Majadahonda is one of the largest municipalities in the Community of Madrid, which is why there are several options to go to for psychotherapy.

Next we will see a selection of the best psychology clinics in Majadahonda , each with a description.

The best psychology clinics in Majadahonda

We reviewed some of the most recommended options in terms of psychotherapy services in Majadahonda that we found in this municipality of Madrid.

1. Psychologists Majadahonda

At Calle Vaguada del Arcipreste 2, we find in the heart of Majadahonda one of the best clinics in this municipality of the Community of Madrid.

The psychotherapy clinic Psicologos Majadahonda is made up of a team of 5 psychology professionals who cover and give therapy to a wide range of psychological ailments.

Among these psychologists cover and can provide therapy for a wide range of psychological disorders and relational disturbances such as anxiety disorder, low self-esteem, emotional dependence, sexual dysfunction, agoraphobia, fear of public speaking, bipolar disorder…

In addition, they also offer psychological assistance to couples who are in a period of crisis and need psychological assistance in order to enhance communication between the two, deal with jealousy, increase passion and affection or increase positive behaviours between the two.

On the other hand, they also offer psychotherapy for children who are going through situations of abuse or who present aggressive behaviour, addiction to new technologies, hyperactivity…

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2. Leticia Vázquez

The therapy center of the General Health Psychologist Leticia Vázquez is another of the most recommended options for those seeking professional help in Majadahonda. Beyond the use of various forms of psychotherapy, among which cognitive-behavioral therapy stands out, here we work with EMDR, clinical hypnosis and other useful tools focused on the specific problem of each patient.

Among the disorders treated here are phobias, depression, complex trauma, low self-esteem, relationship problems, co-dependency, and more.

On the other hand, this centre also offers psychological expertise services.

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3. Áncora (Psychology Office)

The psychology therapy clinic Áncora has its main office in Gran Vía in Majadahonda, as well as two more in central and southern Madrid.

It is registered as a Health Centre of the Community of Madrid and a team of ten professionals from the field of psychology form part of it, thus covering a wide spectrum of psychological problems and mental disorders to be offered treatment.

Áncora offers psychological treatment to individuals, children and adults as well as to groups, families and couples. The clinic is active since 2012 and currently has several psychologists, a psychiatrist and a neuropsychologist/logopedist .

In addition, if you are looking for workshops where you can improve your social skills, increase your assertiveness or relaxation courses, you can also find them in this clinic.

4. Psychologists Act

In the Avenida de los Reyes Católicos we can find another of the most recommended clinics if we are looking for psychological therapy in Majadahonda: Act Psychologists.

The cabinet is formed by three psychologists: Lidia Carmena, expert in Systemic Couple’s Therapy, Sara Barbeito, expert in couple’s therapy and Irene Colastra who is expert in Psychology and Sports Coaching.

The working method used in Actúa is based on the personalisation of the treatment for each patient and that the results of the treatment remain over time. In order to achieve this, three steps are followed, the first being the evaluation of the problem in order to make way for therapeutic intervention. Once the psychological intervention has been carried out, a follow-up is done to avoid relapses.

The specialties of these professionals include anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, hypochondria and addictions.

5. Communication Center

In Calle Hernán Cortés 4 we find in the heart of Majadahonda a psychological therapy clinic focused especially on children and adolescents , Centro Comunica.

This clinic has been open for more than 10 years and has more than 20 psychologists specialized in child and youth psychology. The team is divided into 4 departments: psychology, speech therapy and phoniatrics, psychopedagogy and physiotherapy, stimulation and psychomotor skills.

Thanks to the training and experience of this extensive therapy team, the Comunica psychotherapy clinic now specializes in intervention in cases such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

6. Bliss Psychology Space

The Bliss Clinic is another of the most recommended options in terms of psychology clinics in Majadahonda if we are looking for psychotherapy to treat our psychological problems.
Ana Saro is the head of the centre and has extensive experience in the field of psychology. She graduated in 1996 and founded Bliss in 2012, so her more than 20 years of experience guarantee her as one of the best options we have in this Spanish town.

Bliss offers psychological therapy to children and adolescents as well as to adults and seniors.

Among the therapies offered here are family therapy, therapy for teenagers, therapy for children and in addition to offering assistance in person, you can also count on receiving therapy via Skype. Also, if you’re looking for Mindfulness courses, you can find them at Bliss.