Santander has more than 170,000 inhabitants and is the most populated city in the whole of the autonomous community of Cantabria. It is worth noting that if we count the entire metropolitan area of Santander, the area has a total of more than 300,000 inhabitants, making it one of the most important urban areas in northern Spain.

Therefore, it is normal that in this city it is possible to find many specialized services in different areas of psychological and mental health assistance. In this case, we will see a selection of the best psychology clinics in Santander ; recommended therapy centres that respond to the needs of all types of patients.

The 6 best psychology clinics in Santander to go to therapy

If you are looking for a psychology clinic in Santander and you are not sure which one to choose, in the following article you will find the best options.

1. Lidia Santoyo Psychology

Lidia Santoyo is a well-known professional specializing in the field of mental health. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the UNED, as well as a Master’s degree in General Health Psychology from the Government of Cantabria.

This psychologist is specialized in several areas within patient care, such as anger, anxiety and depression management, school difficulties, low self-esteem or stress. Among the therapies in which she is an expert, the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the Integrative Therapy, the Mindfulness and the Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy stand out, one of the most effective against a great variety of disorders.

  • If you would like to attend the Lidia Santoyo Psychological Centre, it is located at Calle Magallanes, 1, Santander.
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2. Angela Torrents Huguet Psychology

The psychologist Angela Torrents Huguet Psychology, and is specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy, clinical hypnosis, EMDR therapy and Intensive Combined Therapy, designed to improve the ability to regulate emotions.

This professional attends to patients of all ages with psychological problems and disorders such as trauma, low self-esteem, excessive anxiety, addictions or depression.

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3. Petazzoni Center for Psychology

The Petazzoni Psychological Centre is dedicated to providing psychological service and psychotherapy to all those patients who need professional assistance.

Daniele Petazzoni is the Director of this centre, and is a city-renowned psychologist, with a degree in Psychology from the Catholic University of Milan, a Master’s degree in Child Psychology, and another Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology.

Among the main areas of specialization of this psychologist, psychotherapy in children, adolescents and adults stands out, along with his long experience in the treatment of disorders related to phobias, panic attacks and addictions to gambling and substances such as alcohol and tobacco.

  • The Petazzoni Psychology Centre is located at Calle Vargas, 57D, Entresuelo, 5, Santander.

4. Galene Institute

In the well-known Galene Institute there is a team of psychologists willing to help patients improve their personal well-being, whether they are children, adolescents or adults. The psychological accompaniment provided by the psychologists at this centre allows patients to resolve emotional and anxiety conflicts, creating a therapeutic relationship based on respect, confidentiality and effectiveness.

The training of the psychologists’ team of Instituto Galene is based on humanistic psychotherapy, which allows to give a complete coverage to any problem presented by the patient. Thanks to this framework of knowledge, the clinic develops the most appropriate therapy for each person, combining the most advanced psychotherapeutic techniques.

The Galene Institute is located in the well-known street Miguel Artigas, 6, Santander.

5. Center of Ithaca Psychology

The Ithaca Centre offers psychological help to children, teenagers and adults who need help from expert psychologists to give them the tools to lead a normal life.

In this center we work through the cognitive-behavioral model, which allows us to modify patterns of behavior and thought to live in a more appropriate way for the context of each person, and examine how both beneficial and harmful habits have been learned, in order to correct those that feed discomfort without us realizing it.

Thanks to this pre-assessment framework, psychological disorders and problems in virtually any area can be treated very effectively. Among the main services offered by this centre, the following stand out

  • Stress treatment.
  • Treatment for irrational thoughts.
  • Social skills workshop.
  • Laughter therapy workshop.
  • Treatment for ADHD.
  • Writing, reading and comprehension workshop.

In order to attend the Ithaca Psychology Centre, you can visit it at Moctezuma Street, 4, 2A Santander.

6. Bet Modolell Psychology

The psychotherapy centre at Bet Modolell Farré is another recommended option for those seeking professional support in Santander. This psychologist has specialized in helping people with pathological grief and severe health problems, especially cancer (she offers psycho-oncology services).

In addition, in this psychologist’s office it is possible to receive therapy for problems such as depression, anxiety disorders and phobias, addictions, and more.