Palamós is one of the towns and villages that we can find on the Costa Brava, in the north of Catalonia.

This place has a population of almost 18000 inhabitants and is known for its maritime activities and shrimp fishing. Another aspect that can be highlighted and that we will deal with in this article are some of the mental health professionals that we can find in Palamós.

It is for this reason that we will now list some of the best psychologists in this municipality . In this list we can see information such as the studies and years of experience of these professionals, in the same way we want a summary of their specialties.

The best psychotherapists in Palamos

Next we will see some of the most recommended psychologists and psychotherapists from Palamós . It is worth mentioning that it is always necessary to contact the psychologist to ensure that he or she is trained and qualified to treat the problem we are suffering from and for which we need help.

1. Xavier Aguilar

Xavier Aguilar is one of Palamós’ most recommended psychologists. He has a degree in Psychology with a clinical speciality from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia) and also has a master’s degree from the University of Girona in Death and Grief, making him one of the best psychologists we can find if we are in a phase of mourning for the loss of a loved one.

By adapting to the needs and characteristics of their patient, this psychologist can help people who have difficulties in anger management, suffer from anxiety and depression disorders or are suffering from any other type of emotional and cognitive problems.

It is also worth mentioning that Xavier Aguilar can act as a family therapist, thus intervening in family, relationship and marriage conflicts.

  • You can find this psychologist in the Avenida de los Paisos Catalans, next to the province of Palamós.
  • Contact Xavier comfortably through his professional profile.

2. Retortillo battery

The Palamós Medical Centre has Doctor Pila Retortillo , who is one of the best psychologists we can find in Palamós thanks to her experience and training.
This professional has a degree in clinical psychology and specialises in child, adolescent and adult therapy.

In this way this psychologist enjoys a great experience in treating people who are dealing with emotional disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression and lack of self-esteem. She can also help children with problems caused by parental phylum traumas and it is interesting to know that she also offers courses related to psychological interventions in school contexts and workshops focused on enhancing emotional and social skills.

  • The private office of Pila Retortillo is located in the Palamós medical office, which you can find on Carmelo Street.

3. Marc Viñas Roura

Marc Viñas Roura is a psychologist specializing in clinical psychology focused on adults.

He has a degree in Psychology from the University of Girona and also has two masters, one in General Health Psychology and the other in Integrative Systemic Family Therapy. This psychologist is an expert in gender violence and participates in his sessions focused on this type of problem from the strategic brief therapy.

It should also be added that it is trained in intervention for families who are suffering from addictive disorders such as alcoholism and also offers coaching services for those people who are facing new life challenges and want that extra emotional assistance to help them optimize their mental performance.

  • This psychologist is part of the Education and Psychology Centre and is located on Xaloc Street in Palamós.

4. Taisya Gomonova

The psychologist Taisya Gomonova is another of the best psychotherapists we can find in Palamós and is focused on child and youth psychology.

She graduated in Psychology from the University of Girona with honours and is also trained in intervention in couples who find themselves in moments of crisis due to problems such as cellopathy, infidelity, inability to manage anger and distrust.

This psychologist is also an expert in Mindfulness stress reduction techniques and applies them to anxiety disorders as they are very useful for this type of case.

  • Like Marc Viñas, this psychologist has her office in the Centre for Education and Psychology on Xaloc Street in Palamós.

5. Maria Teresa Figueras i Sardó

In the Gnosic Psychology Center we can find another of the best psychotherapists if we need help for emotional and cognitive disorders, Maria Teresa Figueras i Sardó .

This professional graduated in Psychology in 1988 from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, so she is an expert in psychotherapy thanks to her more than 30 years of experience. It is also necessary to know that she has two masters being one in Clinical and Health Psychology and a second one in Strategic Brief Therapy.

It is worth mentioning that among the specialties of this psychologist is family mediation for groups that are in negative dynamics and extreme aggressiveness, forensic psychology and clinical psychology to treat emotional and cognitive disorders that may hinder the good dynamics of daily life. This psychologist also has experience as a GBS teacher and is a certified speech therapist.

  • You can find the Gnosic Center of Psychology and Speech Therapy in Josep Joan Street, in the center of Palamós.

6. Núria Perez and Deulofeu

Núria Perez and Deulofeu is another of the psychologists we can find at the Gnosic Psychology and Speech Therapy Centre.

She has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona since 1989 and has three postgraduate degrees, one in Systemic Family Therapy, a second in Evaluation Strategies and Intervention Techniques in Health Psychology for Children and Adults and a third as a Specialist in Language and Hearing Disorders.

Thus, this psychologist is also an expert in speech therapy services and clinical psychology. It is also interesting to know that she is trained in Mindfulness and that she can apply these techniques in her sessions focused on psychotherapy for emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression.

  • You can also find this psychologist in her private practice in Josep Joan Street, in the centre of Palamós.