The metropolitan area of Madrid is one of the most populated regions of the country, and for this reason it is normal that in its municipalities there are numerous entities specialized in mental health and psychological well-being.

In Getafe, for example, there is an important offer of psychotherapy services that can be of great help for those who need assistance with problems such as depression, phobias, low self-esteem, trauma, addictions or eating disorders, among others.

Throughout this article we will see a selection of the best psychology clinics in Getafe , centers of psychotherapy and psychological assistance in which it is possible to treat behavioral, emotional or cognitive problems of all kinds.

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The best psychology clinics offering therapy in Getafe

In the following lines you will find a brief summary of different psychotherapy centres and clinics in Getafe where you can go to receive professional help for a variety of problems. In each case the areas of specialization of these teams of psychologists are discussed, and the location of the center is indicated.

1. Awakening Consultation

Despertares is an entity specialized in psychotherapy that has several centers distributed throughout the Community of Madrid: two in Madrid, one in Leganés, another in Móstoles and another in Getafe, the place that occupies us.

The team of psychologists at this centre offers psychological assistance to patients of all ages : from child and adolescent therapy to adult therapy. In addition, family therapy and couples’ therapy (for dating and marriages in crisis) are also offered.

Some of the psychological problems that can be treated by the Despertares Clinic psychologists are insomnia, depression, bipolar disorder, phobias (including social phobia and agoraphobia), impulse control problems, low self-esteem, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and many more.

  • In Getafe, you can find the Despertares Clinic at Calle Madrid nº 65, right in the centre of the city. On the other hand, they also offer the option of online psychotherapy.

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2. Dana Center for Psychology

Dana Centro de Psicología is a psychotherapy clinic composed of a team of 9 psychologists specialized in different fields of mental health and emotional well-being, and directed by psychologist Nazaret Iglesias García.

On the premises of this psychological therapy centre it is possible to find professional help for patients of all ages, as well as training and education initiatives, such as courses or short workshops.

  • Dana Centro de Psicología is located on Madrid Street.

3. Psychological and Sexological Cabinet

As its name indicates, this is one of the most interesting options for those who are looking for the best psychology clinics in Getafe specialized in sexual therapy and the treatment of sexual dysfunctions in general.

This entity works from the cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the forms of therapeutic intervention with more scientific support, and that acts both in the habits of people and in their belief systems and styles of behavior.

  • You will find the Psychological and Sexological Cabinet in Avenida de España.

4. Center of Psychology Getafe

Centro de Psicología Getafe is the center of the Sanitary Psychologist Fernando Gil Torres , a professional specialized in cognitive-behavioral therapy and with more than 20 years of experience attending patients.

In this place, adults and adolescents can count on professional support to manage problems such as extreme shyness, mourning the death of a loved one, stress crises, behavioral addictions (such as compulsive gambling), low self-esteem, depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, etc. Couple’s therapy is also performed.

  • The location of the Centro de Psicología Getafe is Pizarro Street with the Paseo de la Estación.

5. María Jesús Moreno Ayuso Psychology

The consultation of psychologist María Jesús Moreno Ayuso is another great option for those seeking psychotherapy in Getafe. Specifically, it is located in Calle Barco, and works from cognitive-behavioral therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

He has experience working with patients of all ages, and beyond the individual sessions, he also performs couples therapy, in which he treats problems such as jealousy, arguments, bad coexistence, etc.

6. Psychologists, Speech Therapists and School Support Gade94

Gade94 specializes above all in supporting children and adolescents with learning or psychological maturity problems of all kinds, as well as in speech therapy. Its facilities are located in Calle Concepción, and they offer school support, advice to parents, help in the development of speech and communication skills, therapy for mood disorders, anxiety or impulse regulation, etc.

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