Adolescence can be a vital time for many young people.

The physical and psychological changes that go hand in hand with development into adulthood, as well as the need to learn new ways of relating to family and other adolescents, provide scope for experiencing many emotional and behavioral problems. For this reason, many people seek professional help for their children, specialists in psychotherapy to this age group.

In this article we will focus on the geographical area of the capital of Aragon to see a selection of the best expert psychologists in therapy for adolescents in Zaragoza , each of them with a description in which their professional and training trajectories are summarized.

The 6 best expert psychologists in therapy for adolescents in Zaragoza

Let’s see several expert psychologists in therapy for adolescents who are recommended and work in Zaragoza city offering assistance and tools for improvement for young people, in collaboration with their families. Each profile presents different areas of specialization, so that practically all the most common needs and reasons for therapy assistance are covered.

1. Juan Fernández-Rodríguez Labordeta

Juan Fernández-Rodríguez Labordeta is a Health Psychologist specialized in Limited Time Psychotherapy, as well as co-founder and board member of the center for Therapeutic Psychology in Alza, located in Madre Vedruna Street.

This professional has extensive experience offering assistance to adolescents and advising school teachers. In addition, he helps families in the context of the NGO Acción Familiar, about everything related to relationship management and the education and upbringing of young people.

Thus, Juan Fernandez-Rodriguez is one of the best options for adolescent psychotherapy in cases where it is appropriate to treat problems related to the regulation of emotions, anger management, communication and social skills, learning problems , anxiety management or low self-esteem, among others.

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2. Ana Portera López

Ana Portera López is a psychologist with an extensive professional career in which she has given assistance and treatment to many young people, facing different types of emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems… She is also a specialist in Mediation (title by UNIZAR).

It can help adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems such as addiction to new technologies, conduct and impulse regulation disorders, problems with low self-esteem, eating disorders and phobias and all other anxiety disorders, and depression and dysthymia.

On the other hand, his practice is located in Paseo de Sagasta, and he also attends to patients in adulthood.

3. Ángel García Romera

Ángel García Romera has been working in the field of psychotherapy since 1982, and in addition to a degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid, he holds several specialist qualifications, including a Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology: Clinical, Developmental and Educational Aspects (from the AEPC) and the title of University Specialist in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy in Children and Adolescents (from the UNED).

As a professional in therapy for adolescents available in Zaragoza, with consultation in Paseo Teruel, Ángel García can help young people with anxiety problems, difficulties in cultivating fluid and harmonious social relationships , and a propensity to not be able to control their impulses and respect the most basic rules.

4. Marian Gil

In the Gran Vía we find the office of another of the best professionals in psychotherapy for adolescents in Zaragoza: Marian Gil .

This psychologist has a degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona, and also has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, another in Foundations and Theory of Psychological Intervention, among other specialized degrees. She also has two decades of experience attending to both adults and adolescents.

Those who seek psychological assistance in cases of mood disorders such as depression, eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia , or addictions, may find great help from this professional.

5. Eva María González Esteban

Eva María González has a degree in Psychology with a clinical speciality from the UNED, as well as being an expert in cognitive-behavioral therapy with children and adolescents, an expert in child abuse (both degrees from the UNED) and an expert in family therapy from the Basque-Navarre School of Family Therapy.

In addition, he has more than 15 years of experience, and can help in situations where it is appropriate to work on improving philo-parental relationships , managing depression, anxiety disorders or impulse control. Your practice is located on the Gran Via.

6. Esther Fernández García

Esther Fernández is part of the team at the Psychology Centre of Zaragoza (located on Calle de Cádiz), and is the specialist in child and youth psychotherapy. She has a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and a Masters in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy from the Bertrand Russell Center.

In addition to offering therapy for adolescents and children, she is a counselor and trainer in schools and parent groups.