Antequera is a well-known Andalusian city located in the province of Malaga. Currently, this territory has more than 40,000 inhabitants and is considered the municipality with the largest area in its province, with 750 square kilometres.

Therefore, this city has specialized services of all kinds, including those related to psychological well-being and mental health. In this article we will see a selection of the best psychology clinics in Antequera , each with its own summary description.

The 6 best psychology clinics in Antequera

If you are looking for a psychology clinic in the city of Antequera but are not sure which one to choose, in the following lines you will find the most recommended therapy centres in the city.

1. Psychologists PsicoAbreu Antequera

PsicoAbreu is the clinic with the greatest recognition and trajectory in the field of mental health located in the city of Antequera. This organization has more than 24 years of history, offering psychological care from various cities in the province of Malaga.

Currently, the PsychoAbreu centres are references for their long history, the vocation of their professionals and for offering personalized attention to their patients in the treatment of psychological problems and disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, traumas , relationship problems, etc.

During 2019, this cabinet of psychologists opened new centers located in Antequera and Ronda, expanding a network of psychotherapy centers that originated in Malaga, where it maintains its headquarters.

Due to its more than two decades of experience and its rigorous selection of staff with multidisciplinary profiles, experienced and highly qualified, patients who come to PsicoAbreu are served by professionals who will do everything possible to improve their health and psychological and personal welfare.

  • Its center is located in Calle Mesones 16, Antequera.
  • To see their contact details, click here.

2. More Life Psychologists

The centre Más Vida Psicólogos is made up of professionals from the field of mental health, and has a team of multidisciplinary specialists to provide complete care to its patients.

Among the main characteristics of the Más Vida centre, the flexibility and adaptation offered throughout the therapeutic process stand out, where the patient sets the pace and the professional accompanies the patient to carry out the process of change until complete recovery is achieved or the objectives established in the first sessions.

This can be achieved thanks to a team with extensive experience in this field, which can manage situations of dissatisfaction and frustration and other forms of discomfort.

  • Its center is located at 29 Carrera Madre Carmen Street, Antequera.

3. Centro Psicológico Aprende a Vivir

The psychological centre Learn to Live has a track record of more than 19 years in the treatment of common psychological disorders that appear at different stages of our lives, whether in childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

The objective of the work of these professionals is to carry out the most effective treatment in each case, taking into account the characteristics of the individual and the context in which each person lives, in order to correctly address the disorder and provide patients with the tools that make it possible to have an emotional balance.

The main areas of specialization are focused on clinical psychology, legal and forensic psychology, child psychology, treatment of couple problems, and family and couple counseling.

You can find his office at Plaza Fernández Viaga 9 Centro de Psicología, Antequera.

4. Juan Francisco Espejo Zamora Psychologist (ESZA Psychologists)

The ESZA Psychologists Centre is directed by Juan Francisco Espejo Zamora, an experienced professional in the field of mental health, with a degree in Clinical Psychology and specialising in Health Psychology. In addition, he is currently studying for a Doctorate in Psychology.

This psychologist belongs to the group of Expert Psychologists of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Andalucía and has a trajectory in the treatment of disorders related to stress, anxiety, depression and phobias.

Juan Francisco also has extensive knowledge in the field of treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), sexual dysfunction, jealousy, couples’ therapy and other common psychological disorders.

  • This psychologist’s office is located at Carrera de Madre Carmen 7, Antequera.

5. Psychologist Isabel Rodríguez Romera

The psychological center Isabel Rodriguez Romera is located in Antequera and is directed by Isabel Rodriguez, who has a career as a psychologist of more than 25 years improving the quality of life and mental health of many people.

In this clinic, psychological treatments and therapies are carried out to treat disorders of many kinds. These include treatments for anxiety and depression, those related to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia, and treatment of relationship problems, among many others.

In the case of child and adolescent therapy , a procedure is carried out in which the causes of the psychological alteration are detected through tests to diagnose the disorder, and subsequently the guidelines are established between patient and family to reinforce the treatment and progressively solve the problem.

  • His clinic can be found at Calle Carreteros 6, Antequera.

6. Cristina Díaz Reina Psychology

The psychology centre Cristina Díaz Reina is located in Antequera. It is a good option for those looking for the best psychology clinics in Antequera specialized in EMDR therapy and other innovative forms of psychological intervention.

Furthermore, this psychologist is a specialist in the treatment of anxiety attacks and generalised anxiety , carrying out interventions that allow the impact of this type of disorder on the patient’s day-to-day life to be reduced.

He also has extensive experience managing sexual disorders, relationship problems, and family mediation.

  • To attend your consultation you must go to the Plaza San Francisco 9, Antequera.