Barcelona’s Eixample district has been in constant evolution over the last few decades. As it is the most populated district in the city, it has the majority of mental health centres and the largest number of psychology professionals.

Below is a list of the best psychologists in Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia district , with brief descriptions of their areas of expertise.

The 6 best psychologists in the Sagrada Familia district

If you live in the Sagrada Familia district and your intention is to seek professional support from psychologists or receive psychological treatment, you can consult this selection of the best psychotherapists in the area.

1. Anna Quintana

The psychologist Anna Quintana is undoubtedly one of the best options for anyone who wants to receive psychological treatment in the Sagrada Familia district of Barcelona.

This clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience has been combining training and work in both private and public centres throughout her career. Currently, directs the psychology centre Espai de Teràpia and co-directs the team of psychologists ZOÈ .

Anna Quintana’s therapeutic approach is cognitive-behavioral, although it is developed taking into account other currents such as systemic and humanistic therapy. She is also an expert in EMDR therapy at levels I and II.

With regard to the nature of the therapeutic process of this professional, we can highlight that is aimed at both adolescents and adults and addresses all possible psychological disorders that the patient may present. Some of these forms of discomfort may be anxiety and stress, loss and grief, depression, lack of self-esteem and non-specific problems that generate discomfort and distress in the person.

  • You can find Anna Quintanna’s office at 385 Provença Street in Barcelona.
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2. Yolanda Seoane Castro

The next professional on our list of best psychologists in the Sagrada Familia district is Yolanda Seoane Castro , clinical psychologist and director of the psychology centre “Tu Psicólogo de Cabecera”, where we offer a psychological care service from a new and avant-garde perspective.

The therapist Yolanda Seoane Castro is specialized in family and systemic therapy and has perfected throughout her career the Strategic Brief Therapy . The psychological treatment carried out by Yolanda Seoane gives the patient an essential role in solving the problem and strengthens his or her own skills.

The disorders addressed by this professional include depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, relationship problems, phobias, and any other problems the person may have.

  • If you are interested in this therapist, you can find her office at Calle de los Castillejos, number 26 in Barcelona.
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3. Dr. Judit March

Dr. Judit March is another professional who cannot be absent from our list. This psychologist, who specializes in clinical psychology, has more than 15 years of experience in which she has worked both in different professional centers and in non-profit organizations. She currently directs the JM Psychology therapy centre.

Judit March’s treatment is focused on children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. As for the therapy approach, we emphasize that it is based on the cognitive-behavioral stream as well as on integrative psychotherapy.

Among the services offered by Dr. Judit March in her psychology center can be found the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, relationship problems and eating disorders , among many others.

  • Anyone who wants to receive psychological treatment from Dr. Judit March can find her office at 419 Mallorca Street in Barcelona.

4. Montse Valls

The psychologist Montse Valls is a clinical psychologist with expertise in the treatment of various mental health disorders, as well as therapeutic hypnosis and relaxation techniques. She directs the Cabinet of Psychology and Health Montse Valls, where various professionals collaborate.

This cabinet is characterized by offering a multidisciplinary service in which we highlight the psychological therapy both individual and group, psychiatric services, coaching and relaxation therapy. In addition, the Montse Valls Centre has been offering psychological advice for 20 years on disorders such as anxiety, depression, grief, phobias and eating disorders, among other treatments.

The Cabinet of Psychology and Health Montse Valls in the street Lepanto number 328, in Barcelona.

5. Virginia Leon

Virginia León is a clinical psychologist specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as in psychoanalytic, Gestalt, and integrative humanist currents, among others. She has a long career in the practice of psychological therapy and has worked in a large number of specialized centers.

The psychological therapy of this professional is focused on children, adolescents, adults and also couples. Virginia León gives a main role to the patient during the therapeutic process, which develops from the achievement of different objectives progressively.

  • You will find Virginia Leon’s office at 181 Pau Claris Street in Barcelona.

6. Adrià Seguer Vicente

The last name on our list is that of Adrià Seguer Vicente a clinical psychologist specializing in constructivist psychology and emotion-centered therapy. This professional offers individual psychotherapy to adults, couples, groups and families. In addition, he gives talks and workshops related to the study of psychotherapy.

Anyone interested in the treatment of disorders such as obsessions, depression, eating disorders and anxiety disorders will find professional and quality help at the Adrià Seguer Psychological Centre.

  • Adrià Seguer’s office is located at 253 Sicília Street.