Child psychology is one of the most important branches of psychology, since it deals with our needs at the stage when we are most vulnerable and when our personality is developing. Therefore, having the services of child psychologists has many advantages that have a positive impact on both the well-being of the children and the life of the families in which they live.

In this article we will review the best child psychologists in Malaga to learn about several cases of professionals who apply their knowledge to both the education and mental health of children.

The best child psychologists in Malaga

This is a list of recommendations about child psychologists in Malaga: read about them and think about how they fit in with what you are looking for.

However, remember that the needs of children and adolescents are very varied and therefore each case requires a different type of professional specialization.

1. PsychoAbreu

Psychologists Malaga PsicoAbreu is one of the reference centers of psychology in this city . Its development over more than 20 years of experience and the good results obtained during this time has led them to expand and open 3 premises in the heart of Malaga.

Thanks to the fact that they have a large and varied team of psychologists, they can easily adapt to the needs of both the children and the parents or guardians who care for them.

The approach taken by PsychoAbreu is integrative, that is, it focuses on the overall well-being of the children and what is best for them, and does not simply “fix” the symptoms or those specific behaviours that have triggered the use of the psychologist’s services.

Learning disorders, difficulties in socializing, regulation of emotions and self-control… the type of problems and needs that they can attend to are as broad as their repertoire of psychological interventions adapted to each case .

  • To find out more about this team of psychologists, you can find their contact details by clicking on this link.

2. Elisa López Montero

Elisa López Montero is one of the best child psychologists we can find in the city of Malaga thanks to her more than 10 years of experience in the field of clinical psychology and her passion for children.

This professional has a degree in Psychology from the University of Granada since 2006 and is currently the director of Centro 10 en Conducta, one of the best centres for psychological help for children in the city of Malaga. This psychologist is specialized in the inability to manage anger, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and learning disorders.

It is also interesting to know that it can help young people who are addicted to new technologies such as video games or the Internet and that it is part of cognitive-behavioral therapy, since it is one of the most supported by the scientific community.

  • If you want to contact Elisa López Montero you will find her in the center 10 in Conducta, located in Alameda Colón street, in Málaga.
  • Contact Elisa comfortably through her professional profile.

3. María Leticia Jaén López

Maria Leticia has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Malaga and, among other postgraduate specialisations, she has the title of University Expert in Child and Adolescent Disorders from the UNED.

It can work by offering attention to cases related to problems such as enuresis, the dependence on new technologies and social networks, the consequences of child sexual abuse , low self-esteem and other mental and behavioural phenomena.

On the other hand, this professional is not only capable of working in child and youth therapy. In addition to performing psychological intervention in adults, she is also a forensic psychologist, which has led her to have a lot of experience in cases of family conflicts, psychological problems in children, processes of break-up and crisis in couples, etc.

4. Juan José Pérez Martín

This health psychologist has directed a large part of his post-graduate training to learning how to intervene in psychological care for children and adolescents.

In addition to a degree in Psychology from the UMA, he has a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from the same institution, a University Certification in Child Psychology (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija) and a professional qualification in Child Psychology (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija), among others.

Its approach is based on the principles of behavioral intervention and those of Third Generation Therapies . This makes him pay attention to all those aspects of well-being that go beyond the elimination of the symptom.

5. Rasa Chomiciute

Rasa Chomiciute has a degree in Psychology from the University of Málaga, and has many post-graduate qualifications, including a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychological Treatment from the UMA and a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, also from the UMA.

In addition to individual therapy, it also offers family mediation and couples therapy services . This is a particularly interesting professional for cases in which there is a need to improve the philo-parental relationship with children or adolescents.

It offers child and adolescent psychotherapy both in its office and at home.

6. Sandra Sanchez Spain

Based on the behavioral and cognitive-behavioral approaches , Sandra has developed a professional and formative career that makes her another good option for those seeking child psychologists in Málaga.

In addition to a degree in Psychology from the University of Malaga, she has a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology from the International University of Valencia and a training process on the psychological impact on children of relationships, family and school from the UNED, among others.

Sandra has placed special emphasis on third generation therapies, and of these, on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.