Today, addictive disorders of all kinds are increasingly proliferating, and many of them are being fostered by the new social dynamics of consumption.

That is why to the classic addictions of toxic substances and gambling are added those related to technological devices, these are both the excessive use of social networks and addiction to video games and applications of all kinds.

On top of that, the massive proliferation of bookmakers and gamblers of all kinds is leading to the emergence of a new generation of younger and younger addicts. Getting information about professionals who can treat these types of disorders is a good way to address the problem.

That is why in this article we will present a selection of the best clinics for the treatment of addictions in Valencia , presenting the essential characteristics of each center, its main offer and the location of each of them in the city of Valencia.

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The most recommended clinics for the treatment of addictions in Valencia

If you need psychological care about any of the disorders treated at each of these centers, you may be interested in the list below. It is always a good idea to have a first contact with the center to know their specialties and how they can help someone with this type of problem.

1. Addiction Free Clinic

The Psychology Clinic G. Without Addictions is undoubtedly the first of the centres that we should take into account in our list. It is one of the best clinics for the treatment of addictions in Valencia, not only because of its more than 10 years of experience in the treatment of this type of disorder, but also because of the extensive training, professionalism and quality of service of its psychologists.

Therefore, some of the treatments in which ClĂ­nica G. Sin Adicciones specializes are, in addition to chemical and behavioral addictions, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive, specific phobias, couple problems, personality disorders and, in short, any other problem that the patient may present.

With regard to the type of therapy applied at ClĂ­nica G. Without Addictions we can highlight the cognitive-behavioral therapy, with specialization in the treatment of the dual pathology and with emphasis on the later prevention activities.

In addition to offering quality psychological treatment, the professionals at ClĂ­nica G. Sin Adicciones also produce the radio program “Hoy, Comienza el Cambio”, a magazine that addresses current issues in the world of psychology, as well as providing information and advice from professional psychologists.

  • Anyone who is interested in the psychological treatment of the professionals of ClĂ­nica G. Sin Adicciones will find their office at Avenida MarquĂ©s de Sotelo number 5 in Valencia.
  • You will find additional information about Clinic G. Without Addictions, by clicking here.

2. Luis Miguel Real Kotbani Center

Luis Miguel Real Kotbani is one of the best psychologists we can find in Valencia if we need therapy for addictions, although he also offers help for more common disorders such as anxiety and depression.

This psychologist has a degree in Psychology from the University of Valencia and also has two Masters, one in Clinical Psychology and the other in Research, Treatment and Pathologies associated with Drug Dependencies. Thanks to the fact that this psychologist has been trained not only in Spain but also in Slovakia and Holland, we have the guarantee that we are going to meet a top quality professional, experienced in the treatment of all kinds of addictions.

  • If you want to know more about Luis Miguel Real you can find him in Doctor Vila Barberá street, in Valencia.
  • You can contact the Luis Miguel Real Kotbani Centre through his professional profile.

3. IVATAD Valencia Addictions

The next centre on our list is the psychological centre IVATAD Valencia Addictions , a private health centre specializing in the treatment of any type of addiction in Valencia, which has a professional career of 25 years of experience in the practice of clinical psychology.

The main characteristic of this psychological centre is, in addition to the experience of its professionals, the specialization in psychological treatment both in groups and individually from an integral and multidisciplinary perspective, always having as a theoretical reference the cognitive-behavioral model.

Another important aspect that we should address in this selection is the type of disorders that each center addresses. Therefore, the professionals at IVATAD Valencia Addictions offer effective treatment of any type of addiction in the patient, whether it is alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling or any other related disorder without any type of substitution during therapy.

In addition to this, the professionals at IVATAD Valencia Addictions guarantee personal rehabilitation and reintegration both personally and in the family, as well as in the workplace, once the treatment has been completed. In other words, the patient’s life is healed in all its aspects once the therapeutic exercise has been completed.

  • The IVATAD Valencia Addictions health centre is located in Calle Pizarro number 12 in Valencia. If you are interested in receiving therapeutic treatment in this clinic, do not hesitate to contact its team of professionals.

4. Valencian Institute of Gambling and Non-Toxic Addictions

With a 20-year career in psychological therapy, the Instituto Valenciano de LudopatĂ­a y Adicciones no TĂłxicas is the first psychological centre for the treatment of behavioural addictions in Spain and one of the best options for anyone requiring psychological treatment for addiction in the city of Valencia.

Behavioral addictions are all non-toxic, that is, disorders not involving the abuse of drugs or substances of any kind that alter a person’s consciousness. At the Valencian Institute of Gambling, addictive disorders are treated from an inclusive, individualized perspective, creating an optimal communication space for therapy.

Therefore, those addictions treated by the professionals of the Valencian Institute of Gambling and Non-Toxic Addictions, specializes in the treatment of gambling, addiction to internet, mobile phones and any other technological support, emotional addictions and in short, all those addictive disorders that the person may present.

  • Finally, anyone who is interested in the Valencian Institute of Gambling and Non-Toxic Addictions can find its office at Calle Ribera number 8.

5. Miralles Clinic

The professionals at ClĂ­nica Miralles specialise in all types of treatment for addictions, both those caused by toxic substances and behavioural addictions.

The objective of the professionals at ClĂ­nica Miralles is to detect the existing problem and build a joint solution to solve it with the patient, all of which will provide the person with tools to deal with the disorder both during therapy and once it is over.

Among the disorders treated by ClĂ­nica Miralles we highlight drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, compulsive buying, sex addiction and vigorexia, to name the most common treatments.

The Miralles clinic is one of the most recommended for the treatment of addictions in Valencia, so if you are interested in receiving therapeutic care do not hesitate to attend their consultation.

  • This can be found at 4 University Street.

6. Odyssea Psychologists

The Centro Odyssea PsicĂłlogos is one of the most recommended centres for the treatment of any type of addiction in the city of Valencia. In addition to offering a general clinical psychology service, the team of professionals at Centro Odyssea PsicĂłlogos is perfectly trained to deal with addiction treatment in a group or individualized manner.

  • Anyone interested in this health care centre, whether for treating addiction disorders or any other problem, will find the Odyssea PsicĂłlogos centre at Calle de JosĂ© MarĂ­a Haro, number 55 in Valencia.

7. Javier Brotons’ Center of Psychology

The last centre on our list is the Javier Brotons’ Psychology Centre , which has more than 20 years of experience and offers specialised treatment in addiction therapy.

The treatments offered by psychologist Javier Brotons address both toxic and behavioural addictions from a cognitive-behavioral psychological perspective. Anyone interested in receiving professional attention from psychologist Javier Brotons will find a therapy based on understanding, trust and joint work between therapist and client.

  • Javier Brotons’ office is located at Calle Fernando Catolico number 22 in Valencia.