe Clinic is located in the central Madrid street nÂș65, 1Âș Centro.
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2. Dana Center for Psychology

Dana Centro de PsicologĂ­a is a psychotherapy clinic that has a team of 9 highly qualified psychologists, specialized in different areas of work. The centre’s team is led by the clinical psychologist Nazaret Iglesias GarcĂ­a .

The professionals at Dana Centro de PsicologĂ­a offer quality, comprehensive and specialized psychological treatment, backed up by years of professional experience. This makes this centre one of the best anti-anxiety therapy clinics in Getafe.

The center has a wide variety of facilities where different psychological support services are offered, both individualized and child therapy, family and couple therapy.

Dana Center for Psychology also offers therapies for stress, sexual problems, depression, social skills and bullying. As well as training and education initiatives, and also courses, workshops and educational projects of all kinds.

Dana Centro de PsicologĂ­a is located on Madrid Street, in the heart of the city.

3. Center of Psychology Getafe

The Centro de PsicologĂ­a Getafe constitutes one of the best clinics for anxiety therapy in Getafe, both in terms of the way it works, the training of the professional and the experience.

This clinic is the psychology centre of the health psychologist Fernando Gil-Torres , trained in different specialities and treatments, with a career of more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of psychology.

This psychology center offers psychological support with experimentally proven techniques to adults and adolescents. Among the center’s areas of intervention are: anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, phobias, obsessions, couples therapy, sexual problems, grief and extreme shyness, among others.

  • The Center of Psychology in Getafe is located at 34, Pizarro Street, in Getafe.

4. Psychological and Sexological Cabinet

The Psychological and Sexological Cabinet is also a psychological treatment centre formed by a group of psychologists specialised in psychological problems, sexual problems and also relationship problems in couples.

The Gabinete PsicolĂłgico y SexolĂłgico is one of the best therapy clinics against anxiety in Getafe, and in addition to addressing this disorder, within the individualized therapies also treat problems such as anorexia, bulimia, depression, stress, phobias and obsessions.

In this cabinet the treatment of anxiety is approached from a cognitive-behavioral approach and putting special emphasis on the individualization and particularization of each consultation, in this team of professionals, 20 years of experience are the best guarantee of a psychological support of quality.

  • The Gabinete PsicolĂłgico y SexolĂłgico is located in Avenida de España, number 2.

5. Psychologist Getafe Alfacrisol

This is another of the best antianxiety therapy clinics in Getafe.

The psychological center Getafe Alfacrisol is the office of psychologist José Antonio Alfageme, a licensed clinical psychologist who offers therapy services to adults, youth and children, as well as group psychotherapy and family mediation, among others.

In addition to anxiety disorders, this psychologist also deals with a large number of pathologies, including stress, social and other phobias, obsessions, depression and chronic pain.

  • This psychological center can be found at Calle Madrid, number 52.

6. Maria JesĂșs Moreno Ayuso Psychology

The consultation of the psychologist MarĂ­a JesĂșs Moreno Ayuso is a great option for anyone seeking treatment for anxiety in Getafe from a personal approach. In addition to treating anxiety problems, in this consultation we can find child and youth treatment, as well as couples and family sessions.

The psychological work of this professional is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

  • Your office can be found in Calle Barco de Getafe.