Parla is a city belonging to the Community of Madrid , located only 20 kilometers from Madrid city.

Its population totals more than 128,000 inhabitants, making it one of the cities with the largest number of inhabitants in the Autonomous Community. This municipality has a high population density, given that the surface area of the territory is just over 24 square kilometres.

At the economic level, the primary sector is practically non-existent in the territory due to the high urban pressure of the city, which has been reducing the agricultural surface throughout the last decades. Parla stands out above all for its commercial activity, located mainly in the centre of the city. In the periphery, there are a large number of industrial areas, which offer a large number of jobs to the inhabitants of that municipality.

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The 6 best psychotherapy centres in Parla

If you are looking for a psychotherapy centre in Parla and do not know which one is the most suitable for you, in the following article you will find a list of the most recommended psychological centres in this city , so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

1. Centro Psicológico Progreso

The Centro Progreso is a cabinet of psychologists located in Parla with a trajectory of more than 10 years carrying out treatments related to mental health and helping many of its patients to be able to enjoy a greater personal well-being.

They specialize in psychological therapy for adults, children, couples and families. They also offer early care services, psychopedagogy, neuropsychology and pioneering techniques in the psychological field such as virtual reality.

Its services are mainly focused on the following cases:

  • Adults and couples therapy : focused on facing your problems and modifying what you need to feel better, both individually and as a couple.

  • Children and families : the specialist psychologist will guide the parents in the development of the child and in complicated situations, as well as in the solution of family problems.

  • Psychopedagogy : the pedagogues will help you to organise the educational process to solve the obstacles to learning that arise along the way.

  • The center is located in the well-known street Domingo Malagón 4, Parla.

2. TH Psychology

The Psychological Cabinet TH Psychology is located in Parla, and has a team of experts linked to the field of psychology with an excellent track record in different areas, such as humanistic, psychodynamic, systemic or cognitive-behavioral.

This specialization allows us to tackle the same problem through multiple alternatives, choosing the most appropriate one according to the needs of each patient.

Among the main specialties of the psychological team, the following stand out

  • Therapy for adults, children and adolescents

  • Family and couples therapy

  • Sex therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Forensic Psychology

  • To attend the center, you can visit the Avenida de los Planetas 16, Parla.

3. Eglode Psychologists

The Eglode Psychological Centre is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who make up a global educational project, focused on improving educational support in the southern area of Madrid.

To this end, they offer psychological services focused on children, adolescents and families in aspects related to development, growth and their educational evolution, giving special importance to people with special educational needs.

In this sense, Eglode has a very important social component, providing psychology services to families in socio-educational disadvantage situations, being very sensitive to families and children at risk of social exclusion.

Among the main services offered by the centre, the following stand out

  • Learning disabilities

  • Attention to special educational needs

  • Improvement of school performance

  • Clinical care for children, adolescents and adults

  • Its center is located at 48 San Anton Street, Parla.

4. Centro Superarte

The Centro Psicológico Superarte has a team of psychologists working to help you make those changes on a personal level that will allow you to achieve your goals. On many occasions, we are involved in a chaos that does not allow us to clarify our ideas.

Through the treatment and help of the professionals at this centre, you will be able to receive support to face this type of anxiety and tension that, nowadays, so many people suffer in a society where we are exposed to a high rate of life.

  • Couples therapy

  • Individual therapy

  • Family therapy

  • Child and Adolescent Psychology

  • Forensic Psychology

  • Neuropsychological treatments

  • Coaching

  • The Superarte center is located at Avenida del Leguario 49, Parla.

5. Policlínica Madrid Parla Sur

The Policlínica de Madrid Parla Sur is a centre that has various medical services, and among them stands out the psychology service, where you can find psychological advice and treatment for a wide range of psychological disorders and problems.

Psychological evaluation is carried out using scientific techniques that allow for the analysis and control of certain mental processes, modifying or reinforcing certain behaviors and abilities. During the therapy, the problem is defined, the reasons that are causing it are detected, and a set of guidelines are developed to overcome the situation and prevent future relapses.

The center has specialists dedicated to treatment:

  • Children

  • Adults

  • Couples

  • Family

  • Group

  • Address

  • The Policlínica de Madrid Parla Sur is located at 12 Federica Montseny Street, Parla.

6. Centro Psicológico Vitalmente

In the Centro Psicológico Vitalmente you will find a team of psychologists with extensive professional experience and specialized in the treatment of different types of psychological disorders in children, adolescents and adults.

The psychologists at this centre form a multidisciplinary team, which means that they are specialised in different areas within the field of psychology, where they can work in a complementary way to improve the treatments and quality of life of their patients.

The main areas of action of the professionals working in this centre are the following:

  • Adult Psychology
  • Couples therapy and family mediation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Sports psychology.

The psychological center can be found in the town of Parla, Madrid.